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Top 10 SEO Companies in the USA

top 10 best seo companies in the USA
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It goes without saying that there are hundreds of top-notch SEO Companies operating in the USA. When it comes to choosing the best of the best, it becomes a little challenging.

However, based on customer reviews, services provided, and reputation, we have come up with the top 10 best SEO Companies in the USA.

Top 10 SEO Companies Operating in the USA

The following is the list of the 10 best SEO Companies one can find in the USA.

1. SmartSites

First on our list is SmartSites, a digital marketing agency located in Paramus, NJ, and is known best for increasing your website traffic and optimizing your return on your investment.

They are an all-rounder SEO expert agency, which means from SEO analysis to technical audits to SEO writing, they cover it all.

Reviews say that with their services, you can double your organic website traffic within the first 6 months. 

When you assign a campaign to Smartsites, they connect you with a separate project manager who provides regular follow-ups and real-time marketing reports, making it far easier to assess the success and progress of your campaign. 

Reasons to Hire

  • Their SEO strategies apply to all kinds of businesses and are guaranteed to yield effective results.
  • They offer custom pricing on their services, tailored to suit your goals. 
  • Smartsites is well known for optimizing a solid ROI. 
  • Project managers maintain transparency throughout the campaign. 

Reasons to Avoid

  • Their services are relatively more expensive than other SEO agencies. 
  • Their services focus more on website SEO and running PPC campaigns. Thus, their SEO copywriting might not consistently deliver exceptional results. 

2. Victorious

If your main goal is driving more traffic to your website and getting more conversions, Victorious is your best choice.

Their expertise is boosting website traffic and attracting more customers. Over the years, Victorious has established itself as a strong player in the SEO industry. 

While the agency deals with various businesses, its expertise lies in launching new websites. Victorious SEO strategies make it much easier for a new website to rank, which is a highly complex task. 

Their services are tailored to suit international and local businesses, whether a fashion brand or a newly launched real estate firm.

Their SEO strategies are tailored to meet the needs of all sizes of audiences. 

Reasons to Hire

  • Offers over 200 options to ensure flawless technical SEO optimization of your site. 
  • They offer robust backlinking strategies that are also effective in the long term. 
  • Victorious offers a thorough SEO analysis of your site regularly so you know your strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Ideally suited for new websites looking to rank.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Victorious’ services are primarily suited for national and international businesses. While their strategies also apply to local small businesses, they might not drive the expected results. 

3. WebFX

Located in Harrisburg, PA, WebFX is our next choice for the best SEO companies in the USA. WebFX is your one-stop shop for all your website SEO needs.

From pay-per-click to website design to on and off-page SEO, WebFX has it all covered. 

One of the perks of working with WebFX is that they offer customized plans for every client. WebFX uses its six-step “R (research) O (optimization) C (content) K (keyword) E (earned media) T (testing)” approach to create a tailor-made SEO blueprint for every business.

Pricing Plans

WebFX offers 4 pricing plans along with enterprise plans which are custom priced.

Their Bronze Plan starts with a  $5,400 initial investment, and you need to pay $1,375 monthly for consistent SEO optimization.

The Silver Plan requires an initial payment of $7,750 and $2,500 monthly. The Gold Plan requires  $12,750 upfront and charges $5000 monthly.

Lastly, the diamond plan has an initial investment of $15,750 with an additional $8,000 monthly. 

Now you might be blown away by the prices but their portfolio of multiple successful campaigns in the past shows that WebFX makes sure every penny counts. 

Reasons to Hire

  • WebFX understands the importance of transparency in client relationships. Thus, all performance data and analytics are provided to you regularly. 
  • They use MarketingCloudFX campaign tracking software to track the campaign’s success. 
  • Dedicated account managers are provided to every client to develop effective strategies that meet all your objectives. 

Reasons to Avoid

  • Although WebFX is known for delivering quality. Its high-tier plans might be too expensive for startups and small businesses. 
  • Their customer service is sometimes adversely impacted by staff turnover. 

4. OuterBox 

Located in Akron, OH, Outerbox was recently ranked the #1 eCommerce SEO Agency, and it is easy to see why.

It is a reputable SEO agency that has established itself in the market by providing exceptional SEO solutions. 

From web design to SEO strategy, Outerbox offers it under one roof.

Outerbox deals with improving the SEO of e-commerce stores built on multiple stores, including Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Adobe Commerce, nopCommerce, and WordPress.

It is also a good choice if you own an Amazon store, as they use industry best practices ensures a seamless and secure shopping experience for customers.

They take transparency with their clients to a whole new level. While running an SEO campaign with Outerbox, you can access detailed monthly reports and weekly update calls, account and brand setup, account audits, product optimization, and competitor research.

