Iaso Tea – Ingredients, Benefits, Reviews

Iaso Tea Reviews, Ingredients and benefits
Written by Hira Tariq

Iaso Tea, as you might have heard, is the new talk of the slimming town. Iaso Tea is marketed by TLC which is a direct-selling company that claims to help people make a way towards a better life with their nutritional and wellness products. In this article, you will find helpful information about Iaso tea including customer reviews, tea’s benefits as well as ingredients used in it.

Benefits of Iaso Tea

One of the most prominent benefits of Iaso Tea, as claimed, is helping people with weight and fitness goals. Moreover, it also promotes digestive wellness, supports the circulatory system with better nutrient absorption, encourages gut health, manages appetite, elevates mood, and aids in sleep and body detoxification. 

But are these benefits actually true? Are the claims made by the company plausibly realistic or just marketing bait to lure customers like all other detoxifying products? Is this a new scam or does the Iaso tea reasonably justify the claim “shed 5 pounds in 5 days”?

If you are looking for detailed answers to all these queries, you are on the right blog. Read along to find out everything you need to know about the tea to make an informed purchase.

Packaging details of Iaso Tea

Iaso Tea is available in three different packaging.

  • Original Brewed Cleansing tea – 5 packs for 54.95 USD
  • Instant sachet – 25 sachets for 34.95 USD
  • Iaso Tea Instant – Fruit punch – 30 sachets for 34.95 USD.
  • Lemon Iaso Instant Tea with full spectrum Hemp extract – 54.95USD
  • Raspberry Iaso Instant Tea with Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract – 54.95USD

Where can you buy Iaso Tea?

Iaso Tea is available on the company’s website TLC. Few other E-commerce sites such as Amazon and eBay also stock up on this herbal tea.

Active Ingredients of Iaso Tea

Iaso Tea is power-packed with 9 natural ingredients, common in all three types. However, instant Iaso teas have two additional ingredients.

It is worth mentioning here that the details given on the package of Iaso Tea are absolutely vague and obscure. There is apparently a discrepancy in the ingredient list mentioned on the website and on the package.

Furthermore, most of the information available on the website is simply plagiarised from multiple sources which certainly raises concerns about the authenticity of the company and its products.

The basic ingredients in all forms of Iaso teas are as follows:

  1. Holy Thistle
  2. Papaya
  3. Ginger
  4. Marsh-Mallow
  5. Malva
  6. Persimmon Leaves
  7. Chamomile leaves
  8. Myrrh
  9. Cassia Angustifolia Extract (Senna) (Not mentioned on the package)

The two additional ingredients added in instant Iaso teas are:

  • Nutriose FM06 -a Cellulose Fiber Dextrin.
  • Hemp

Holy Thistle aka Blessed Thistle

Botanically known as Cnicus benedictus, holy thistle contains tannins that help in indigestion, inflammation, and cold. Traditionally used as a tea, the holy thistle has also been used as a diuretic and is given to new mothers to promote the production of breast milk, although there isn’t much scientific proof to support these claims.

Moreover, Holy thistle and blessed thistle are different names for the same thing, but surprisingly, these two are mentioned separately in the ingredient list on the package of Iaso Tea.

We suppose the company has not researched properly before compiling everything together.


Papaya is rich in antioxidants vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E which, along with the fiber in the fruit help in fighting heart diseases. It is also rich in lycopene which imparts anti-cancer properties to the fruit.

Papain, an enzyme present in Papaya, helps in the digestion of proteins. One probable reason for using papaya in Iaso tea is the fact that it is rich in fiber, which makes you stay full for a longer time. This pretty much fits in the description of a weight-loss formula.


Well-known for its traditional and medicinal value, ginger is very beneficial for our bodies. Gingerol, the main active compound in ginger, has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It also has remarkable anti-emetic properties. Many scientific studies have also established a link between ginger consumption and blood insulin levels and BMI reduction.

Ginger helps in indigestion by speeding up the emptying of the stomach by a few minutes. It also enhances metabolism, thus aiding in weight loss. Very high doses of ginger, also help in treating hyperlipidemia, lowering LDL levels, thus combating chronic heart disease.

Marshmallow Root

The tea made of marshmallow root is potentially used for treating indigestion, constipation, and colic. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, marshmallow root is known to heal the gut lining and enhance gut health, which may be why it is a component of Iaso Tea.

Moreover, it also helps relieve cold and skin irritations and helps in wound healing. Furthermore, it also acts as a diuretic and analgesic.


Malva leaves have potent topical anti-inflammatory effects. It is also a great remedy for respiratory tract inflammation. Leaves of Malva tea have laxative effects and help with sleep problems as well, which probably indicates its significance in Iaso Tea.


Traditionally used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, myrrh has many anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. Myrrh incense is used at religious places to purify the air as it reduces airborne bacteria by an average of 70%.

Myrrh is also a component of mouthwashes and gargles and is used to treat oral inflammations such as ulcers in Bechet’s disease. Some studies have also shown an anti-spasmodic effect of Myrrh in IBS.

Myrrh also has powerful antioxidant properties. But be cautious, as very high levels can cause gut irritation and arrhythmias.

Persimmon leaves

Packed with rutin, flavonoids, tannins, choline, triterpenoids, Vitamin C, and many essential amino acids, persimmon leaves are well known for their anti-oxidant and anti-hypertensive properties.


Chamomile is a very common herbal tea ingredient. Its tea helps with insomnia and stomach ailments. It also relieves colicky babies, as known. It also has benefits against certain skin diseases such as eczema.

Cassia Angustifolia Extract (Senna)

The package doesn’t mention Senna as an ingredient but the website has it listed as one of the key ingredients. Senna leaves, when powdered, carry an excellent laxative effect for the treatment of acute constipation. However, long-term use of hemp may cause hepatotoxicity.

