How to Check Iqama Huroob Status

Steps to Check Iqama Huroob Status Online

Huroob is an Arabic word that means ‘absent from work’ or ‘runaway from work’ without informing the Sponsor (Kafeel).

In case, someone is a ‘run away’ (Huroob), his Kafeel would make a report against the person’s iqama. However, one can check one’s iqama huroob status online quite easily in few steps.

In order to check the ‘Iqama Huroob Status’, there are two simple ways.

  1. Checking status on the Ministry of Labor (MOL) site.
  2. On the Ministry of Interior (MOI) site.

Let’s discuss these ways one by one.

Check Huroob Status on Ministry of Labour Site

Follow these simple steps to check Huroob on the MOL site:

  • Visit the site by clicking here or go to this link
  • On the new page, enter your Iqama Number in the second column/box (رقم الإقامة), write captcha (رمز التحقق), and hit enter (بحث).
  • After pressing enter (بحث), you will see the information regarding your Huroob status.
  • If it is (متغيب عن العمل), that means your status is ‘Absent from work‘.
  • If you are working legally and there is no Huroob against your iqama, you will see information as (علي رأس العمل).

Check Huroob Status on Ministry of Interior Site

Follow these simple steps to check Huroob on the MOI site:

  • Visit the MOI site by clicking here.
  • In Identity Number, write your Iqama number, enter the captcha and click view.
  • If you see the message Public Query Available Funds Failed, the ID is invalid!, it would mean your Huroob status is ‘Absent from work’. Otherwise, your iqama status is legal.

Note: In order to cancel the huroob status of iqama and make your status legal, you will have to pay a heavy fine (probably 1000 Riyal) to the Saudi government.


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