Homeschooling | As rosy as it seems??


HOMESCHOOLING | Advantages and Disadvantages

New Opportunities & Earning Ways related to, Homeschooling and the Ideal use of the Internet as a Global Village

Education is the most important essence of one’s life. Not only the individual’s future relies on education but, the family and the country’s future rely on education as well.

We can relate “Quality education” to the literacy rate of a country, for a nation as well as minorities struggling for their betterment.

There’s no debate or uncertainty about how the literacy rate creates a clear-cut difference among developed countries and the under developing countries, Poverty, and prosperity.

Countries that keep high literacy rates, enjoy quality life, have better facilities, and common rights for each individual.

The homeschooling Idea is not new but, it was not as common as it is now, especially due to the spread of Covid 19, a furious pandemic, forces parents to homeschool their children or they have to compromise on their children’s education.

Like many other developed and under developing countries, in Pakistan also, number of parents are searching, regularly

“how to homeschool their kids, ways to follow, best-suited curriculum, the feasibility of this idea, benefits, and innovative ideas those not only provide good engagement to their children but quality education along with.”

There’s a beautiful proverb,

Necessity is the Mother of Invention.

Where the parents start to adopt homeschooling for their kids, lots of new businesses and the opportunities generated themselves. Like,

Online homeschooling clubs, online homeschooling Workshops (paid), discussions platforms related to children, their mental health and behavioral strains, availability of online worksheets for various grades of children, colorful fabricated books ideas for toddlers, kids related crafts activity and to overcome “socializing” issues in children, there are well-planned activities and gatherings available now like,

Playdates: A well-designed meetup for toddlers and kids along with their Mother, they are arranged once a month or in a couple of months.

Family meetups: For children and parents, both interact with the same mindset personals.

“They not only ensure, brain activities for children but, entertainment and information through fun learning.”
A healthy way of entertainment and cope with socializing issues in children.

You are free to choose any group according to your ease, longing, and vicinity.

Some Homeschooling Workshops are paid and offering Training for Parents and Individuals. And some Homeschooling Workshops are also free and easy to access on discussion platforms.

“Books & Worksheets”

  • Books for toddlers are handmade, fabric-based, elaborated through colorful pictures.
  • Interesting and informative worksheets, specially designed for every grade of children.


  • Through flashcards, it’s primarily fun-oriented and easy to handle and carry along with you while traveling.

The constructive side of Homeschooling:

  • Homeschooling culture improved the reading practice of parents.
  • Mothers are now more aware and heedful towards their kids and their essentials as “individuals”.
  • Online reading culture increased, easy excess to information, social issues discussion, exchange of personal experiences improving people perception and helping in educating as massive.
  • Children get personal focus and freedom to express themselves and their ideas.


New occupation to avail and take Advantage:

  • Online Tuitions
  • Online storytelling sessions
  • Home-based homeschooling tuitions
  • Online students related stuff providers

Especially in this pandemic, it’s quite difficult for parents and For Working Mothers to manage children studies, schedule, and their activities.

Several “qualified females” who have settled themselves as “housewives” can avail this opportunity.

How to transform yourself as worthy in the technology era??

  • You can offer your expertise as a visiting teacher once a week or as per parents’ demand.
  • Work out on weak areas of parents and children, provide aid in studies, and extra activities.
  • Create innovative worksheets for students, brainstorming activities for children.
  • Introduce new and fun-based practical ways of learning.
  • Offer online counseling sessions to motivate parents and guidance related to children, studies, careers, and skills.

Is Homeschooling Right Choice for You and Your Child?

Despite all available resources, online facilities, and a lot more, before planning of Homeschooling your kids, justify yourself as,

Homeschooling is ideal for you, if

  • You are a qualified and nonworking mother,
  • Bear a small family,
  • Out of joint family system,
  • Punctual and good in Time management,
  • Cool mind and sufficient in resources,
  • Keep good understanding with the spouse,
  • Ability to handle child tantrum,

Homeschooling is not for you, if

  • You as a Nonqualified person,
  • Working Mother,
  • Working Mother and outside joint family system,
  • In a joint family system,
  • Keep a big family,
  • Non-Punctual and poor in time management,
  • Aggressive and have behavioral issues,
  • Poor in resources,
  • A bad relationship with the spouse,


Advantages of Homeschooling 

It’s a common saying,

“A mother understands what a child does not say.”

