Places To Visit In Kashmir – A Travel Guide

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When it comes to natural beauty, Kashmir is no comparison. In this travel guide, we shall enlist some best places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir.

We will talk about where nature bestowed beauty so charismatic that it makes people wonder if they’re really on Earth or in some heaven. 

No other words in the universe can describe Kashmir’s attractiveness, supplemented by nature with unimaginable excellence. Kashmir, often regarded as “heaven on earth,” shines with Chinar trees that make the entire valley golden and scarlet as the fall foliage emerges, silver lakes that turn gold in the dawn’s illumination, and the gem-blue waterways that are spirits of the extremely cold mountains.

The state’s beauty is usually compared to Switzerland’s snowy peaks and picturesque views. Still, the hospitality of the Kashmiri people will undoubtedly persuade you to return time and time to the valleys of Kashmir.

If you’re enthusiastic about tourism and planning your next visit to this picture-perfect landscape, keep this guide in mind and make your trip memorable.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”

Best Places to Visit in Jammu & Kashmir

Let’s dig into the details and explore some of the best places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir.

  • Neelum Valley: Truly Heavenly Place

Neelum Valley has expansive, regular views across a region of about 240 kilometers. It is located in Muzaffarabad’s north and northeast (Capital of Azad Kashmir). The valley is a paradise on Earth thanks to its amazing pleasant excellence, gorgeous viewpoints, enormous hills on both sides of the turbulent Neelum stream, lush green forests, cold-water streams, lakes, and lovely climate.

In the Neelum Valley, locations like Kundal Shahi, Kutton, Salkhala, Athmaqam, Karen, Dowarian, Shardha, Kel, and Arangkel are worth visiting.

This valley is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on Earth and, at times, is even referred to as a “scene of Heaven on Earth.” The valley is located in the heart of Azad Kashmir, a region renowned for its waterways. A trip to this location will undoubtedly make you feel like you have entered a beautiful painting.

You won’t ever be able to forget some aspect of the land’s grandeur. Amazingly, a pleasant breeze is blowing through the lush, verdant mountains. After visiting the location, you’ll understand why it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations during peak season.

Regarding the land’s geology, it is a 144 km long region that is curved, with the Neelum River’s clean water on each side. Neelum Valley is one of the most important places to visit since it also has a vast belt of modest village towns, hiking routes, mountain courses, and lakes.

  • Banjosa Lake: Crystal Clear Scenery

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of city life and want to visit a natural setting to refresh your mind, this location is our recommendation. The Banjosa Lake quickly transforms into a visual feast due to its hypnotizing perfection and crystal-clear water surrounded by various plants.

Source: https://beautyofpakistan.com/locations/banjosa-lake

We advise visiting this lake in the fall since the weather will be perfectly balanced at that time. In winter, it isn’t very sensible unless you need to see it because the location is entirely covered in snow throughout the winter and has summer temperatures that only reach 25C.

Visitors are welcomed to Banjosa Lake year-round because of its mild climate, which is pleasant in late spring when temperatures range from 12 to 17 Celsius and frigid in winter when snow falls. The mercury drops to – 5 Celsius. In the summer, tourists are particularly drawn to its cool climate.

  • Pir Chinasi: Place of Fantasy

Then, proceed to Pir Chinasi in Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Kashmir. This location is a beautiful place to visit in the winter since the streets’ twists and turns give a covered finale. The routes are a little challenging to explore, but if you feel up to it, it’ll be one of the highlights of your trip.

Due to the location of Hazrat Shah Hussain’s temple, a more well-known Kashmiri saint, the area will become more accessible to Sufism. For pilgrims looking for places to pitch up a tent, the holy location indicates the end of their journey. It’s important to note that Pir Chinasi is also one of Pakistan’s top campsites.

The greatest time to travel is between June and September, while the season for putting up camp begins in May and ends in October.

In addition to being a destination for tourists and those looking for a better life, Pir Chinasi is also popular with locals for other reasons.

  • Leepa Valley: Charismatic Landscape

When you visit this location, you will be mesmerized to the point that you may feel like you are somewhere other than Pakistan. Azad Kashmir is one of Pakistan’s top tourist destinations, largely thanks to the Leepa Valley. It is advised to visit this location between May and November when the atmosphere is at its most vibrant.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

High mountains and towering pine trees surround this little populated region, but Muzaffarabad can certainly get you there.

The valley’s water is very clean, and swift-moving streams like Nullah Qazi Nag are important supplies. The Nullah emerges from Indian-occupied Kashmir and traverses the whole Leepa Valley. The Kupwara region in Occupied Kashmir is on the other side of the Line of Control.

High pecan trees dot the scenery throughout the valley, adding yellow, red, and orange tones. Yellow spices and shrubs are also snuggled cozily among greenery that contains large conifer trees, changing up this mystical phenomenon of changing variations throughout the harvest season in the valley.

