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Solved Precis of ‘CSS English Precis and Composition Paper – 2019’


Solved Precis of ‘CSS English Precis and Composition Paper – 2019’

Title: Dealing with Children

The author opines that modern educational theorists advocate the policy of non-interference with children, which is counterproductive. Children’s response to your instructions goes in accordance with how you treat them. If you would take interest in their company, you will find them cooperative. Similarly, they will be recalcitrant if you do not genuinely like them. Thus, the teachers by showing affection to students can easily influence their behavior. It is very unfortunate that teachers lack a natural liking for students as they are overworked in dealing with them for a whole day. As a result, students get fatigued and irritated. There should be no rules as to how to treat children, as no rule can replace affection for children.

Original Word Count: 350

Precis Word Count: 120

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