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Six Proven Ways to Stop Overthinking

Overthinking takes a heavy toll on physical and mental health. Hence we must stop overthinking for the sake of healthy life. But, how can we actually stop overthinking? In this Self-help Guide, we shall discuss six proven ways to stop overthinking and live a healthy life.

What makes human beings superior to other creatures is their ability to think or analyze. But, the same mental faculty when over-used negatively becomes problematic.

Most of us suffer because we tend to overthink something that is troubling us.

We suffer more often in imagination than in reality.


An overthinker either lives in the past or the future. Unable to live in present, he fails to find peace or enjoy bliss.

It is a common observation and I am sure you would agree that most of the time our mind creates a magnified image of something that we think would trouble us. We tend to see things in terms of something disastrous for us.

As said by Hippocrates, “Everything in excess is opposed to nature”.

Similarly, excess thinking “overthinking” is also disastrous.

Let’s say, there is a guy suffering from motion sickness. Every time he travels, he vomits. Suppose he got to travel on some specific day.

Now, what happens is he started thinking of the ordeal of traveling even one or two weeks ahead of that. He suffers daily in imagination before the real-time or actual day. What happens mostly is one suffers less in reality than one has already suffered each day over thinking about it. (I hope I have conveyed my point).

So, what should we do to avoid overthinking? Those people who do not overthink are mostly imperturbable. So, how to become like them? Let’s discuss this.

I have come up with some proven strategies that make you get rid of overthinking for good.

Six Ways to Stop Overthinking

As overthinking kills peace of mind. So, the question is how to stop overthinking. Following are a few proven ways or strategies if followed religiously would allow you to be free from overthinking.

1. Breathing Meditation

What is breathing meditation and how will it help you get rid of overthinking?

Breathing meditation means being mindful that you are breathing. The idea is to simply focus your attention on your breathing. Focus on how you are breathing without any effort, how deep you inhale or to what extent you exhale. Keep your breathing natural.

Initially, you would find it hard to stay focused on breathing. After some time, your mind will hardwire this habit and would keep itself focused on breathing. This will allow your mind to get rid of all the useless thoughts that flow across your mind. Secondly, breathing meditation would improve your focus, attention, or concentration.

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If you are suffering from overthinking; start breathing meditation and see the magic. This practice can be done in any condition whether you are walking, sitting, etc.

2. Start Living in the Present

As already discussed above, we mostly overthink something that has happened in the past or is going to happen in the future. Meanwhile, we destroy or sacrifice our present.

Be mindful; it is entirely useless to think of something that is not in our control. Past has gone and would never return. Similarly, the future is not in our control and is also mostly unpredictable.

If there are chances that something bad is going to happen in the future, there are equal chances for something good to happen as a surprise for us.

So, why should we stress ourselves about something that isn’t in our control?

Start living in the present and get rid of overthinking. We can only live in the present when we are mindful of it.

Concentrate on your surroundings. Think about the things occurring in present only. Enjoy even the minute of the things like a cool blowing breeze, scents of flowers, sunshine, beautiful views, mountains, watching children playing, meeting people or observing them, etc.

I am sorry for being offensive but stop giving a fu** to the situation, not in your control. That is the ultimate key to peace and bliss.

Live in the present and enjoy your moments.

3. Keep Yourself Busy to Get Rid of Overthinking

We tend to overthink or simply think uselessly when our mind is free. But once it gets occupied with something, it only concentrates on that.

So, in order to avoid overthinking, one simple hack is to stay busy. Remain occupied with some tasks. One can do different things if genuinely one has got nothing to do.

For example, playing video games, reading books, watching movies, listening to music, etc. are among those things that one can enjoy doing in order to resist overthinking.

Simply, do not sit idle. Remain engaged in the task you truly enjoy doing. You will see yourself swaying away from the bad habit of overthinking.

4. Discuss your Problems with Others

Sometimes it happens that a thing keeps on troubling you in your imagination. But once you share it with someone you count on, you find immediate relief.

Do not keep negative emotions/feelings to yourself. Sharing it with others will lead to the purging of negative emotions.

This will surely be helpful in getting rid of overthinking. Speak about the thing that you overthink and it will go off.

5. Let your Thoughts Flow Freely

Not trying to resist or control thoughts is another viable way to stop overthinking. Let your thoughts flow freely. They will come and go. What you need to do is, do not pay heed to them.

When we pay attention to the images our mind is creating, the pictures keep getting magnified. The more we labor on our thoughts, the more they get intense.

So, trying to keep the mind calm is key to stopping overthinking.

6. Power of Belief | Nothing Persists Forever

Everything is temporary in this world. Nothing persists forever. If there is something you are worried about and you keep thinking about that, you must know that there will be a time when that would be over.

Our problems, issues, fears, and troubles are temporary. So, there is no point in overthinking anything. Just learn to live in present. Do not pay heed to whatever makes you worried.

Hence, the belief that our problems are ephemeral makes us easy-going.

Concluding Thoughts

Overcoming overthinking needs constant practice. Hardwiring any new habit or getting rid of old habits takes effort. Be determined to get rid of what is detrimental to your health. As overthinking is one of them; be determined to stop it from killing your peace of mind and affecting your health negatively.

You will never be free until you free yourself from the prison of your own false thoughts.

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