Facebook Mobile Application’s rating has dropped and is constantly on the decline on Playstore. Its rating has dropped to 2.8. Users are continuously posting negative reviews on Facebook apps in the Google play store and App Store.

Why has Facebook’s rating dropped so fast?

Actually, there is a scheme in play. As Facebook appears to be a Pro-Israeli platform that does not tolerate any post, comment, or video criticizing Israel’s Barbarism, users are frustrated due to these biased rules and regulations.

It is very common to see user’s accounts being suspended frequently and unjustly.

Thus, users are showing their anger on the play store by writing negative reviews against Facebook.

Similarly, this idea is floating on other social media apps like Facebook and Whatsapp too.

Why Facebook Rating is declining on playstore

Most of the posted reviews are unrelated to this fact. The fact is people are writing different reasons for posting 1 star in reviews that might not be honest.

How will this affect Facebook?

The algorithm of the Play Store is set to rank Apps with higher ratings on the top. With declining ratings, Facebook App will lose its top-ranking position giving its competitor a chance to replace it.

Moreover, Google PlayStore also removes apps with the worst rating. So, this trend might be seen as an attempt to hit the app.

Facebook needs to be unbiased in its rules and regulations and stop targeting specific posts and videos.

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