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Pakistan: The World’s Top Tourist Destination

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Pakistan is among a few places in the world holding great potential for tourism. Sooner or later, it will be marked as the world’s no 1 tourism destination. The gifts that Pakistan has been blessed with are endless. It is home to the world’s best and awe-inspiring places, highs and lows.

In 2018, the British Backpacker Society ranked Pakistan the world’s top adventure travel destination, describing Pakistan as “one of the friendliest countries on earth, with mountain scenery that is beyond anyone’s wildest imagination”. In 2019, Forbes ranked Pakistan as one of the ‘coolest places’ to visit in the world.

Here are some facts about Pakistan that actually make it the world’s top tourist places/destination.

What Makes Pakistan The World’s Top Tourist Destination?

Pakistan offers great tourism opportunities to the world. It provides opportunities for all sorts of tourism; be it Mountaineering, Hiking, Beach Tourism, Religious Tourism, Desert Tourism, Culinary Tourism, etc.

Pakistan: A Land of Lofty and Fascinating Mountains

Starting with the mountains of Pakistan that are the greatest assets that nature has bestowed on this country; Pakistan is home to the world’s highest, lofty, snow-capped, and cloud-kissing peaks.

For example, K-2 that lies in the northwestern Karakoram Range and is located in the Baltistan region of Gilgit Baltistan is the second highest peak in the world. In addition, Nanga Parbat, Tirich Mir, Takht-e-Sulaiman, Musa ka Musalla, etc are among the eye-catching mountains and hot tourist destinations in Pakistan’s northern mountainous regions. These peaks offer rich potential for mountaineering tourism to tourists worldwide.

Best Places to Visit in Pakistan

Musa ka Musalla | Image Source: Wikipedia

Pakistan is world top tourist destination

Nanga Parbat | Source: Wikipedia

Moreover, Skardu, Hunza, and Swat with their beautiful landscapes and mountaineering and mountain trekking infrastructure can become the next Bhutan and Nepal. These regions have 8 of the world’s 20 tallest mountains. Pakistan is capable of becoming the epicenter of the world’s trekking, adventure, and mountain tourism.

Tourist sites in Pakistan

Skardu | Image Source:

Talking about the mountain of the south, Hingol National Park of Balochistan holds the potential to become the next Grand Canyon National Park where tourists can trek, hike, and camp among the beautiful, nature-made structures in Hingol National Park.

Top tourism Places to visit

Hingol National Park, Balochistan | Image Source:

Potential for Beach Tourism in Pakistan

Pakistan also holds great potential for beach tourism. The beautiful beaches of Balochistan on the entire coast of the Arabian Sea has the potential of becoming one of the world’s prime beach destinations for all seasons; with five-star resorts, private islands, and beach shacks lining this beautiful coastline. Among the top beach destinations are Gwadar Beach, Daddani Beach, Somiani Beach, Sapat Beach, etc to name a few.

Tourism in Pakistan

Sapat Beach Balochistan | Image Soure:

Pakistan Holds Potential for Desert Tourism

Over the year, desert tourism is becoming a popular travel option. With the shifting interests, tourists across the world are getting more attracted to deserts especially during the winters to enjoy the sun. While the Middle East offers such tourists the best places as destinations, Pakistan with its vast deserts is no more behind.

There are five well-renowned deserts in Pakistan that can attract tourists from across the world. These are Thar desert (9th largest in the world) in Sindh, Kharan desert in Balochistan, Katpana desert in Skardu, Thal desert in Bhakkar, and Cholistan in Bahawalpur.

For example, every year, the Tharparkar desert attracts thousands of tourists when after the monsoon, its drought-stricken soil turns into green meadows. With its forts (i.e. Naukot Fort), temples, mosques, the Thar desert appears to be a land of diversity. Similarly, other deserts are also worth exploring with their peculiar land features, landscapes, vastness, etc.

Pakistan the world's top tourist place destination

Tharparkar Desert after Monsoon | Source:

The deserts in Pakistan can also offer opportunities for adventurous sports like camel rides, sandboarding, quad bike, hot air balloon, mountain bike, desert jeep rallies, etc.

Cholistan desert jeep rally was started in 2005, and it has become the center of attraction to the world. Similar sports in other deserts can offer huge potential for desert tourism in Pakistan.

Pakistan is rich in Art and Culture

Pakistan can also be one of the top destinations for Art and Cultural tourism. Both Sindh and the capital of culture, Lahore has so much to offer in this regard. The craftsmanship, artistry, and handicrafts are unparalleled and unlike anywhere else in the world.

Best tourist places to visit

Handicrafts of Pakistan | Image Source:

Moreover, this could be Pakistan’s prime export along with hundreds of thousands of tourists bringing bits of Pakistan with them back home to share with their communities.

Religious tourism in Pakistan

Pakistan has such an incredible Islamic heritage. The Sufi trail of Sindh can appeal not just to Muslim tourists, but to any tourists interested in history and culture. Pakistan also happens to be the birthplace of Sikhism and the travels of Guru Nanak. It is also home to some of the most important Hindu sites in the world, as well as Buddhist stupas, and the remains of the rich Buddhist heritage.

Thus, religious sites and places in Pakistan can attract thousands of people from neighboring countries as well as far-off places every year.

Pakistan is a Home to Old Civilisations

Pakistan is the place where the world’s oldest civilization, the Indus valley civilization was found. The Makli Necropolis, Ranikot Fort, or Mohenjo Daro can become the next Machu Picchu or Angkor Wat.

Pakistan is world top tourist destination

Mohenjo-Daro – Indus Valley Civilisation City | Image Source:

Rich Potential for Culinary Tourism

Pakistan has such a rich culture of food and cuisines. Their diversity from province to province is just astonishing. For example, Karachi and Lahore are famous for their cuisines and tastes. They hold the real potential to become some of the world’s top culinary hubs for foodie tourism.

Culinary tourism in Pakistan


Tourists can enjoy some unique Pakistani flavors and regional specialties. Nihari, Kabuli Palao, Karahi, Haleem, Halwa Puri, Korma, Tikka Kebab, Chapli Kebab, Sajji, Katakat, are among some special Pakistani tastes that foreigners can get ‘exclusively’ in Pakistan.

Bottom Line

With time, effort, dedication, and investment, Pakistan’s true tourism potential can be cashed. The government needs to utilize resources and make policies to boost tourism which can help to strengthen the soft image of Pakistan.

To cap it all, visit Pakistan and explore its hidden scenic beauties, spellbinding colors, rich cultures and diversities, historical sites, awe-inspiring landscapes, unmatchable highs and lows, vast deserts, and beautiful beaches.

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