Disclaimer: This is just a review article of a newly released documentary House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths on Netflix. Do not worry as this would not be a spoiler.

Reviewing House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths

House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths is a crime documentary released on October 08, 2021, on Netflix.  The documentary is available with English and Hindi audio as well as subtitles. The story is based on the 2018 Burari mass murder-suicide incident.

The incident is about the suicide/murder of 11 members of a family in Burari. In other words, it is about the death of three generations of a family in a single night.

The nature of this incident in Burari, Delhi had shaken India and gravitated all media’s attention to this incident. The ten members were hanging from the ceiling and the eldest member was lying dead beside the bed. Everyone was fully tied; their eyes, hands, feet were tied.

Apparently, it seemed to be a murder. However, whether it was a mass murder or collective suicide; this mystery was solved in the documentary, based on shreds of evidence.

The incident is bone-chilling and terrifying, yet intriguing. If it is suicide; how 11 members could hang themselves to death in a single night. Even if it is a murder; how could it be so soundless?

The documentary is based on three episodes, each of around 40 minutes. Every investigation and forensic department played their part to uncover the hidden truth.

Here Is Why You Should Watch, House Of Secrets

Firstly, the incident of Burari deaths turns out to be neither murder nor suicide. Nor is that natural death of course as all of them are found hanging. Then what is it? Does any third category exist?

Secondly, it highlights how we are usually driven by our blind faith and beliefs. We should draw a line where our faith turns into a delusion.

Thirdly, the Burari incident is more psychological in nature. It highlights why psychological health is important.

Fourthly, people and families are graveyards of secrets. What’s going on in someone’s mind is hard to understand on the basis of his outward look.

Watch the documentary to understand the complete picture.

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