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When you hear about HONOR, you automatically think about the different foldable phones offered by the brand. You know about the good HONOR Magic V2 review from various sites and channels online.

HONOR has been known to create durable and powerful folding phones in the lineup. Here are the HONOR foldable phones that you may want to consider this year. 

What are the HONOR Foldable Phones To Get?

Some of the best HONOR Foldable Phones are as follows:

1- HONOR Magic V2

The first on the list is the HONOR Magic V2. In this HONOR Magic V2 review that you will read, you will see that it has the best flagship features that you will see in a foldable phone. Many reviewers would attest to the fact that the HONOR Magic V2 is one of the thinnest foldable phones on the market today.

It feels like a standard phone and yet, it has a larger inner screen. When folded, the thickness of the device is just 9.9mm. When you unfold the phone, you get a thinner device, just around 4.7mm. 

The HONOR Magic V2 comes with a 5000mAh battery and a 66W HONOR SuperCharge. This phone can surely use all of its features and still have enough battery before the day ends. 

HONOR uses titanium to make the hinges of the Magic V2. It is even certified by SGS for its reliability. Just having a feel of the snap of the hinge assures you of the amount of research and tests that have been done on the device to maintain its quality. 

As for the camera, you get three rear cameras and two front cameras. You have a 50MP wide main camera, a 50MP ultra-wide camera, a 20MP telephoto lens, and dual 16MP selfie cameras. 

2- HONOR Magic Vs

The HONOR Magic Vs is an earlier iteration of the Magic Series. It has received the iF Design Award in 2023. This phone also has a 5000mAh battery. It can last a whole day on a single charge of the device.

HONOR made sure that there were fewer movable parts on the hinge of the device. Instead of using gears, it used a single-piece casting method so that the components of the mechanical assembly were reduced to just four from 92. Fewer parts mean fewer chances of needing replacements for your device. 

The phone has a variety of eye protection features that include a Circadian Night Display and Dynamic Dimming Screen so that your eyes will not be strained when you look at the screen. You can enjoy a more immersive reading and viewing experience with your device.

3- HONOR Magic V

This phone is the trailblazer when it comes to the HONOR Magic foldable phone series. It set the pace for the HONOR Magic Vs and the HONOR Magic V2.

This is the first HONOR phone to give that symmetric, seamless, and stable closing of the device. It opens as a flat and elegant screen for you to have a bigger and better screen viewing. 

Features of the display include a 1920Hz PWM Dimming, certification of HDR10+, a 1.07 billion color display, and a DCI-P3 color gamut. This phone has a slightly smaller battery capacity of 4750mAh. 


The HONOR Magic V, Magic Vs, and the Magic V2 are all high-quality devices that you can consider buying. If you want to save money, you may opt for the earlier model of the V series.

You may have read about the HONOR Magic V2 review and found it very intriguing. The phone may cost more but you are getting a newer model with better features and functions.

But if you want to save money, you can still get the earlier models and still receive flagship features on foldable phones. All of these devices are worth your investment. Decide on what you need and order one right now. 

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