How to Overcome Depression? Methods that Work!

Ways to overcome depression
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As someone who has faced it and still faces it time and again; I definitely am in a position to suggest some ways to overcome depression.

Do you know what should be called the worst phase of life? Well, on point, it’s depression. Depression is a state when you face physical as well as mental enervation; all your energy vanishes away. It is a state that pierces your soul, breaks you emotionally, and exhausts you mentally & physically.

Well, no point in laboring the point because you definitely know how it feels when someone is in depression.

In this article, we are going to discuss some smart working strategies and ways that would act as quick fixes to make you overcome depression.

Five Ways to Overcome Depression

First and foremost, depression doesn’t last longer than 3 to 4 days or a week. It comes, bogs you down, grills you, and then just leaves you in a normal case.

If this is so, then it is okay. Like physical illness, this is a mental illness that will soon be gone. Such cases require patience.

However, if your depression is lasting longer, and permanently staying with you; then definitely there is something wrong with your lifestyle, your habits, or your thought process.

So, let’s work on that to fix this kind of depression.

  • Overcoming Depression by Changing the Lifestyle

Mostly, people suffer from depression due to their unhealthy lifestyles. For example, staying awake late at night, daytime sleep, eating too much junk foods, sedentary work & no exercise.

If this is the case with you; you have to change your lifestyle to overcome depression. Simply, you have to follow nature. Try to sleep when birds sleep, wake up when they wake up, work when they work and you will be agile like them.

Going against nature disturbs hormonal balance that ultimately makes you feel depressed all the time. That makes you feel mentally as well as physically enervated.

You must also take a balanced diet keeping in view what your body requires for healthy growth. Add some exercise to your daily routine; better to start your day with it.

Moreover, make a social circle and interact with people.

This change of routine will definitely help you overcome depression; otherwise, your depression will kill you!

  • Keep yourself Spiritually Regulated

Spiritual health & growth is as mandatory as your physical health & growth. Very often, we tend to focus on the body while ignoring our spiritual health.

Remember! A man is a composite of body and soul. So, focus on both to lead a healthy life. The imbalance between the two will make you suffer. And this suffering will be mostly in the form of depression.

how to overcome depression?

Depression will hit you when your soul is unhealthy. It will hit you when you are unaware of your reality; the purpose of your life.

Just like your body, your soul also demands some food. And that food is its connection with the Supreme Being (God).

Whatever religion you are following; just be a true follower. Depression is a sign, a warning that something is missing. And that missing thing is the missing connection with God.

So, work on fixing the spiritual aspect of your life and you will witness a very positive change and energy in you.

  • Meditation

Meditation is another proven way of treating depression. As one of the root causes of depression is over negative thoughts; meditation helps fight those negative thoughts which ultimately cures depression.

Multiple studies support this fact. So, address your negative thoughts via daily meditation. Just sit relaxed and focus on what is wrong with your mental thought patterns. Identify them and fix them to ward off depression.

I hope you would add meditation to your daily schedule now!

  • Distract your Mind

As mentioned earlier, our thoughts are mostly the root cause of depression. So, we can treat depression with the elimination of those thoughts.

This can be possible only if we somehow manage to distract the mind from those thoughts. This is easier today, as we have plenty of entertainment sources available.

One can watch some dramas, movies, vlogs, etc according to his/her taste. Moreover, we can also go for motivational vlogs or stories; listen to those who have actually faced this situation and managed to overcome it.

Moreover, one can also read self-help books like “Man’s Search for Meaning”, “Reclaim Your Heart”, etc. which would ultimately make one feel better. But reading isn’t something that everyone would like to do during the depression.

In that case, other sources are always available in the form of YouTube, Social Media, or Games.

Yes! Gaming can help a lot in overcoming depression.

In short, do what you like!

  • Seeking Medical Assistance to Treat Depression

Depression usually does not stay longer. In case, you are finding it really hard to fight it, you should seek medical help.

In this case, mental healthcare professionals can help you overcome depression either through drugs or other treatments like psychological therapy.

Although there are multiple medicines available that are commonly used to treat depression, we are not an authority to mention them here.

Please do not use drugs without the recommendations of a certified physician. Otherwise, you will end up depending on drugs for your whole life.

Wrapping Up

Depression is just an illness; a mental illness. Treat it lightly. Have some control over your emotions, try to ward off negativity, remain occupied, and distract your mind. Moreover, adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Please, avoid being lonely or silent all the time during the phase of depression. This is when depression hits the most.

Share your condition with your well-wishers. There is nothing in it to be ashamed of!

It is just a phase; it too shall pass…


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