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WhatsApp’s New Policy to Share Data with Facebook

Written by Aakif

WhatsApp New Privacy Policy Update

WhatsApp has recently updated its privacy policy. Under the new policy, WhatsApp will now be sharing user data with other Facebook companies.

WhatsApp has made it mandatory to agree with its new privacy policy. Otherwise, a user would not able to use WhatsApp services anymore.

This new update has brought a large scale public backlash. Many Twitterites took to Twitter and criticized this new privacy policy.

Considering it unsafe, a number of users decided to uninstall WhatsApp and shift to alternatives, like Signal, Telegram, etc.

Following are some glimpses of how the public reacted to this new policy update.

WhatsApp new Privacy Policy

Whatsapp sharing data with Facebook

Whatsapp Privacy Policy 2021

Uninstall whatsapp

Whatsapp vs Telegram

Whatsapp is unsafe and unsecure

Under the growing pressure, will WhatsApp revisit its decision and revise its privacy policy?

Is Whatsapp unsafe to use now?

While signing up for Facebook, Instagram, or Whatsapp, a user already agrees on sharing his information with the companies. The information is then given to the advertisers.

Moreover, as Facebook is the parent company, agreeing with WhatsApp’s new privacy policy does not make any big difference.

This new WhatsApp privacy policy would not make any difference as all the WhatsApp users have already shared their information and data with Facebook.

Also, shifting to a new app like Signal, Telegram, etc. would mean sharing your information with these companies too.

The day someone has joined social media platform, he has already compromised on his privacy.

So, there is no point in showing concerns for using free products.

‘If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product’.

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