Is Consumer Services A Good Career Path?

Choosing a career path requires diligent analysis of all the available options. Among the options, consumer service jobs are always available for consideration. Are you the one at a crossroads right now and considering consumer services jobs to make your career path?

Is consumer services really a good career path for you? Read along to know all that you must know about consumer services – including their merits and demerits – to make a firm decision.

What sort of jobs and services are included in consumer services?

The consumer services sector is a major contributor to the global economy. It includes a vast array of services that are sold to an individual directly. Such services are intangible and do not hold a physical form.

In simple words, in the consumer services sector, one interacts directly with consumers or customers to assist them in multiple ways.

Examples might include working as a receptionist in offices in the corporate sector, working as a waiter, providing career counseling, serving as a flight attendant, helping out customers on phone calls as a customer representative officer, etc.

One can find multiple career opportunities under the umbrella of consumer services. If we look around, we will see hundreds of different jobs in this domain in our own area.

A great chunk of the population is associated with consumer services globally. When it comes to absorbability, almost everyone can find a suitable career opportunity directly or indirectly related to their academic background and skill.

Consumer services are fast growing with increasing job opportunities. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor (BLS) Statistics, consumer services jobs are expected to grow by 14% in the years between 2016 and 2026.

Merits of Choosing Consumer Services as a Career Path

There are multiple merits that make consumer services a viable option as a career path for us. Let us quickly discuss some most prominent of them.

1) It provides opportunities for personal growth

In consumer services, one directly interacts with people from different socioeconomic backgrounds. This daily interaction helps in the development of interpersonal skills.

Consumer services teach confidence, eloquence, problem-solving skills, emotional intelligence, and ways to deal with people having varying temperaments.

These interpersonal skills that one learns ultimately benefit one in one’s familial and social relationships.

2) No specific educational requirement for choosing this career path

There is no specific degree, diploma, or certification required to join consumer services. Anyone with minimum qualifications can step into entry-level jobs that could open more avenues as we grow.

Such entry-level jobs may include customer representative officer, receptionist, waiter, bus or flight attendant, personal assistant, etc.

However, the more you are qualified, the better you have job opportunities in the consumer service sector.

3) No prior experience is required for the jobs

Another good thing in consumer services is one does not necessarily require any previous experience to join them.

You can always start fresh and build your career in any job that suits your psyche and personality.

In case, you find any job that does ask for your previous experience, you will always find a hundred others that would accept you without previous experience.

4) Opportunities for advancement and switching between jobs and organizations

Another benefit of choosing consumer services as a career path is that one always has opportunities to switch between jobs and even organizations.

For example, working as a customer representative at some cellular company will open doors for you to do the same job at Apple, Samsung, etc. You can always switch to better options.

In short, when you gain experience, better opportunities will welcome you.

Demerits of Choosing Consumer Services as a Career Path

Along with the advantages that we see in choosing consumer services, we also need to consider some drawbacks associated with it.

1) Salaries are often less than the work done

If you are planning to enter consumer services at entry-level jobs, they are usually low-salary jobs. One can hardly make enough money in such jobs.

2) Exhaustive nature of jobs

Consumer services jobs are demanding physically as well as mentally. One has to work 8 – 12 hours a day in such jobs.

3) No free will to make decisions

In consumer services jobs, we usually work with a company or organization. Our job is to fulfill the orders of bosses without any major or minor contribution for the betterment based on our free will.

4) Non Uniform Shifts

Another drawback of consumer services is the non-uniform timing or shifts of the jobs. The company or organization can make changes to our job timing or day/night shifts sans our will.

5) It offers no special perks

Lastly, no special perks or advantages are offered in entry-level jobs. For instance, one does not get free accommodation, mess, conveyance, free medical treatment, or pension after leaving the service.

Concluding Thoughts | Is consumer services really a good career path?

If we weigh the pros and cons, we conclude that one should definitely join consumer services if opportunities are available. Because consumer services jobs are very dynamic.

One can find numerous opportunities for growth in consumer services, like switching careers or companies.

The few cons discussed are mostly associated with entry-level positions. Once our learning and experience grow, our salary and perks also grow.

In our opinion – after thorough analysis – consumer services is definitely a good career path as it offers tremendous potential for learning and growth.

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