And the best part? Each move is driven by performance data, leaving little space for possible failures. 

OuterBox claims that its SEO strategies can help increase your traffic by 273%, and the insane number of positive customer reviews shows us why. 

Reasons to Hire

  • Ideally suited for e-commerce stores 
  • Provides visually appealing web design services. 
  • Provides detailed performance reports to maintain transparency. 

Reasons to Avoid

  • Due to their overwhelming demand and precise attention to detail, the project timeline might be longer than what you expected. 
  • While OuterBox is known for its transparency, they do not practice it to the same extent regarding pricing and packages. 

5. SEO Brand

 If you are a B2C, B2B, or SaaS company looking for a digital marketing agency to improve your online visibility, look no further because SEO Brand has got you covered.

SEO Brand owns a reputable position in the market for offering progressive strategies guaranteed to drive organic growth. 

The agency primarily focuses on SEO and offers PPC and web design services. SEO brand is the perfect choice for managing your online reputation.

According to the reviews, it ensures all the information on your site is updated and current. 

Now like all the other agencies mentioned on this list, they provide you with an account manager but take it one step further by dedicating a whole SEO team to your project.

The team thoroughly reviews your current website status and demographics and then makes data-driven decisions that appeal to the market trends and your website objectives. 

Reasons to Hire

  • SEO brand covers all aspects of website SEO, from keyword research to backlinking to technical audits. 
  • They stay ahead of market trends by consistently developing innovative SEO strategies.
  • They maintain a 90% customer retention rate by providing exceptional customer service. 

Reasons to Avoid

  • While their services deliver quality, their prices are said to be on the expensive side of the spectrum. 
  • A few reviews suggest the ranking and visibility results might be slightly lower than expected. 

6. Funnel Boost Media

If you are a local business looking to upgrade your SEO, then Funnel Boost Media (FBM) is your stop.

As the name suggests, they are best known for strategizing marketing funnels and maximizing your ROI. They have earned their reputation as a trusted partner in enhancing your online presence. 

FBM covers all aspects of local SEO, including local keyword research, on-page optimization, SEO copywriting, titles, and meta descriptions.

While working with FBM, clients can access monthly SEO reports and traffic metrics. You also get to hop on a call with your account manager every once in a while. 

They understand that each business has unique needs and goals. Thus, their teams take the time to understand your current website status and target demographics, and the dedicated account manager provides particular attention to the analytics and the performance data to build a strong customer relationship. 

Reasons to Hire

  • Excellent for local businesses looking to enhance their online presence. 
  • FBM claims to use 100% ethical and legitimate SEO practices. 
  • Known for best customer service. 

Reasons to Avoid

  • While their services suit local financial and home services best, they might cater to something other than entertainment or food-related businesses. 
  • They do not post their performance stats publicly, which makes a potential customer suspicious. 

7. Titan Growth

If you are a large-scale enterprise looking for robust improvements to your company’s SEO, then Titan Growth might be just what you are looking for.

They utilize a specialized software called “TitanBOT.” This gives their clients an edge over other competitors. 

Titan Growth is primarily focused on maximizing your revenue on your SEO investment. Their team analyzes performance data, keyword competition, and traffic metrics and then makes data-driven decisions to maximize website revenue. 

Along with paid SEO services, they also offer email marketing, web design, social management, and video creation services.

As a cherry on top, you can also take advantage of their professional link acquisition strategies. 

Reasons to Hire

  • Utilizes advanced software like TitanBOT to deliver exceptional results. 
  • 24/7 responsive customer support. 
  • Keeps a consistent record of traffic growth and conversions. 

Reasons to Avoid

  • Their strategies are not effective for startups and small brands. 

8. Incrementors

When it comes to outsourcing your company’s SEO, you will need someone who can give you timely updates and answer all your queries. This is where Incrementors come to the rescue. 

Located in Marlton, NJ, Incrementors is an esteemed digital marketing agency that can do wonders when tackling your SEO. They cover all corners of your company’s SEO, from running technical audits to voice search optimization. 

Incrementors is also a good choice if you have an e-commerce store and want to improve your ranking and visibility.

According to the customer reviews, you can boost your traffic by 6 times with their SEO strategies. 

Before initiating your campaign, the agency dedicates an account manager who gives you a brief overview of their strategic approach to improving your SEO and creates a customized package suited to your objectives and budget. 

The agency caters to multiple industries, including travel, health, roofing, real estate, plumbing, information technology, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), and cannabis. 

Reasons to Hire

  • Weekly calls to keep the client updated on the success and progress of the campaign
  • Assigns a personalized account manager to analyze your metrics and performance data thoroughly
  • Incorporates a six-step strategic approach to maximize results. 