Nutriose FM06

Nutriose Fm06 is one of the components of instant Iaso tea. It is a sugar-free, highly soluble, and less viscous fiber mainly obtained from corn, pea, or wheat. Due to its chemical properties, it is a good source of fiber supplements in food. It also has clinically proven nutritional benefits such as;

  • Low Glycemic index
  • Very low caloric value
  • Low Insulinemic index
  • Prebiotic properties
  • Fewer calories

These benefits make you feel “feel energized, uplifted, and amazing all at the same time” as put by the TLC.


Hemp, cultivated from the Cannabis plant, is known to be used for constipation, arthritis, and high cholesterol. However, scientific evidence is lacking to support these claims. Hemp is added to instant teas, both lemon and raspberry flavors, for its anti-inflammatory properties.

How to make and take Iaso Tea?

As mentioned above, Iaso tea is available in two forms. The conventional brewed version and an instant one.

  • Iaso Tea Original Brewed Cleansing Tea
  • Iaso Tea Instant sachets

Original Brewed Cleansing Tea

Brew it the traditional way. Bring 1 quart of water to the boiling point, add two tea bags, and let it steep for 4-8 hours. Mix this concoction with 4 quarts of cold water and keep it in a cool place. Drink a glass of this tea with lunch and dinner and a one-third cup with an evening snack.

Instant Sachets

Two sachets, daily, ideally 30 minutes before mealtime. Mix the sachet directly into hot or cold water (500 ml), as per your liking.

Do marketing claims for Iaso Tea stand true?

While the information shared about Iaso Tea is equivocal, there isn’t much scientific study to support the marketing claims either.

The company’s website and available literature are full of ambiguity and contain plagiarized material, which raises the question of its credibility. The information given doesn’t provide specific details supporting the claims TLC has made for their product.

Here is a little analysis we have summed up for you, to the best of our knowledge.

Not-so-true Claims

  • The tea, though, not marketed as a magic tonic for easy weight loss, claims to help with weight management IF combined with a healthy diet and workout. Therefore, advertising tea as the sole substance to lose weight is purely a marketing gimmick.
  • The tea claims to lose “5 pounds in 5 days” which plausibly seems wrong. Iaso Tea has many ingredients with diuretic and laxative properties. Therefore, the weight which the company claims is possibly water and fecal weight and not actual fat loss. The claim, therefore, is vague and misleading.

Apparently True Claims

  • Malva and Chamomile in Iaso Tea help with sleep problems, which the company claims to be one of the benefits of Iaso tea.
  • Cassia Angustifolia Extract (Senna) serves as a laxative and marshmallow root helps in healing the gut lining, therefore, the claim to heal and cleanse the gut holds true.
  • We, humans, are inherently gifted with an intrinsic system to remove toxins from our bodies. The liver, kidneys, and intestines are designed to fight off free radicals and remove them from the body. Whereas any extrinsic aid is not generally needed by a healthy body for these organs to function properly, exogenous antioxidants enhance the functionality of these organs in aged people while recovering from illness (infections/inflammation).

Is Iaso Tea safe to consume?

Generally, it is all herbal and safe to consume. However, a few ingredients in the tea, if consumed in excess, can lead to serious health issues.

Therefore, always consult your physician before adding anything new to your daily regime.

Iaso Tea Reviews from Customers

Iaso Tea has received an array of reviews from its consumers. Ranging from highly satisfied clientele to completely annoyed ones, the tea has both positive and negative feedback from its consumers. Apparently, there are no testimonials on the website for the product. It seems the company is trying hard to bury all negative remarks.

Our Verdict

After carefully evaluating the aforementioned information, we believe that there is no harm in incorporating Iaso tea into your daily routine. It has many other benefits than weight loss.

However, if you are consuming it solely to shed some pounds, you need to follow a strict diet and exercise regularly.

Iaso Tea helps in gut cleansing and detoxifying your body. It certainly is not harmful if taken in moderate quantities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the use of Iaso Tea?

The tea is used for cleansing the gut, improving sleep, and managing weight. However, none of these claims is clinically proven to be true.

Does Iaso Tea have many satisfied customers?

With so many reviews available over the internet, it’s hard to tell which ones are genuine. The company works on a pyramid scheme so most of the positive reviews are a trap by the consultants themselves.

However, certain YouTubers ThatsKeAndra and Tonia Kay, who is not a part of this scheme, claim that the tea makes them feel lighter and their bowels have become regular with its usage.

You need to try a sample pack to figure out if it is working for you.

Are there any drug interactions with Iaso tea?

Certain ingredients in this tea can aggravate health conditions and can cause serious drug interactions. It is better to consult your physician before consuming it.

What are the side effects of Iaso Tea?

Some consumers of Iaso Tea have reported abdominal discomfort and cramps, nausea, vomiting, and bloating.

Can one follow Keto, paleo, or any other special diet with Iaso Tea?

Iaso tea is to be taken with a specified diet and regular exercise. The diet recommendations are provided when you make a purchase. However, one needs to consult a nutritionist before combining it with any other special diet plan.

Does Iaso Tea contain Caffeine?

No, Iaso tea is caffeine-free.

Does Iaso Tea cause a positive drug test?

Iaso instant tea, raspberry, and lemon flavor contain hemp extract but according to TLC, the amount of THC is 0.0% which should not be a trouble for drug testing samples evaluated by Channel 9 show traces of THC which can cause positive drug test.

How long does it take for the Tea to start working?

Iaso Tea starts working within hours of consumption. Its laxative and diuretic properties show their effects in as low as a single dose.

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