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13 Best Authors Like Colleen Hoover

Best Authors Like Colleen Hoover
Written by Muntaha

Are you one of the million fans of Colleen Hoover? If so, then you must be hunting for other books that are similar to her books. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Here’s your guide to the 13 best authors like Colleen Hoover.

The following authors have been known to have books like Colleen Hoover, and people love that. Without further ado, let us get started now. 

Who is Colleen Hoover?

Colleen Hoover is an exceptionally popular author. She writes mainly young-adult fiction and contemporary romance as well. She writes romance in such a heart-wrenching way that people have book hangovers for days. I’ve always cried while reading her books.

Colleen Hoover is a mother to three kids. Cale Hoover, Levi Hoover and Beckham hoover. She lives with her husband and the kids in Texas. Before pursuing writing, she also did a lot of social work and used to be a teacher. 

These are her 3 top-rated books, according to the fans. 

  • Verity
  • It Ends With Us 
  • Reminders of him  

13 Best Authors Like Colleen Hoover 

1- Lucy Score 

Lucy score is a well-known author. According to her fans, her books and writing style is similar to Colleen Hoover. She writes contemporary romance with a touch of comedy. Most of her books are known to have a happily ever after. In her spare time, Lucy enjoys reading. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband. 

Following are three of her best sellers:

  • Things We Never Got Over 
  • Rock Bottom Girl
  • Riley Thorne And The Dead Guy Next Door 

2- Christina Lauren

Christina Lauren is a combined name for two best friends, Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings, who have been writing companions for a long time and have published 18 best-sellers. They both write young adult and Adult fiction as well. Christina Lauren have been writing together since 2009. They both have been living in the United States Of America.

Following are three of their best sellers:

  • The Un-honeymooners
  • Love And Other Words
  • Beautiful Bastard

3- Emily Henry

The best-selling author of New York, Emily Henry, lives in Ohio. Emily has studied creative writing at Hope College in Michigan. She is a full-time writer now. She has written several young adult fiction books and recently written an adult fiction book, beach read.

Following are three of her best sellers:

  • Book Lovers
  • Beach Read
  • People We Meet on Vacation

4- Sally Thorne

Sally Thorne is USA’s best-selling author. Her debut novel ‘The Hating Game’ turned out to be the best-selling novel in the USA, and it is now a major motion picture. Sally Thorne now lives in Canberra, Australia. She spends most of her time writing. 

Following are three of her best sellers:

  • The Hating Game
  • Second First Impressions
  • 99 Percent Mine

5- Penelope Douglas

Penelope Douglas is a best-selling author in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the USA today. She lives in New England with her kids and husband. She is known for her best-selling books like corrupt and punk 57.

Following are three of her best sellers:

  • Punk 57 
  • Corrupt
  • Birthday Girl 

6- Anna Todd

Anna Greene Todd is an American author as well as a screenwriter. She is best known for her After series. Anna Todd first started publishing online on Wattpad, and the printed version of the series was published in 2014 by the gallery. She lives with her family in Ohio.

Following are three of her best sellers:

  • The After Series (complete) 
  • Before
  • Nothing more

7- Taylor Jenkins Reid

Taylor Jenkins Reid is an American writer. She studied at Emerson College, and her major was media studies. She first started her career as a film producer. Her first book deal was signed when she was 24. Her debut novel was published in 2013. 

Following are three of her best sellers:

  • The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
  • Daisy, Jones and the Six
  • Malibu Rising

8- Mia Sheridan

Known for her best-selling novel, Archer’s Voice, Mia Sheridan, lives with her husband and four kids in Ohio. She is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today’s best-selling author. She’s passionate about writing love stories with happy endings. 

Following are three of her best sellers:

  • Archer’s Voice 
  • Most of all, You: A Love Story 
  • Kyland

9- Elle Kennedy

Our very well-known Canadian best seller, Elle Kennedy, mainly writes contemporary romance and romance. She completed her B.A in English in 2005 from York University in Toronto, Canada. She has worked with several publishing houses. 

Following are three of her best sellers:

  • The Off-Campus Series (complete) 
  • The Briar U Series (complete)
  • Him

10- Carley Fortune 

Carley Fortune has been an award-winning journalist and has worked for a long time as an editor for The Globe And Mail, Toronto life, and others. Her debut novel is Every Summer After.  She lives with her Husband and two kids in Toronto, Canada. She is currently writing her second book, Meet me at the lake. 

Following are her books:

  • Every Summer After
  • Meet Me At The Lake (currently writing) 

11- Micalea Smeltzer 

Micalea Smeltzer is from Northern Virginia. She is in her twenties. Micalea likes to read or play with her dogs in her free time. She has four dogs; as insane as it sounds, it is true. She’s recently had a kidney transplant, so she’s determined to raise awareness for kidney diseases, transplants and dialysis. 

Following are three of her best sellers:

  • The confidence of wildflowers
  • Bad boys break hearts 
  • Last to know

12- Freida Mcfadden

Our number one best-selling writer on amazon and kindle unlimited, Freida McFadden, is a practicing physician specializing in brain injuries. She mainly writes psychological thrillers and medical comedies. 

Following are three of her best sellers:

  • The Housemaid 
  • The Inmate
  • The Wife Upstairs

13- Jeneva Rose

Jeneva Rose is the best-selling author. She is well known for her best-selling book, The perfect marriage, and one of us is dead. Her work is interpreted in more than 20 languages. Jeneva’s books also have been a preference for TV/Film. She is now living in Chicago with her husband and her dog.

Following are three of her best sellers:

  • The Perfect Marriage
  • One of Us Is Dead
  • The Girl I Was

Which Author Is Your Favorite? 

Doesn’t matter if you fell in love with Kenna and ledger’s gut-wrenching love story in Reminders of him or with the painful memories of lily’s first love, Atlas, in the award-winning book of Colleen Hoover It ends with us or even if you like to read a good romance book once in a while, then these authors like colleen hoover mentioned above will keep you all worked up. 

What was the last book you read? Did you love it? Is there any other author that writes like Colleen Hoover, and we missed them? Let us know in the comments below.


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