  • Chitta Katha Lake: A Place of Tranquility

The lengthy periods of May and August are ideal times to visit Chitta Katha Lake since the weather is great and many transportation options are available. Jeeps may be rented to get to this exhibit from Kel or Neelum Valley.

Source: https://www.youlinmagazine.com/article/diary-of-a-trekker-arang-kel-&-chitta-katha-lake/OTQ0

According to the reports of many tourists, it is also a fantastic location for campers. Even though the place is not very large in terms of its surrounding area, Azad Kashmir visitors must undoubtedly experience nature. It will be wise to visit on the last day so you can carry home the excellence and tranquility with you to keep in your memories for the rest of the time.

  • Ratti Gali Lake: A Topographical Scenery

Ratti Gali is loved by local and international guests alike for its breathtaking geological landscape and pleasant regular splendor. This location is practically otherworldly due to the eye-catching perspective of the crystal-clear water to the swaying meadows of wildflowers.

Source: Zameen.com

Regarding height, the Ratti Gali Lake is one of the highest lakes on Earth. The ice masses that collapse in the surrounding mountains frame the lake’s water body. Since getting to the lake requires a lot of voyaging and traveling—at most 4 hours—is the place for adrenaline seekers.

Although there are many nearby areas, you wouldn’t have any problems even if you don’t have many conveniences at this location.

  • Bagh-e-Bahu: Royal Garden In Heaven

Bagh-e-Bahu, which is close to the Tawi River, is adorned with hues of numerous blooms. You have designated routes in the nursery that let you walk and interact with nature’s elements. Picnics and photography are popular activities here among locals and tourists.

Source: https://www.thedispatch.in/bagh-e-bahu-musical-water-fountain-project-yet-to-see-light-of-day/

The magnificent water springs abound in this tiered garden. The good news is that many of them are operational. These sprinklers, located at different levels, provide another variation to the beauty of this nursery.

Due to its stunning appeal, fish-shaped aquarium, and public display, this is one of Jammu’s most well-known locations. The aquarium boasts of housing 400 different species of fish.

  • Rajender Park: Place for Nature Lovers

Visit Rajender Park, one of the best tourist destinations in Jammu to visit, especially with family, for an expedition if you want to take part in the locally produced magnificence of the city. The recreation area has a trench running through it, along with a few springs and excellent attractions. It’s a peaceful place to unwind and take a stroll around the outdoors.


Visit the recreation area if you want to hear some regular sounds because it is always in good condition. The recreation area is adjacent to some of Jammu’s top accommodations, so a visit is recommended.

  • Purmandal: Get Local Village Experience

This is the perfect time for you to think about heading to a nearby town to see the authentic Jammu culture. The village, near the Devika River, boasts a few sanctuaries, mesmerizing views, and plenty of tranquility to get away from the bustle of the metropolis. You can wash in the creek, which the locals consider blessed.

Try authentic dishes like Dum Aloo, Rogan Josh, and spicy red-sheep-based curry with saffron rice. Surprisingly, there are a ton of wonderful retreats close to Jammu that are located nearby, which is even better.

This village is famous for the town’s Devika canal is reputed to cleanse the spirits.

  • Surinsar Lake: A Peaceful Place

Jammu is renowned for its consistent quality. One of the key locations that uphold this reputation is Surinsar Lake, an attraction well-known for its consistent abundance and legendary importance.

Surinsar Lake, located 42 kilometers outside of Jammu City, is renowned for its regular plenty and mythological importance. It is a well-known barbecue location surrounded by densely green mountain ranges. Surinsar Lake’s perfection and regular amazement may rival the magnificence of Srinagar’s Dal Lake and Nagin Lake.

Source: https://curlytales.com/surinsar-lake-in-jammu-has-been-revived-and-is-now-open-for-boating-after-30-years/

It is a popular destination for outings and is surrounded by steep mountain ranges.

The lake is located quite close to the Surinsar Mansar Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to 15 species of birds. Rest aside, this is one of Jammu’s most popular locations and the perfect getaway for those seeking peace and tranquility.

  • Baba Dhansar: A Mythical Place

A divine location close to Karua town in Jammu is called Baba Dhansar. It may be one of Jammu’s special tourist attractions where you can learn about legendary tales. Particularly when you plan an excursion here and learn local tidbits of information, you can contribute to such accounts.

Source: http://mytourmania.com/jammu/tourist-place/baba-dhansar

The Baba Dhansar sanctuary and a grotto of Lord Shiva, two well-known places of love, are a few places to see while at Baba Dhansar. One of the most incredible places to camp is nearby Karua Jheel, which is dedicated.

