To get organic traffic to a newly published blog post; it is a prerequisite that the search engines like Google index the post. Therefore, you need to check manually whether your blog post is indexed by Google or not. Let’s discuss some ways how you can check if your blog post is indexed by Google or not.

Ways to Check if the Blog Post is Indexed by Google or Not

Primarily, there are two ways to check it.

  1. By using Google Search Engine
  2. In Google Search Console

Through Google Search Engine:

In order to check your post index status, follow these steps.

  • Simply, copy the link or URL of the specific post.

How to Check whether your post is indexed by Google or not

  • Open
  • Type site: in the search bar. Then paste the copied link after ‘site:’

Post index by Google

  • Hit enter.
  • If your post is indexed by Google, you will see the post in Google search results.

  • However, if Google has not indexed the blog post, you will not see your post in the result.

Post not indexed by Google

In Google Search Console:

You can also check whether Google has indexed your blog post or not in Google Search Console (GSC). To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to Google Search Console through this link.
  • Select your property (website) if you have already submitted it in the console.
  • Copy the link/URL of the post that you want to check about.
  • Paste the link in the top search bar and hit enter.

  • If Google has indexed your blog post, it will show URL is on Google.

  • However, if Google has currently not indexed your post, it will show URL is not on Google.

So, this is how you can easily check whether Google has indexed the post or not. Google takes some time depending upon the crawl timing and crawls budget before it would index the blog post.

If you have submitted the sitemap in GSC, Google will automatically index your blog post.

However, you can also manually request Google to index the blog post in Google Search Console.

To do this, click TEST LIVE URL; and after that REQUEST INDEXING after analyzing the post URL in the GSC’s search bar if it says, URL is not on Google.

How to Request Google to Index your Blog Post

That’s it.


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