ChatGPT vs Google Bard – All that you need to know

The two biggest Tech Giants Google and Microsoft have come face-to-face in their rivalry on Artificial Intelligence. Microsoft with ChatGPT and its integration with Bing Search Engine has challenged Google. In response, Google has introduced its Bard AI to counter ChatGPT.

Things are getting interesting now. Read on to know more about ChatGPT vs Google Bard AI.

ChatGPT vs Google Bard AI

Google Search Engine has celebrated its 25th anniversary this year. This Search Giant has remained the most popularly used Search Engine till now. However, ChatGPT has now challenged Google Search Engine.

ChatGPT with its AI-based interactive Chatbot responses reached 1 Million users in just 5 days. And in 2 months, it achieved 100 Million users. So, threatened by its quick success, Google has now announced Bard A.I. in response to ChatGPT.

Google launched its own language model known as LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) in the year 2021.

At its core, Google’s Chatbot Bard is powered by LaMDA, Google’s Language Model built on Transformer, a neural network architecture. Google Research invented an open-sourced Transformer in 2017.

Google actually unveiled LaMDA in 2021. However, a Google former employee alleged that this language model offers sexist and racist responses. Moreover, according to him, LaMDA is also sentient. So, the company paused its public rollout.

Google Bard is also an AI-powered ChatBot. Google claimed that Bard will provide fresh and high-quality responses.

On the other hand, ChatGPT was fed the data till 2021.

ChatGPT also relies on GPT-3 language model which is also built on Transformer. So basically, ChatGPT and LaMDA are built on the same technology.

While ChatGPT is available to the public for free use, Google Bard is not available for testing to the public. Only selected users have access to it.

However, according to Sundar Pichai (CEO at Google), Google is releasing a “lightweight model version of LaMDA”, which require significantly less computing power. This will allow Google to receive more feedback.

ChatGPT also provides incorrect responses. However, its developer OpenAI claims that ChatGPT will improve as further updates are constantly being rolled out.

To beat ChatGPT, Google is planning to bring Generative AI directly to search results. This Generative AI feature will show multiple answers and opinions to search results.

A report recently claimed that Google’s LaMDA is getting better at responses and on some occasions it outperformed ChatGPT.

Sundar Pichai announced that AI-powered tools will soon begin to roll out on Google’s flagship search tool.

According to him, these features will provide users with a quick and easy way to understand complex information and perspectives from the web.

Google Bard provided Incorrect Information in Demo

In his blog post, Sundar Pichai showed an example of how to use Google Bard AI. He asked Chatbot to explain new discoveries made by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope that a nine-year-old might find interesting.

Bard responded with conversational bullet points. The part of the response was actually inaccurate.

This response caused the stock of Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. to plummet upon the release of this demo.

In fact, Google’s Bard AI bot mistake wiped $100 billion (more than 7%) off the firm’s market value.

Bing to integrate ChatGPT in its Search Results

Microsoft has announced recently that it is going to integrate ChatGPT into Bing Search Engine and Edge Browser. This will revolutionize the way users search for information on Search Engines.

Certainly, there is an ongoing war between Microsoft vs Google, Google Search Engine vs Bing, and ChatGPT vs Google Bard.

The only result of this war would be a revolution based on Artificial Intelligence.

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