  • Manda Zoo: Rich Biodiverse Place

One of the most amazing places to visit in Jammu is here. A trip to Manda Zoo is a great idea, especially if you are taking children. The list of shows is lengthy even though it is dispersed over a relatively small area.

Source: http://mytourmania.com/jammu/tourist-place/manda-zoo

You might be able to recognize some of the animals in this zoo, like the hoard deer, porcupine, panther, horse shelter owl, sambhar, python, and black partridge.

  • Patnitop: Majestic Hilltop

In the Jammu and Kashmir region of Udhampur, on a level in the Shivalik belt, is Patnitop, a slope resort. At the height of 2024 meters and surrounded by dense forest, it frames the setting of the nearby Chenab River. This thriving hilltop boasts three new water springs with extremely cold water and therapeutic qualities.

Source: https://mysterioustrip.com/things-to-do-patnitop/

A winter with a lot of snow is an amazing place to travel. Patnitop is a haven for outdoor activities, the starting point for numerous excursions into the nearby mountains, and a magnet for adventure seekers. It offers a breathtaking vantage point of the Pir Panjal range.

  • Sonamarg: Snow Laden Valley

Sonamarg, also known as the Knoll of Gold, is famous for its picturesque lakes, vast ice fields, and snow-covered valleys. Three Great Himalayan Glaciers provide beauty to the alluring atmosphere. You will journey through various vegetated flowers and take straightforward travel routes.

Source: https://www.sundayguardianlive.com/news/hc-seeks-govt-compliance-reports-sonamarg-issue

The best time to visit is during the summer when tourists throng to view the idyllic splendor of the Golden Glade, which is home to trees like the sycamore, oak, silver birch, fir, and pine.

  • Bhaderwah: Quaint Place

Bhaderwah is a fascinating area in the Doda region, away from the tourist swarm of popular Kashmiri tourist destinations. Focus on experience-based activities like paragliding, skiing, and snowboarding. It is also known as Naga Bhoomi since it is home to many snake species. Visit the Nagraj Vasuki Temple carved out of a single stone for a joyful heavenly experience.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/bhadarwah/

Sparkling water features, rocky terrain, and dense fields filled with fascinating flora and animals are all someone could ask to enchant them in different ways. Enjoy traveling in the summer and going skiing in the winter.

  • Pahalgam: King of Valleys

The charming hamlet is surrounded by dense backwoods, lovely lakes, and blossom-filled glades. It is situated at 2740 meters on the banks of the Liddar River. With each step approaching the city, peace fills the air. Join several excursions that pass through lush valleys and charming cities while serving as the Amarnath Yatra’s starting point.

Source: Depositphotos

As Kolhoi Glaciers go over extensive stretches of streams, go sledding on glacial ice masses. The lovely waterways are attractive locations for camping, fishing, and travel. Stroll around the lovely Aru Village and saffron fields while observing the shepherds pursuing the crowd.

  • Ladakh: Variety of Flora and Fauna

Due to its amazing geography and tranquil atmosphere, tourists are eager to visit Ladakh. Numerous attractions in this high-altitude desert entice tourists from throughout the world. A staggering variety of diverse vegetation provides information about the region’s exceptional climatic conditions.

Source: Wikipedia

Phugtal Monastery, Shanti Stupa, and Leh Palace are regal homes that boast of their tranquility and palpable riches. Zanskar, Indus, Suru, Markha, and Shyok are some of the alluring streams that give the surroundings a rhythm. There are valleys like Nubra and Shyok that invite you to camp out and take in the region’s distinctiveness.

Concluding Thoughts

Kashmir has the most intriguing snowfall during the whole winter, providing a much-needed respite from other parts of the country’s humid and hot summers. Just picture the delicate and light snow descending on the mountains covered in trees and coating every cutting edge of the green grass in the distant meadows before it freezes and liquefies. The sight of falling snowflakes covering the cottages in this paradise on earth and changing it into an alluring Winterland will surely weaken your soul.

The valleys of these remarkable mountains are incredible habitats for domesticated animals, with lush green knolls covered in various lovely blooms. This rocky region of valleys has a more natural vibe thanks to the tiny kids playing around.

Each location you visit has abundant nature surrounding it, and you will feel compelled by the beauty to take a photo and include it in a postcard. Additionally, the location strongly resembles a picture postcard of a lovely neighborhood.

To explain the beauty of Kashmir, David P Caroll pen down a beautiful poem, and some verses touched my heart.

It's so beautiful and so magical

And Kashmir is the place to be

I'm watching the sun

Smiling at me

And the sky is so blue

And little the birds are singing to

And the Kashmir nights they

Shine like diamonds every night

And with all of the love

Inside my beating heart

And we will always be together

Me and Kashmir will never be apart.

So, these were some of the best places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir.

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