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PESCO Online Bill – How to Check and Pay Online?

Here, you will learn how to check your PESCO bill online. You can also take its print and deposit the bill online with the help of online banking, Easypaisa, or JazzCash.

You can easily check, print, or download a duplicate copy of your PESCO bill by following a few simple steps. All you need is a mobile/laptop/computer and an internet connection. You do not need to visit the PESCO office now.

  • First, you need to visit the official website of PESCO.
  • A new page or window will open up. You will see the Reference Number with the blank/empty column.

PESCO online bill

  • Enter your 14 digits Numeric Reference number there.
  • The reference number you would enter should be without spaces.
  • After this step click on the submit button to check your PESCO bill.


  • How to Check PESCO Bill Online?

You can check your PESCO Bill by following the above-mentioned steps.

  • Can I pay my PESCO Bill Online?

Yes, you can pay your PESCO Bill either through internet banking if it is activated on your debit card. You can also pay your PESCO bill through Easypaisa or JazzCash.

  • How to Pay PESCO Bill Online via Easypaisa?

To pay your PESCO bill through Easypaisa, follow these simple steps.

  • Login to your Easypaisa account/application.
  • Click Bill Payment.

  • On the next window, click Enter a new bill to pay.

SEPCO Online Bill

  • Click on Electricity.


  • Then, click PESCO.

Pesco Online Bill

  • Now, enter your 14 Digit Reference Number, or simply scan your Reference Number from the Bill.

Pesco online bill payment easypaisa

  • Now, it will automatically show you all the details (bill, etc). Proceed, and click confirm to make your bill payment.

  • How to Pay PESCO Bill Online via JazzCash?

To pay PESCO Bill via JazzCash, follow these steps.

  • Login to your JazzCash account in the app.
  • Click on Utility Bills.

Pesco Bill Jazzcash

  • Now, click on Electricity.

PESCO Bill Payment Online Jazzcash

  • Then, Click PESCO.


  • Now, enter 14 digits PESCO Reference Number.

Pesco bill payment jazzcash

  • Now, it will show you all the details of the bill. Click ok/confirm to make the PESCO bill payment.

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