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Which Degree is Best for CSS in Pakistan?

Which degree is best for the CSS Exam in Pakistan? Aspirants generally ask this question as they want to go for the degree that would assist them the most in CSS preparation.

Well, the plain answer is that there is no specific degree that can be considered the best for the CSS exam.

CSS Exam consists of twelve subjects; six compulsory & six optional subjects. Each subject carries 100 marks. Almost every subject is new for the candidate. Thus, a candidate has to prepare for each subject from zero. So, all subjects demand equal attention and focus.

A Common Myth | Degree in English is Best For CSS Exam

It is a faulty assumption that opting for a bachelor’s or master’s in English will help candidates the most. The argument given is; as the exam is in the English language, one must have a sound grip on the language. Therefore, a degree in English would be best for CSS.

Of course, one has to be good at English writing. This doesn’t mean that a degree in an English subject would make you better at it.

Well, honestly, I don’t see the universities in Pakistan as capable enough or the curricula designed for degrees in English good enough that would make students fluent in English speaking and writing.

A student doesn’t necessarily become well-versed in English writing with a degree in English. It is common to see that our doctors, software engineers, or other students with political science or IR background have a better grip over English.

Can you mention any CSS topper’s name who had an English background? I honestly fail to recall any.

Most of the candidates who crack the CSS Exam are doctors and engineers by profession. Not a single medical subject (except for the simple biology portion) is included in CSS Exam. Still, they are able to clear Essay, Precis, and all the other required subjects.

Final Verdict

Remember! Always go for the field of study that you are interested in. Given the very low passing ratio (2 – 3%) in the CSS Exam, the only sensible way is to secure option B.

Option B will be your career, the path that you will choose if you fail to crack CSS.

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