Online Earning in Pakistan | Ways & Sources

Online earning in Pakistan
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In this write-up, we will enlist some real sources of online earning in Pakistan.

Before we dig deep, first we will discuss why this article is significant to read. Given large-scale unemployment, rampant poverty, and economic crisis, a huge bulk of Pakistani youngsters are struggling with a livelihood. People lack jobs, or even if they are employed, they are earning a meager amount of money just to survive from hand to mouth.

In such conditions, it is important to educate the youth of Pakistan about many legitimate ways to online earn a handsome amount per month.

Gone are the days of seeking government jobs. Government departments are fast shrinking due to the digital revolution. The need for manpower is fast depleting in the presence of machines. Today, computers are taking care of accounts and other clerical jobs.

With technology fast replacing people in various domains, we need to outmaneuver it. We need to exploit technology to reap the ultimate benefits out of it.

Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan

To earn money online in Pakistan, there are multiple ways and each way holds infinite potential. We will discuss the sources of online earning in Pakistan one by one.

The Most Famous & Common Ways of Online Earning in Pakistan

  1. Blogging
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. YouTube
  4. Freelancing

Common Sources of Online Earning in Pakistan


Blogging holds great potential in terms of online earning. That is the reason why I have listed it at the top.

Primarily, we can earn money from a blog by monetizing it from any ad network, i.e. Google AdSense, Ezoic, etc. You can get approval from the ad networks after fulfilling their requirements and conditions.

Now, the real question is, how can someone start a blog in the first place?

You can start it by making a website or blog for any niche/category of your choice. Then, start writing unique articles on the blog. After writing at least 20 original articles, you can apply for Google AdSense for approval.

Once approved, AdSense will display ads on your blog. You will earn from the impressions or clicks on ads.

There are thousands of people within and outside Pakistan that are earning around 1000 – 10,000 US dollars per month through Google AdSense. It all depends on your efforts, consistency, and patience.

Best Sources to Start a Blog

There are a number of platforms available to start a blog. But, Blogger and WordPress are the best among them. However, WordPress is a better platform for blogging than Blogger.

For WordPress, you will need a domain and hosting that will cost you around 5000 PKR per year.

However, you can also start your blog for free on Blogger. After generating and earning some revenue from it, you can ultimately shift to WordPress.

Essentials for Success in Blogging

There are thousands of live blogs on the internet today. But not all blogs are successful. The reason is bloggers do not understand what actually people are looking for and want to read.

As for this post, I know what you wanted to read, so I wrote it for you. I exactly knew what you will be searching for on google. Ultimately, I have driven you straight away from Google search to my blog. This is the magic of keyword research.

This is the main thing that changes the game. The more one is successful in attracting traffic from search engines, the more he will be generating revenue from ads.

Thus you will need to learn SEO writing to earn money online from blogging.

Apart from ads, there are other ways to earn from a blog. Once your blog gets some success, people will start approaching you for their paid product reviews, guest posts, marketing, back-links, etc. For all these services you will provide to people, you will generate a handsome amount of money.

Thus, you can earn money online from blogging in many ways.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process of earning a commission by promoting and selling other people’s or company’s products.

You can become an affiliate of any famous e-commerce store like Amazon, Daraz, Alibaba, etc.

For affiliate marketing, all you need is to start your website/blog. Pick up products from whatever store you’re an affiliate with. Write those product reviews on your blog and sell them to people. When people will order or buy the product through your link, you will ultimately get a commission.

Literally, in Pakistan and outside, people are generating revenues in lacs in the form of commissions per month.

To be successful in affiliate marketing, again it comes to SEO. The more you are good at it, the more you will be successful.

One can also get the reviews written by hiring expert writers.


By converting your creative ideas into video content and sharing it on YouTube with people, you can earn great revenue. Similar to blogging, one has to select a particular niche for one’s channel.

Make engaging videos and upload them on your YouTube channel. With the passage of time, your audience will begin to grow.

Once you have crossed the required threshold of watch time and subscriptions, you can apply for monetization. After getting approval, Google will place its Ads in your videos. Your audience will see those ads, and you will earn money.

When your channel will become a brand, you will also get sponsored videos.

Thus, YouTube has huge potential with respect to online earning in Pakistan.

However, reaching the required threshold for getting monetization enabled is a real challenge. So, consistency is the key!

Freelancing, the Most Popular Source of Online Earning in Pakistan

A large number of people in Pakistan are earning a handsome amount of money online through freelancing. Among all other online sources of earning, freelancing is the most popular source in Pakistan.

If you are also looking for a source of online earnings, try your luck in freelancing.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is all about selling your services and skills on different online marketplaces. You can be a photo or video editor, content writer, proofreader, logo, or graphic designer; in fact, any skill that you possess is valuable.

How to do freelancing?

There are multiple websites/platforms that provide you the opportunity to online sell your skill. For example, Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, etc.

Among many platforms, the most famous and widely used is Fiverr. On Fiverr, you can sell services like content writing, animations, video editing, proofreading, web designing, graphic designing, app developing, logo designing, and many others.

If you do not have any skills, you can easily learn any and start selling them online. Today, one can easily learn any skill free of cost from YouTube or Google.

Currently, the USA is the topmost country on the list of freelancing followed by the UK, Brazil, and Pakistan.

According to a report:

Pakistan is among the top five countries in the world when it comes to freelancing and generated a significant calculated amount of $0.5 billion entirely from freelancing.

Be a part of the online community. Start selling your skills and secure your future!

Bottom Line

Each of the above-mentioned methods for online earning holds great potential. However, things are never easy. One has to stay consistent and persistent on whatever platform he has chosen. As luck favors the brave; here bravery is to bear the pain of struggle and stay patient to see the results.

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