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How To Be Your Best Self | A Guide

I was reading the book “When Life gives you Lemons…just add gin and tonic!”, and I came across this line, How to be your best self. I closed the book and started thinking over this point. I pondered over what would our best self be like. Why can’t we achieve our best selves? What holds us back from discovering our inner best self? Are there some misplaced priorities that have actually overshadowed our real goals?

While thinking about this for quite some time, multiple points transpired to me that actually hold us back from becoming our best version.

So, I tried to pen everything down in this article to discover why we cannot become our best version. Ultimately, we would unlock the secret of becoming our best selves.

Okay! First of all, we need to understand the factors that are actually derailing us from our path to becoming the best version of ourselves.

I am a writer and a blogger. I can become the best writer and blogger if I write very often and publish religiously. You see, I know the secret that would actually make me the best version of myself. But there is a problem.

As I start writing content, I feel difficulty in keeping my attention, and my focus on my work. My mind says to focus on the work. But, it is my heart that overwhelms and forces me to pick up the cellphone and start surfing Facebook or playing games.

The point is, there are multiple distractions everywhere for everyone that actually mire one from becoming one’s best self. Unless we kill these distractions, it is very unlikely to become our best selves.

Be your best version

Ways to Become your Best Self

So now, if you ask me how you can become your best self? The answer is simple; by prioritizing things.

What is best for us or what would reward us in the long run, should become our top priority, else everything must be placed under the list of “Distractions”.

You need to be smart enough to win the game. In the battle of mind and heart, listen to your mind. The heart runs after short-term pleasures while the mind will tell you what is best for you and what to follow.

Everyone has got an equal amount of time 24 hours a day. It is how you utilize your time that makes a difference.

You can play online games for six hours in a go or you can read a book in those six hours. The game will give you ephemeral and short-term pleasure while the book will bring a remarkable difference in your personality and will leave a life-changing impact on you.

So, the choice is always ours. Either we succumb to distractions or we overcome them.

Thus, in order to become your best self, you need to kill distractions and stay focused on your life objectives and goals.

Make Yourself a Priority

When you make yourself your priority, your journey to achieving your best self begins. Here, I might sound narcissistic or self-centered. In reality, it is what it should always be.

You know, what falling into a relationship with someone is like. You start neglecting yourself to the point that your responsibilities fall way behind and everything about you including your health, wealth, and responsibilities is compromised.

It is this where maintaining senses and prioritizing yourself become essential. Stop being a puppet that is driven by circumstances, rather learn to take control of your life and steer it the way you like to achieve the best of the best for you.

When you make yourself a priority, you leave no space for opportunists to impact your life. You become well aware of all your responsibilities. You work and sleep timely. Similarly, you understand how much time to be given to friends and family, and how much time should be spent on your work. You start investing your time and present moments for your better tomorrow.

Leave every single person and thing that does not impact your life positively. Stop interacting with people who are good for none. Keep your emotions under your control and stop depending on people for emotional support.

Do not follow people. Become a sort of person whom people follow. Make yourself a priority and people will start making you their priority. This is how it always works!

The problem is that most people waste their time, energy, and wealth, aimlessly and uselessly. They never learn to prioritize things in the right way. Such people are guided by emotions rather than rationality.

A couple of more things are essential for making you your best self.

Read More to Unlock your Best Self

The habit of reading will altogether change you. Reading is like talking to the greatest minds in the world. It is basically learning from the experiences of others.

Reading will make you your best self

Here is an article highlighting a few prominent benefits of reading books.

Meditation will make you Realize your True Best Self

Meditation will lead you to self-actualization. Through meditation, you will meet yourself. You will discover yourself.

Meditate and Unlock your best self

You will come across your own flaws. Meditation will make you a calm and composed person. It will also help in overcoming overthinking.

Exercise Daily to Become a Better Version of Yourself

As reading strengthens the mind, exercise strengthens the body. Exercise daily without any excuse. As an adage goes, there is a sound mind in a sound body. So, these things are interconnected.

A sound mind will help to maintain a sound body. And a sound body will make the mind sound.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Comparing yourself or your life with others is totally insane. No comparison exists between two people having different skills and abilities. It is your life and you alone are the runner.

Keep running forward with your eyes intact on your goal. Looking right or left will certainly distract you from your destination.

Be a Risk Taker and Willing to Face Failures

Never be afraid of taking risks just because you might end up meeting failure. Remember! Failures are the steps toward success. Those who don’t take risks, do not achieve anything marvelous.

How to be your best self

Be willing to take risks and put in your best efforts. Even if something ends up in failure, it will teach you some great lessons. So, take risks, fail again, and eventually become successful.

Bottom Line

Once you will become your best self, you will find yourself a calm and composed person. You will become more hardworking, focused, confident, and successful in your career. The best self will neither be jealous of anyone nor will be in competition with others.  Last, but not least, when you will become your best self, you will be mentally and physically sound and healthy.

In order to become your best self, try incorporating the above-discussed few points in your life. You will see a visible change in your personality.

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