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Friendship Essay in English for Students | 700 Words

In this Essay on Friendship, we have made headings for clarity. However, we never recommend making headings in formal Essay Writing.

English Essay on Friendship

What is Friendship?

Friendship is defined as a bond of love and affection between two individuals who have the commonality of thoughts, ideas, aspirations, mindset, goals, etc. Among all the relationships, friendship is the most superior relation.

A person makes his friends by choice. Friendship overwhelms all the other relationships. Also, it is a prerequisite for a deep mutual understanding in all other relations.

For example, a mother and her son apart from being in a blood relationship can also be friends. Two brothers can be best friends. On the other hand, one can be closer to one’s cousin based on friendship than one’s brother. Similarly, without a bond of friendship, there will always be a gap between a father and son. Consequently, a son would not be open and frank with his father. In a similar way, a teacher must be friendly to his students. Likewise, if husband and wife are like friends, they will spend an ideal life together.

Moreover, friendship surpasses national, religious, racial, cultural, and gender-based divisions. Two individuals from two different countries, religions, races, genders, and age groups can be good friends. Primarily, friends fall into the same age group. However, that isn’t always necessary.

The development of friendship does not take any time. The process is instant. On the other hand, once we choose a friend, we remain friends for a lifetime.

The essence of friendship lies in the fact that it is a pure relationship. Friends support each other through thick and thin. It is the friend who understands his friend better than anyone. Moreover, we can share our problems with friends without any hesitation. Friends are like open books to each other. They share everything and hide nothing.

Qualities of a Good Friend

Not everyone who walks with you is your friend. In most cases, people who walk with you have ulterior motives or personal interests. Such people who stay under the garb of friendship leave you when you do not have anything to give anymore.

However, a true friendship is free from all sorts of exploitation. It is based on feelings of complete devotion. A friend can sacrifice anything for his friend. He stands in every thick and thin. In moments of happiness and grief, a friend is always there standing beside his friend.

As an adage goes; a friend in need is a friend indeed.

A good friend is understanding, sympathetic, supportive, and trustworthy. A true friend remains the same no matter whether you are poor or rich. He would not change with your changing circumstances. He does not have any financial or other ulterior interests in being your friend.

A true friend will be happy with your success and achievements. When you will meet failures, your friend would be your strength. Rather than mocking or criticizing you, he will back you up. No matter how badly you fail, he will always motivate you.

Loyalty is the first and foremost prerequisite of friendship. Then comes selfless love and devotion. After that, friendship should always be productive. A friend should always be supportive in every phase of life.

Choose Friends Wisely

One must be very careful in making friends. As friends largely influence us, one becomes just like one’s friends. It is because we tend to spend most of our time with our friends.

“We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.”

Jim Rohn

Make those people friends who have some goals in life. Your friends must be learners. They must have high ambitions. Your friends must be those who would pull you up, rather than push you down.

Be a friend of those who would motivate you to grow in life. Your friends should be those who value time. They must be good and respectable citizens.

It is better to be alone than in bad company. No matter how good you are, the bad company you are in will spoil you. You will learn and adopt all the bad habits of the company. It is no wonder sooner or later you will also become a drug addict.


To conclude, having loyal friends is a great blessing. One true friend is better than hundred fake people. Friends make our life colorful. They make us feel our self-importance.

In short, we must not take friendship for granted. Rather, we should be thankful to God for blessing us with true and loyal friends.

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