Government Job vs Freelancing: Which one is better and why?

If you have to choose between a Government Job and Freelancing, which one would you make your career? Government Job vs Freelancing, which one is better and why?

In this write-up, we shall comparatively analyze both career options to make it easier for you to decide between the two.

Comparative Analysis between Government Job vs Freelancing

Since government jobs remained a trend in the past and freelancing is a new-era reality, people often find it confusing when it comes to opting between the two.

In the past, all our struggles were solely focused on securing a government job. But today, there is a conspicuous shift from traditional jobs to freelancing.

Both Government Jobs and Freelancing have their own pros and cons. We will compare the two in different aspects to reach a conclusion on which one is better.

Job Security vis-à-vis Govt Job vs Freelancing

When it comes to job security which ultimately means an assurance of a financially secure future, a government job definitely has an edge over freelancing.

This is because, in a government job, one receives payment by the end of every month. Even after retirement, we get a pension till death. And even after our death, the deceased family gets a pension.

However, this is not the case with freelancing. In freelancing, one earns till one gets projects to work on. If a freelancer fails to find work, he would earn nothing. So, freelancing requires extra effort than government jobs.

We can safely say that in government jobs, we are free from the tension we have in freelancing. And that tension is attached to finding jobs/projects on the internet.

Thus, a government job is better than freelancing in terms of job and income security.

Comparison between the two in terms of Earning Potential

When we compare government jobs with freelancing in terms of earning potential, we conclude that freelancing is far better.

No matter how hard you work or how much effort you put into a government job, you will only get a fixed salary in the end. However, in freelancing, your earnings are directly proportional to the effort you put in.

Moreover, government jobs pay in local currency whereas, in freelancing, one earns in dollars. Hence, we cannot rule out the possibility that one can earn that amount in a day or two in freelancing that one would receive at the end of the month in a government job.

In short, comparing the two in terms of earning potential is simply ludicrous. Government jobs do not even stand a chance in comparison to freelancing in this aspect.

Which one is better in terms of Freedom

When we consider personal freedom, we can say freelancing has an upper hand. In a freelance career, one is not bound to follow the clock like an automated robot. While a government job binds the employees and restricts their freedom.

A government job is also called a 9-to-5 job. That means one has to work at least for good 8 hours a day to earn a fixed salary. However, freelancing never binds a freelancer.

A freelancer is at liberty. He wakes up and sleeps whenever he wants to. Similarly, he enjoys the company of his friends.

Also, a freelancer does not have to work for so long. Moreover, he can work and earn from anywhere – even while traveling and touring different places.

In short, a freelancer lives a balanced lifestyle while a government employee is obsessed with office work all the time.

In terms of Competition

Some people believe that freelancing has become competitive due to saturation. But I believe that getting government job is more competitive due to overpopulation.

In freelancing, you sell your services to the whole world. Even if you cannot find client from Asia, you can try Europe or other continents.

On the other hand, competing for the governments job on limited seats is more of a luck. Wouldn’t it be a better idea to put efforts in freelancing rather than putting the same amount of efforts in finding government jobs.

Because in the long-run, freelancing will definitely be more rewarding.

Concluding Thoughts

Now that we have comprehensively discussed both the options, one can easily opt for what suits one. However, be mindful that world is fast changing. As the whole world is connected with internet, one should never overlook the benefits that internet is offering.

To be on a safe side, you should join government job (if available) and then try your luck in freelancing as a part-time job. Establish your position in freelancing.

After that you can resign from government job and make freelancing your full-time job and career.

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