  1. In the initial stage of life or at the beginning of a student’s life
    Communication, understanding, reading, and writing, are the key things.
    Understanding and communication begin from home, a child starts learning from home, from his surroundings.
  2. A customized curriculum
    An especially designed curriculum that, satisfy your child’s need, capabilities, interests, and that is parallel to the current era requirements as well.
    Relief from the unnecessary burden of books and bore topics.
  3. Time flexibility
    You are free to make a schedule according to your and your child’s ease. Learning is divided and in a short span to maintain the interest and quality of learning.
  4. Practical and observation-based learning
    Children keep sharp observations, learn through their surroundings and belongings.
    Picturing Science concepts through nature observations, day-night concept, weather, rain, storm, plants, soil texture, climate, various sounds, insects and a lot more are easy to understand practically.
    Math concepts, through currency notes, addition, and subtraction through household stuff are easy to get. Weight concepts, shapes, volumes of objects, and a lot more.
  5. Children having shyness issue
    Home is the right place to reinforce their confidence level, cope with their shyness, and overcome their fears.
  6. Delayed learner
    A competition-free environment saves their integrity and they learn at their pace and ease level.
  7. Quality content instead of the general way of studies
    Lots of practice on particular topics to develop solid concepts. Sufficient time available for Some extra and good skills to learn at their initial stage like, writing skills, communication, critical thinking, and accepting challenges ability.
  8. The key phase of education is “how to learn and what to learn”
    Reading and writing are the main targets of the studies. Once a child has learned reading and writing, he/she can move forward easily. At home, you can focus on this “philosophy”.
  9. Education regarding “Religion and ethics”
    This field demands a practical approach instead of only memorize them, baseless daily lectures without their application and understanding in depth. Home is the best place to reinforce and establish a personality.
  10. In harsh weather
    It’s the best way to prevent little souls along with managing their studies. For kids with health issues, allergies, anxiety issues, or any else, it’s good to overprotect them at least in their small ages.
  11. Sparing your children and yourself from unnecessary traveling
    The daily travel from home to school and school to home is not only energy-consuming but, an extra economic burden for some parents.
  12. Saving your child from bullying issues, negative and bad activities, harsh comments on their performances.
    “A healthy and mentally strong child is the future’s ideal individual.”
  13. The only focus is quality learning instead of chasing “class ranking” or “good grades” without strong concepts.
  14. Homeschooling is our only option, because of facilities we can offer to our children or sometimes it’s because of lack of good school system near our area or we are away from home town for some time.


  • Your daily routine is like, Overburden and round the clock the whole day.
  • lack of learning personality traits from the example of their teachers.
  • In higher grades, children want to mingle with their age groups so, they start feeling boredom in the same environment and a similar routine.
  • Lack of “Teamwork “understanding and group-based assignments task.
  • Competition free environment
  • Somehow, it’s slow down the progress and learning at some level, as human tends to learn through each other and experiences.
  • Stressful thoughts while struggling with children learning progress and your efforts.
  • Lack of “freedom to hang out” as children are all day at home.
  • Children are completely dependent on you as you are the only “authority” in their studies and activities.


Bottom Line

Despite all benefits, keep in mind it’s a matter of your child’s future, the only target is, his/her upbringing in an ideal and learning atmosphere. Before planning, make sure you are eligible as the first “mentor” of your child.

From my observations and experiences as motherhood journey, “Primary grades” are the ideal age for homeschooling after that it’s best to introduce the school environment and social circle outside of the home environment.

Keep in mind,

“Homeschooling seems more of a marriage of convenience, rather than love marriage.”


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