Your ‘Willingness to Learn’ is Mandatory for your Survival

Willingness to Learn
Written by Aakif

Willingness to Learn

A man grows both physically and mentally. Of course, constant growth is mandatory for his survival in the world. He either keeps growing or he dies; there is no midway. For both the growths, he needs sufficient nourishment and diet. He eats food for physical growth. But, to grow mentally is more important. Mental growth is associated with learning. He learns and he grows. In fact, it is his willingness to learn that keeps him on the path of mental and intellectual growth.

Mankind is created superior to all the other creatures. One wonders what makes it superior. The answer lies in the fact that God has gifted mankind with unparalleled intellectual abilities. Almighty God has gifted mankind with sound intellect and reasoning. Now it is up to him to strengthen it and maintain his position of dominance.

Human beings are made curious. They are always curious to learn more. It was this curiosity and willingness to learn that led humans to this stage of unbelievable technological and industrial advancement. Today, mankind is conquering the skies, unveiling the secrets of the universe, commanding time and space, etc.

From hunting and gathering society to the current modern and industrial society, mankind has transitioned only on the basis of its willingness to learn. It learned and adopted new ways to survive. New systems of production evolved in the meantime. Mankind learned to live as a society. It learned to preserve food. Similarly, it learned to harness animals for its benefits. It learned to develop social institutions for security and peace. In short, willingness to learn and grow is a natural instinct of man.

How and from where do we learn?

Our willingness to learn is mandatory for us to keep pace with the fast-advancing world. We learn we implement our learning, we advance and we grow. We learn from our past. Also, we learn from others’ life. Apart, we also learn from our experiences and experiments.  Moreover, we also learn by observing our surroundings with our five senses. We learn from trial and error. We are in a constant but mostly inadvertent learning process. Most of our learning is done through observation, experiments, and interactions with each other. Interaction can be direct as well as indirect. Today, indirect interaction is done through reading books.

Willingness to Learn is Mandatory for Survival in this Era of Competition

We adopt distinct careers in our life. In each career, we have to face tough competition. Only the best among the best can survive and others get wiped out if they do not keep themselves up to the mark. If someone is willing to learn more and more, we would definitely hold the ground much longer than others who do not seek to learn and grow.

With the rapid advancement in the world comes the equivalent learning pace. For example, an IT expert has to keep himself abreast of all the latest developments in his field. He has to be aware of sophisticated Trojans, techniques, and tools that hackers use to break into the system. Only by being conversant, he would be able to counter them. His willingness to learn about all the latest updates in his field would ensure his survival; otherwise, someone more capable will replace him.

I would like to talk a little bit about myself as a blogger. In the blogging field, one can only survive by keeping himself abreast of his competitors, all the modern SEO techniques, and the trending topics. It is my willingness to learn more and more in this field that makes me keep going and growing. Otherwise, with outdated techniques and knowledge, my blog would soon cease to attract traffic or even exist. This was the real-time example that I mentioned to make it clear how ‘willingness to learn’ is mandatory for survival in any domain or field.


To cap the whole discussion, one must always be willing and eager to learn more and more. There is no limit to learning. Acquiring more and more knowledge is akin to acquiring more and more strength. Read books, raise questions, do research, test theories, question the previously held beliefs; always be in a struggle to dig more and more. Remember! Sky is the limit. Your willingness to learn will excel you in your field and make you invincible.

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