Targeted Lockdown in Pakistan: Why this Hypocrisy?

lockdown in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir
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Covid-19 is spreading because of poor people while rich are immune to it

In Pakistan and Azad Kashmir, in a move to contain the surge in COVID-19 cases, the federal government has recently imposed some targeted lockdowns as in educational institutions, transport, and on gathering of people not more than 300 in public places as in Islamabad.

Similarly, in District Kotli Azad Kashmir, to contain Covid-19, all the traffic, activities in Masajid, and educational institutions have been stopped or closed. At the same time, marriage halls and markets are open where one can see thousands of people gathered together all the time. Else, in every other district, things are going normally.

One cannot understand why the government is only targeting specifically educational institutions. Is our government working on some foreign agenda? The same students who are not allowed to enter the schools, colleges, or universities can be seen in bazaars or in playgrounds in groups.

On the other hand, nobody questions the political meetings and gatherings. Are political leaders immune to coronavirus?

Also, the police force that is active to enforce SOPs is often seen sitting in groups without masks. The dilemma is nobody could muster the courage to question their conduct.

Is this a democratic country where draconian laws are only imposed on poor people and lower classes? Why is nobody questioning it? For how long do we have to face such targeted laws?

I hope my words would find the right audience.

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