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Internship Opportunity for  Newbie Content Writers

For newbies, we are providing an opportunity for an internship with us. Learn SEO & Content Writing with us, write for us and get your work published on the blog.

A newbie writer can avail of this opportunity and make his debut in content writing. Furthermore, you will be able to build your portfolio as a content writer.

Interested candidates can contact us. You will receive our reply within 24 hrs.

* Guidelines for Submission

These guidelines are for professional writers who want to publish a guest post. Make sure you meet the following criteria before submitting your work for publication.

  • There should be zero grammatical or structural errors in the draft.
  • The word count should be a minimum of 500.
  • The article must be unique and engaging.
  • It must be relevant to the audience.
  • Make headings and use short sentences.
  • Images used (if any) must be free to use with no attribution required.
  • Do mention the source of facts, data, reports, estimates, studies that you would mention/quote in the write-up.
  • In the case of backlinks, we would charge $30 per backlink; that too after detailed scrutiny of the target website.

* Some Takeaways

  • After submission, you will get our reply in an email within 24 hrs. So, wait for that before submitting or publishing your draft on any other platform.
  • We reserve a right to make the required changes in the draft before publication.
  • We might select you (based on your SEO Content Writing Skills) as our permanent team member.
  • Give a brief introduction (your full name, current occupation, contact information i.e. email) of yours at the end of the draft. We will mention this information as your biodata at the end of the published article.


Please, send us your write-ups at editor@scholarlywriteups.com


For more inquiries, please contact us.