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benefits of reading books
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Howdy Readers!

Are you a book-reader? If not, then this article is for you. Do one thing. Open YouTube or google, and search about the habits or hobbies of world-renowned and influential personalities. One common habit that you will get to learn about would be, they all are avid readers.

Yes, it’s true. You know Mark Zuckerberg, right? But what you do not know is why he is so knowledgeable and influential. Let me tell you. He reads a book every two weeks. He believes, “Books allow you to fully explore a topic and immerse yourself in a deeper way than most media today.”

Similarly, what American ex-president Barack Obama has to say on it is, “Reading is important. If you know how to read, then the whole world opens up to you.”

Also, Bill Gates, an American business tycoon reads 50 books a year. Name any influential person, I bet you that he is a reader. So, what is stopping you from reading books? There are infinite benefits associated with book-reading. Let’s discuss six out of them.

Benefits of Reading Books

There are countless benefits of book reading. Here we are going to discuss a few major and prominent benefits.

Books are the Best Source of Knowledge

In your life, you might have ever met a person who is capable of speaking on any given topic. You must be idealizing someone, right? Why don’t you become that sort of person yourself? I am sure you would become, once you developed the habit of reading books.

Books provide us with knowledge on a broad range of subjects. Pick any book of your own choice, dive into it, and start collecting pearls of knowledge from its base. Hence, you should read books because book-reading will enhance your knowledge database. The more you read, the more you learn.

Book-Reading Strengthens your Brain

Another benefit of book-reading is it strengthens your mind. Stop using your left arm for quite some time, and start picking weight with the help of your right arm only. After a few months or probably years, you won’t be able to use your left arm anymore.

Why does this happen? Obviously, this happens because your muscles become smaller and weaker if not used for long. On the other hand, people who do work out in gyms and pick weight, gain more muscle strength. Similar is the case with the mind.

When you read books, your brain remains functional and ultimately gains strength. In other cases, your mind becomes weak and dull. Now, the choice is yours!

Books make the Reader Argumentative and Logical

Have you ever tried debating or arguing with a book reader? I am sure you would never want to land in hot water by arguing with a reader.

People who lack arguments usually tend to raise voices to suppress other voices. A famous quote of Desmond Tutu in this regard is, “Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.”

When someone reads a book, he tends to think through the writer’s mind. Hence, reading a book exposes you to the great minds of the world. You see the world from a different angle. Thus, by reading books, you get to learn from the writer’s experiences. Ultimately, it helps to develop strong views and logic.

Reading Books improves your Vocabulary

Another undisputed reason as to why you should read books is that book-reading inadvertently builds up your vocabulary. While reading, we come across numerous new words. At first, it’s difficult to recall those words. Be that as it may, with more and more reading, those words show up over and over.

Thusly, they become a part of the active memory, and we can easily recall and use them whenever we need them.

Books are the best Companion

At the point when you want to converse with somebody, grab a book and converse with the writer. Books are the best buddy ever. This buddy can reveal to you the answers to issues you experience throughout everyday life. You may have heard that individuals learn from their experiences.

Here you can utilize an alternate route, a shortcut to learning without encountering inconveniences. The writers are well-experienced and accomplished individuals. Read their books and learn from their experiences.


Books really can take you to another world. For example, when you read a novel, you see yourself as the main character of that novel. You accompany him wherever he goes. His experiences are your experiences. You have an emotional attachment to that character. You cry when he cries. You laugh when he laughs.

Thus, books are a means of catharsis for us. Moreover, fiction can help you make your own imaginary worlds. Historical books take you to the past and make you learn about the past. Thus, you travel time with the help of books.

In fact, there are infinite compelling reasons to befriend and read books. So, stop squandering your time and start reading a book now. Books will completely transform your personality and ultimately change your life.

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