Reasons to Live when it becomes Hard to Live

You are probably the one suffering from depression right now. Due to this you don’t want to live anymore or are unable to see reasons to live. So, you googled it to find why you should be alive, to seek some solace. If this is right so far, read till the end. We will highlight for you some good reasons to live. Because you are in a state of depression; you are unable to see those reasons yourself. But they do exist. We assure you, that depression is a blessing in disguise.

According to the World Health Organization’s report, more than 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression globally. This write-up is specifically for those people as the target audience.

We will discuss two main things here.

  1. Reasons that will show you why you should live even if you are suffering from depression.
  2. Ways to identify reasons to live.

So, let’s start with the first topic. Following are the reasons that will show you that the phase of depression that you are currently in is quite normal. You must not be ashamed of it. It is rather a blessing in disguise for you.

Reasons Why You Must Live Your Life

  • First Reason to Live

First and foremost, almost everyone faces depression in life at least once. This phase either makes a person or breaks him. When we are in depression, we are filled with so much energy. It is during this phase that one can do or achieve anything that a normal person probably cannot.

We need to change our perspective. Start looking at depression as a transformation phase in life; the phase that causes so much pain; but leads to massive success and glory.

I have read so many success stories. In all those stories, I found one thing in common. The main characters of the stories transformed from zero to heroes. And the phase of life that triggered the transformation is what we name ‘depression’.

Zero → Unsatisfied with life + Depression + Pain + Suffering + Struggle → Hero

All of them were once unhappy with their state of living. It caused great pain and depression. While in depression, they were filled with negative energy. However, they utilized the energy to make their life how they want that to be.

Simply, when you are in a depression; read success stories. You will be able to relate to them. Probably, you will find out that your situation is not as bad as was theirs. Today, one can easily find such stories on Google and YouTube.

  • Second Reason to Live

Everything happens for a reason in life. The same is applicable to depression. It has a reason. And the reason is to make you strong.

One who can fight with and gets out of depression becomes unbreakable. It is nature’s way to train you and make you strong. Mark my word, if you are able to live while being in depression, you become mentally and emotionally so strong that nothing in life can break you.

All we need is to change our mindset and start looking at things from a different angle. Take depression as an opportunity to evolve and become stronger.

  • Third Reason why you should live

Ups and downs are part of life. One cannot appreciate the daylight without experiencing the darkness of night. Similarly, without depressing moments/phases in life, we cannot truly enjoy the upcoming success.

All one needs is to have the patience to wait for this phase to be over and the next phase to come with all its bliss.

Nothing is permanent in life. Every single experience happens to teach us a lesson and then it is over. In the Muslim’s Holy Book Al Qur’an, God Almighty has mentioned:

So, surely with hardship comes ease.

Quran 94:5

This verse alone can encourage us to live through the phase of depression; the phase when all the reasons to live seem to be withering away. We only need to have a strong faith in the words of God.

  • Fourth Reason to Live

This life is a test. Nature tests us in multiple ways. Depression is one form of those tests. When you are in depression and unable to see reasons to live, it is when nature is actually testing you.

As per Divine injunctions, one needs to be patient during the times of test. Depression is actually a test of our patience. Quitting during this phase is not an option for the brave.

Historical evidence shows that for all those who remained patient during the storms, life has shown them a rainbow.

So now let’s move to the second topic i.e. identifying the reasons in life.

Ways to Find Your Reason & Purpose in Life

Now, we will discuss two ways to identify reasons why we should live when the circumstances are knocking us down.

  • Finding Reason to Live through Meditation

For the identification of purpose and meaning in life, one needs to have clear thinking. This clarity does not come on its own. It requires self-awareness.

Self-awareness comes with meditation. Meditation opens doors to new worlds. It helps us in identifying the meaning of life and our purpose in it.

When someone deviates from its purpose, it often results in depression. It is because internally we begin to feel that something is missing. That void within us makes us suffer.

Meditation heals us internally. As it leads to self-awakening, one becomes aware of what is missing in life.

Hence, meditation is the best way to find reasons to live.

  • Learning from Experiences

The more one experiences different aspects of life, the better one becomes self-aware. The question arises of how to get experiences.

Two main sources are; traveling & reading. Both lead to self-awakening. They broaden our intellectual horizons and make us a better person.

The more one travels, the more one experiences and understands the world. Similarly, the more one reads, the more one learns from others’ experiences.

Once one becomes aware of the world and this life; one can see better reasons to live life.

Bottom Line

To cap it all, this world is ephemeral. We are here for a very limited amount of time. So, we must find out why we are created and sent here. And how we can make an impact in this world with our existence.

Nothing has been created uselessly. Everything has a reason. So, we must struggle to find reasons in our life.

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