We have prepared complete handwritten notes on Sociology for CSS Exams. All the topics included in the syllabus have been diligently covered.

Contents (topics) Covered in the Sociology Notes for CSS

The following areas and topics have been covered in our handwritten Sociology notes.

  • Culture (Meaning, Characteristics, Types, Functions & Elements of Culture)
    • Cultural & Socialization
    • Cultural Relativism
    • Subculture
    • Ethnocentrism
    • Xenocentrism
    • Cultural Lag (How to overcome this lag)
    • High Culture & Popular Culture
    • Multiculturalism, Cultural Assimilation & Acculturation
  • Society
    • Meaning & Characteristics
  • Community
    • Meaning & Characteristics
  • Relationship of Man & Society
    • Social Contract Theory (by Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Jean Jacques Rousseau)
  • The Organismic Theory of Society
    • Views of Herbert Spencer
  • Individual and the Society
  • Classification of Societies (individual characteristics of different types of Society)
    • Hunting and Gathering Society
    • Herding or Pastoral Society
    • Horticultural Societies
    • Agricultural or Agrarian Societies
    • Industrial Societies
  • Social Mobility (Types, Nature & Determinants)
  • Culture of Poverty
  • Theorists & their Theories
    • Ibn e Khaldun (Father of Sociology | Concept of Asabiyya)
    • Auguste Comte (Law of Three Stages | Classification of Sciences | Contributions to the Science of Sociology | Religion of Humanity)
    • Herbert Spencer (The Law of Evolution | The Organic Analogy)
    • Emile Durkheim (The Division of Labour in Society | The Theory of Suicide)
    • Max Weber (Weber & his Sociology of Religion | Bureaucracy)
    • Talcott Parsons (Theory of Equilibrium | Theory of Social Change)
    • Marxian Theory of Class and Class Conflict (Different Stages of Human Society | Concept of Alienation)
  • Methods of Sociological Research
    • Observation (types)
    • Questionnaire (types)
    • Interview (types)
    • The Social Survey Method
    • Sociometry 
    • The Verstehen Approach
CSS Notes of Sociology

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