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Ways to Improve Bad Grades in Exams

Getting bad grades in exams is quite frustrating as well as embarrassing. Moreover, persistent bad grades despite efforts spoil the whole student career. If you are struggling hard, but still getting poor grades in exams, there is definitely something wrong with your approach.

Generally, the non-serious attitude of students towards studies results in bad grades. However, as you looked up Google for help; it shows you are definitely serious about your studies. Because you are seeking ways to improve grades, the ‘nonserious’ thing isn’t applicable to you.

We do hope you will find this guide helpful.

Reasons Why You Might Be Getting Bad Grades

Usually, the following factors adversely impact a student’s performance in his studies.

  • Distractions

The first and foremost reason might be the widespread distraction in today’s technological era. Avoiding these distractions is definitely a formidable challenge for students.

For example, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. can easily distract a student from his studies with their notifications popping up every minute.

  • Procrastination

Many students often tend to procrastinate their work till exams. So, when exams approach near, they fail to handle the pressure and prepare the whole syllabus.

Ultimately, undue procrastination results in having bad grades in exams.

  • Lacking Goals/Interest

Lacking a goal, interest, or taste in studies also impacts student performance. When a student does not have any goal in life, he simply lacks interest in his studies. Ultimately, it impacts his grades and scores in exams.

Without interest and goals, it is definitely hard to maintain focus and work consistently.

  • Other Reasons

Apart from the above-mentioned most common reasons, a student might have some other reasons as to why he is unable to perform well in his studies. These include bullying at school or college, abusive parents or teachers, medical and psychological reasons.

These reasons are usually ignored by most guardians. But, its impacts are adverse and disastrous.

How to Turn Bad Grades to Good Grades

So now, we would have a look at possible ways to bounce back from bad grades. Make sure you don’t miss out on any point discussed below.

  • Keep Distractions at Bay

The first and foremost strategy to work with 100 percent productivity is to keep distractions away while working. The Four Power Hours formula will definitely prove effective in this regard.

All that distract you while studying must be put aside, switched off or kept out of reach. Give your 100 percent attention to what you read. And that is impossible with social media notifications popping up every now and then on the cellphone.

Moreover, avoid multitasking while you are studying. For example, watching the news, listening to music, chatting with a friend, etc. during study hours also impact productivity.

In short, removing distractions from your study space will be a one-time effort; however, its results would be for a lifetime.

  • Stop Procrastinating

If you are in a habit of procrastinating your work, change it. Do your work or prepare your lessons on daily basis.

As Edutopia mentions in an article entitled 3 Reasons Students Procrastinate—and How to Help Them Stop that,

“Estimates indicate that 80 to 95 percent of college students engage in procrastination, approximately 75 percent consider themselves procrastinators, and almost 50 percent procrastinate consistently and problematically.”

This shows that procrastination is a common problem with students. And this habit takes a toll on their grades.

Overcoming this problem is not easy but also not impossible. A student who wants to get rid of bad grades must get rid of procrastinating his work first.

Doing work on a daily basis also makes it a lot easier to prepare the whole syllabus near exams.

In short, overcoming procrastination would prove to be a great leap towards obtaining good scores in exams.

  • Set Goals

With a clear goal in mind, the journey becomes enjoyable and interesting. However, students usually lack definite goals in life. Many studies highlight that motivation is a must for better performance in studies. And the motivation to study comes from goals.

If you are getting poor grades in your exams, it might be because you’re lacking interest in what you are studying. Or perhaps, you don’t want to become what you are becoming.

In that case, switching your field of study might be a good option. Always go for what you like the most. Having a propensity to arts but studying science would definitely not get you good grades.

So, choose your subjects wisely!

  • Sorting out Other Problems

If you face problems like being bullied, abused, or you have other personal issues, you need to seek help. Staying mum and not complaining will only make your life more miserable.

Speak to your parents, guardians, teachers, etc. about things that are affecting your studies. There is no shame in asking for help.

In short, work on identifying and removing all the obstacles that are hindering you from obtaining good grades in exams.

Wrapping Up

To wrap it up, take time to identify the reasons behind bad grades in school/college exams. Once you are aware of your problems, get them sorted out on a priority basis.

Never compromise on your performance in studies. Because it is your future that is at stake.

Last but not least, smart work is better than hard work. In the end, it is the result that matters.


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