Is Pakistan a Safe Country to Visit in 2021?

Is Pakistan a safe country to visit?

Is Pakistan a Safe Country to Visit?

When you intend to visit any country as a foreigner, it is necessary to research the place and lifestyle. Whether you are to travel alone or with family, the traveling destination should be safer. Otherwise, it is wise to exit your plan. In recent years, Pakistan has been emerging as a safer and attractive traveling destination. Travelers love to visit Pakistan due to the moderate climate, worth-seeing places, the hospitality of the people, and safety.

In 2020, Pakistan was chosen for the list of “the best holiday destination for 2020.” The same year, among the adventure destinations, Pakistan was ranked as the third-highest place with the potential adventurous destination.

Pakistan’s struggle for peace

Pakistan has always been stood in distinction to eradicate terrorism and violence. The efforts and projects of the Pakistani Government in collaboration with the developed countries are worth praising.

In 2001, Pakistan openly favored the NATO invasion in Afghanistan and stopped favoring the Taliban. This political stunt pushed the country on the verge of danger. Pakistan army and public faced dangers not only on the borders but inside the country as well.

The first decade of the 21st century proved the most crucial and tougher time for the country. Terrorist attacks, violence, sectarian riots, and religious issues were at the hike.

From 2009- 2012, Pakistan Army boosted many in-land operations to get rid of terrorism. Pakistan paid a high cost for the war against terrorism. Media reports say that since 2002 till now more than 50,000 people lost their lives in suicide or terror attacks. As Pakistan pulled out the favor of the Taliban, more than 3 million people were to leave their homes in reaction. The economic loss is considered to be up to $ 120 billion.

In addition to this, sectarian and ethnic conflicts and riots got initiated due to Iran –Iraq war. Pakistan Military and relevant agencies worked hard to free the land from terrorism. The borders of any country require high security and may experience tension due to geopolitical situations. In the same way, tensions and riots remain to continue on the Afghanistan border, and Indian borders. But travelers are strictly banned in those premises.

Pakistan Army played a vital role in controlling the law and order situation in the country. It’s not wrong if we say that now this homeland becomes the safer place to visit and explore for the locals and foreigners.

Open Doors for Tourism

Pakistan’s government favors and facilitates travelers in all ways. The government has issued online visas for 175 countries and 50 countries can get visas on arrival. The local administration offers attractive packages and allows traveling facilities for foreigners. If you are an adventure lover, you will enjoy your visit there. The real Pakistan is much different and secure than you see in the media reports. Bombs, attacks, violence, and terror seem just tales of folks, the land is inverse of it.

Though specific territories like a line of control, FATA, and some other remote areas are banned for traveling, life is normal and peaceful in other parts of the country. If you are traveling first time to this homeland, it is sure that you will love to visit it time and again.

The land’s beauty and natural attractions are matchless. There are hundreds of places in each province of the country that pulls the travelers. Whether it is urban life or rural one, you will find people loving, caring, and welcoming everywhere. The Hospitability of the Pakistani public is among its top trait.

On the whole, traveling in the country is safer for all types of gender. As a traveler, you may face snatching, theft, and pocket-picking, just like other parts of the world. Wherever you travel you have to be cautious and alert about your luggage or possessions.

International Travelers in Pakistan

The diversity of the land attracts travelers worldwide. Pakistan is home to shrines and historical places. Its mind-blowing geographical beauty attracts leaders, celebrities, and prominent icons from all over the world. Robert Di Nero, a famous actor, visited the Northern beauty of Pakistan in 2004. In 1991, Lady Diana, an icon of fashion and beauty, visited the Chitral valley.

Numerous global leaders and politicians also got attracted to the tour of Pakistan in the past. Famous and controversial X president of America, George W. Bush loved the visit of Pakistan in 2006 under hi-profile security. Barack Obama, another American president narrated the residency in Gujranwala city with his mother in 1981.

Besides, celebrities, athletes, sports personalities, and politicians have been in the news while visiting the northern and southern life of Pakistan.

Many foreign Vloggers have shared their travel experiences in Pakistan. In 2019, a Canadian solo traveler Rosie Gabrielle visited Pakistan. This is what she has to say about Pakistan.

Most recently, Eva Zu Beck, a young Polish travel Vlogger, visited the length and breadth of Pakistan in 2018-19. In her entire journey, she was all alone; recording her experiences and sharing them with the whole international community on her Youtube Channel. What else testifies that Pakistan is a safe country to visit?

Here is what Eva Zu Beck has to say about Pakistan:

What makes Pakistan safer now?

If you want to assess how much the country is safe, just check out the reviews of foreigners. In 2018, the British Backpackers Society considered Pakistan the friendliest place on earth. Furthermore, Backpackers Society described the land as the top adventure destination. Travel vloggers have rushed the social media and blogs with their natural sceneries, jaw-dropping mountains, plains, and other wild photos.

In 2013, an official record estimated that more than 5.5 million tourists visited Pakistan. In 2018, more than 6.5 million tourists were reported in the country. Every year more than 40 million people travel within the country on short trips. Tourism is one of the largest industries in the country and is flourishing day by day.

Bottom Line

The land holds a complete tale of terrorism behind peaceful living. The land has been in the spotlight due to numerous facts and events in the past. Tourism is a great source of a positive image of Pakistan. The local government protects and facilitates travelers.

If you like peace, greenery, mountains, nature, and folks, Pakistani land is the best one. Book your ticket for Pakistan as your next traveling destination. No doubt, this diverse land is going to impress you with its folks, foods, outstanding spots, and festivals. Just get ready to prepare a vlog of your next exciting tourist destination.

The last thing: Pakistan is indeed a very safe and secure country to visit.


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