We have made very concise and lucid Handwritten Notes for International Relations that the aspirants will find very helpful in IR preparation for the CSS exam.

International Relations is one of the optional subjects for CSS Exams carrying 200 marks. A candidate having a clear understanding of the theories and concepts can obtain very good marks in IR.

Contents Covered in the International Relations Notes

The following areas have been covered in the notes.

International Relations Paper-I

  • Theories
    • Realism (Ideas, Views, Proponents, Origin, etc. Fully Explained)
    • Modern Realism (Origin, Proponents, Views)
    • Neorealism (Proponent, Views)
    • Limitations of Realist Thought
    • Liberalism (Proponents, Views, Various Strands of Liberal Thought)
    • Evolution of Liberalism
    • How Liberalism Fared in the World Politics
    • Neoliberalism (Evolution, Origin, Views)
    • Limitations of Liberalism
    • Constructivism (Proponents, Ideas & Views, Examples from World Politics)
    • Evolution of Constructivist Thought
    • Limitations of Constructivism
    • Feminism (Liberal Feminism, Difference/Standpoint Feminism, Post-structural Feminism, Post Colonial Feminism)
    • Marxism
    • Postmodernism
  • Foreign Policy Decision Making
    • Foreign Policy Making (Three Levels of Analysis)
    • Domestic Determinants of Foreign Policy
    • Global Influences on Foreign Policy
  • International Relations (History, Emergence as an Academic Subject, Nature and Scope)
  • International Political Economy (IPE)
    • Mercantilism (Views, Examples)
    • Economic Liberalism (Origin, Views)
  • Theories of Imperialism (Dependence Theory)
  • What is Strategic Culture? Determinants of the Strategic Culture of Pakistan
  • Foreign Policy Decision Making as Rational Choice
  • The Evolution of International Society (How Societies Evolved: A Detailed Historical Overview)
    • Ancient Worlds
    • The Emergence of Modern International Society
    • The Globalization of International Society
  • Treaty of Westphalia & Evolution of Nation-States
  • Elements of Power (Pakistan’s Context)
  • Arms Control/Disarmament & Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime
  • Bretton Woods (Fully Explained)
  • IMF & World Bank
    • Origin, Functions
    • Woes of Structural Adjustment Policies (SAPs)

International Relations Paper-II Notes’ Contents

  • World War I
    • Causes (Theoretical Perspectives & Three Levels of Analysis)
    • Consequences of the War
  • World War II
    • Causes (Historical Causes, Theoretical Perspectives & Three Levels of Analysis)
    • Consequences of the War
  • The Cold War
    • Causes (Three Levels of Analysis)
    • The Evolutionary Course of the Cold War
      • Confrontation (1947 – 1962)
      • From Coexistence to Detente (1963 – 1978)
      • From Renewed Confrontation to Rapprochement (1979 – 1991)
    • The Consequences of the Cold War

CSS Paper-II of International Relations is more on contemporary topics and issues. We have covered only the important areas from the syllabus; as mentioned above.

International Relations

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These International Relations Notes for CSS Exams were prepared very diligently from different sources, books, magazines, etc., and primarily from the book WorldPolitics – Trend and Transformation (2016 – 2017 Edition) by Shannon L. Blanton | Charles W. Kegley.

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