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Sahoo Bint Abdullah Al-Mahboub Marries Her Pakistani Driver

Sahoo Bint Abdullah Al-Mahboub Saudi Billionaire Businesswoman Marries Her Pakistani Driver
Written by Aakif

Sahoo Bint Abdullah Al-Mahboub tied a knot with her personal Pakistani driver who drove her Range Rover. Strange news, isn’t it?

Seems like a pure love or fairy-tale.

Who is Sahoo Bint Abdullah Al Mahboub?

Sahoo Bint Abdullah is an Arab billionaire businesswoman. Many credible sources claim that she has wealth of around $8 billion.

As per reports, Sahoo is the owner of a plethora of hotels and residential properties in Mecca and Madina. Moreover, she owns towers in France and other countries.

Her hotels in the two holy cities are near the holy places. She earns a lot of revenue from them.

The other side of the picture

A few Twitter handles are found claiming that this news is unreal. There is no such Arab billionaire woman. According to them, someone has picked up a marriage ceremony of random people and concocted a story over it.

Sahoo Arab Billionaire

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