Solved Precis of ‘CSS English Precis and Composition Paper – 2021’

CSS Precis Solved 2021

Solved Precis of ‘CSS English Precis and Composition Paper – 2021’

Title of the Precis: “Nizar Hassan’s Works during Israel’s Expansionism”


Nizar Hassan was a prominent Palestinian filmmaker. In 1994, he produced a documentary film ‘Independence’ in which he highlighted the absurd Israeli notion of independence that she thinks of getting by stealing others’ lands. Similarly, he produced another masterpiece ‘My Grandfather’s Path’ during the time when Israel was planning to annex more Palestine. This film acted as salvation for Palestinians as it warned them of compromising their own high ideals and aspirations by being antagonized to those expansionists for one ends up like one’s enemies. Hence, it saved them from the trap. Moreover, the film brought the Palestine issue to the limelight when with the world’s complicity Israel was encroaching on Palestinian rights.


Original Words Count: 350

Precis Count: 113


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