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Squid Game Season 1 Netflix Review
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Introduction to Squid Game

Released on Netflix on September 17, 2021, Squid Game is a South Korean drama series written by Hwang Dong-hyuk that has been a blockbuster. It has become the talk of the town on social media.

Squid Game Season 1 is based on 9 episodes. The whole season is so much emotional, thrilling, full of suspense and fear, a lot of gruesome killings, and much bloodshed for survival.

The participants/contestants joined the game for the reward which is a huge sum of money. Since all the contestants are broke, they are in desperate need of money. So, they all got no other way to survive but to play this series of games that cost lives.

In each game, only the winners could survive and make it to the next game; while the losers have to die. The games are pretty much the same that everyone has played during their childhood. But, the difference is those games once played for excitement have become the games of life and death.

Story/Plot/Summary of Squid Game

Financially struggling and debt-ridden people enroll themselves in the games organized by some secret organization. Initially, they didn’t know what would be the cost of losing the game; but once they discovered it, they decided to quit it. However, as they were in dire need of money, they decided to join the games again.

There is a total of six games and those who would make it would be awarded a huge sum of money. One would either get through the game or lose his life.

Initially, 456 candidates join the game but this number falls quickly with every game.

The main character/hero of the series Seong Gi-Hun is very kind by heart. However, at one point when it came to his life, he has to become selfish to save his life. Including him, all the characters played their role quite well.

Let’s not disclose who or how many of them win the award. Let’s keep the tragic incidents hidden otherwise it would become a spoiler.

Prominent Themes in Squid Game

Below mentioned are some major and prominent themes of Squid Games.

  • Differences in Social Classes

The first major theme is the wide difference in the financial status of the rich/upper class and lower/middle/poor class. The former does not know where to spend the accumulated wealth; while the latter has no idea where to get money.

Secondly, there are rules that are made by the upper class to control the lower class. If the poor breaks the rule, he has to face the consequences. On the other hand, there are no rules for the upper class. They do what pleases them and go scotfree. This is the harsh reality of the world.

  • The exploitation of the Poor by the Rich

The second most visible theme is the exploitation of the poor by the rich. In Squid Game, the rich find entertainment and satisfaction in the miseries faced by the poor class.

Squid Game

On one hand, the elite class is enjoying luxuries and a lavish lifestyle. On the other hand, there are people facing death and killing one another for the sake of survival and for the entertainment of the rich.

  • Gender-Based Discrimination

In the Squid Game, women are depicted as weak. Nobody is willing to accept the girls in their team. On the other hand, men are depicted as the symbol of authority with universal rights to lead and make a team.

Squid Game Explanation

We also see how a girl can sacrifice herself to save the life of another girl. This depicts women’s soft-heartedness and kind nature.

  • Greed and Interests

Not everyone, but humans are by nature greedy. Their relations are based on mutual interests. Their conflicts follow their interests. In the Squid Game, it was the greed of the award that let all the participants risk their lives. Despite knowing that only one would be the winner, they willingly joined the games to satiate their greed.

The participants deliberately killed each other for money and survival.

  • Fear and Suspense

The themes of fear and suspense remain dominant throughout the drama. Be it the fear of losing someone, or one’s own life; everyone remained involved in the struggle for survival.

The main character Seong Gi-Hun feared losing his daughter and mother; so he joined the games to earn in order to sustain the family. The young girl Kang Sae-byeok risked her life to save her younger brother and family. Abdul Ali joined the life-taking games for his family that including year old child and his wife.

Moreover, there is also a strong element of suspense. Who will die next? Who will survive? Who are those operating behind masks? As the sympathies of the audience go with many characters; we do not want them to die. Instead, there are some mean participants who we think must die. So there remains constant suspense as to who will die and who will survive.

Wrapping Up

Squid Game is a series worth watching. The emotions, suspense, fear, and twists cannot be explained in words. The vibes are so strong that one becomes one of those characters and is deeply involved in those games.

Obviously, the series is much more than discussed here. The turn of events is so strong that we could discuss only an iota of it.

In short, it is such an excellent drama series that one should never miss.


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