Reasons to Avoid

  • The project timeline might be more prolonged than you anticipated. 

9. Fannit

Talk about exceptional SEM services; you will only find no option that is better than Fannit. They are an award-winning digital marketing agency situated in Everett, WA.

Fannit is an all-rounder SEO expert since they cover local SEO, small business SEO, link-building services, WordPress SEO, and e-commerce SEO to SEO Consulting. You name it, and they have it! 

Fannit strongly believes in “Content is the king”. Thus, they have a specialized team of SEO writers trained in writing unique content in every niche.

You could ask Fannit for the next post on your fashion blog or some complex technical content, and they won’t disappoint. 

While working with you, they will first overview your current website status and competitors and then run a deep keyword search so they know what content to produce.

The team will then plan out a content strategy suited to your objectives, create optimized content and submit it for your final review before publishing. 

Reasons to Hire

  • Has a team of trained SEO writers to deliver optimized content that converts. 
  • Known for maintaining a solid ROI 
  • Pay special attention to the detail and make sure each need is met 

Reasons to Avoid

  • The agency is not very explicit about its pricing plans. 

10. HigherVisibility

To top off this list, we have HigherVisibility,  a full-service SEM and SEO agency located in Memphis, TN. They offer local and national SEO and PPC services and specialize in running Google and Facebook Campaigns. 

They deal with all corners of your company’s SEO, incorporating ng technical code auditing and analysis, on-page SEO, link building, keyword research, internal linking strategies, click-through-rate (CTR) optimization, search engine accessibility, and digital asset and content marketing. All in one package. 

Not only are their strategies tailored to suit your goals and budget, but they also adhere to Google regulations regarding SEO tactics.

Talking about customer service, Higher visibility leaves no space for complaints. The majority of their customer reviews online are positive. 

Reasons to Hire

  • Keep an up-to-date record of your search result rankings.
  • Follow up weekly clients for new clients. 
  • Offers free SEO tools to regular customers. 

Reasons to Avoid

  • Some reviews complained about the inconsistency of the account manager. 

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing an SEO Company

The primary role you must play in boosting your website growth is handling it into good hands. But with so many options, how do you pick the best one? We have got the answer you are looking for! 

Choosing an SEO agency could either make or break the game. Thus, you should consider a few factors before investing your money in any agency. 

1. Experience

The first and most important thing to consider when opting for your SEO agency is their experience. There is no good you can get out of an agency that was established 3 months ago.

The internet world is constantly evolving. So, you need your company’s SEO in the hands of someone who has been through the evolutions and knows how to sustain a good performance. 

And how do you ensure that? By going through the agency’s portfolio.

Go through their previous work, and search their previous clients to know if they are still ranking.

Search the agency on the internet and assess how successful their online presence is. 

2. Ethical Values

Before entering the world of SEO, you should learn the basics of SEO and what a white hat SEO guarantees, since it is essential in distinguishing between an ethical and a dubious SEO agency. 

Using non-ethical SEO tactics might get you instant results, but Google will detect and de-rank your website sooner or later.

Therefore, before signing any contract with the agency, ensure they comply with all the ethical guidelines of SEO.

Also, does the agency cater to their clients themselves, or is the work outsourced to a third party?

3. Testimonials and Reviews

Before signing any contract with any provider, you must know what others say about their service.

Besides the reviews available on the official website, search for the agency on other review websites.

If the majority of the reviews are negative, then you need to look for another provider. 

It is also wise to look for the agency on social media sites such as LinkedIn and Instagram and get more details on how their approach works. 

4. Transparency

A good SEO agency will never hesitate to let you know all the details of how they work.

If a provider is hiding something about their strategies, employees, or work culture, there is a high probability they might be using black hat SEO.

Do not fall for the “secret ingredient” scam; when it comes to SEO, no practice should be concealed unless unethical. 

5. Customer Service

If you ever encounter an agency with good customer service, trust us. They are a keeper.

Good customer service keeps the client consistently updated about how the website has been doing and the success of the campaign up till now. 

As mentioned earlier, the internet is rapidly evolving, and to stay on top of the market, you need an agency that can take swift action and keep you informed at the same time. 

Bottom Line

And that’s all for today, folks! If you require an SEO provider for your company in the USA, check the agencies mentioned above, as they are known for providing exceptional service.

Also, remember that choosing which agency works best for you is a long and time-taking task.

Still, it is worth paying attention to every factor in detail and not rushing the process because your SEO will decide the image of your company to the outer world! 

Best of luck in hunting down the right agency for you! 

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