Does it Snow in Africa?

Since Africa is considered a very hot and dry region, people generally ask, “does it snow in Africa?”

The straightforward answer is; “Yes, it does snow in Africa”.

Although snowfall is not common in Africa, the continent has a variety of different climates and landscapes. The African continent has high mountains, plateaus, and deserts.

There are some mountainous regions and high-land plateaus in Africa that receive snowfall each year.

Mountain Regions in Africa that receive Snowfall

There are several mountain ranges in Africa that receive snowfall during the winter months. Some of them include;

  • The Atlas Mountains in Morocco
  • The Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa
  • The Ethiopian Highlands

These areas in Africa have high elevations and colder temperatures. The Ethiopians Highlands receives very heavy snowfall in winter.

  • Atlas Mountains’ elevation is 4,167 m.
  • Drakensberg Mountains’ elevation is 3,482 m.
  • Ethiopian Highlands are around 4,550 m high.

High-Elevation Plateaus in Africa

In addition to mountains, there are also some high-elevation plateaus in Africa that receive snowfall in winter.

For example;

  • The Algerian Plateau in Algeria (1,100–1,300 meters)
  • The Cameroon Highlands in Cameroon (1,500 meters)

How often does it snow in Africa?

The frequency of snowfall in Africa depends on location. Some areas in Africa experience snowfall several times a year. Some receive snow once every few years or even less frequently.

In general, snow is most common in the higher elevations or mountainous regions of Africa. These areas have higher altitudes and colder temperatures. Thus, they have conditions favorable for snow formation.

Importance of Snow in Africa

Snow is an important source of water for many parts of Africa. Snowmelt from mountain ranges and plateaus provides water for crops and other vegetation. Moreover, it also replenishes reservoirs and aquifers.

Snow is also a source of enjoyment for many people in Africa. For instance, Ski resorts and other winter sports facilities have been developed in some parts of Africa. These attract tourists to these areas to participate in activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing.

Furthermore, the snow-capped peaks in Africa also add to the diversity and beauty of the continent’s landscape.

In short, snow in Africa is an important part of the continent’s climate and ecosystem. It plays a role in shaping the landscape. It provides water resources that support various plant and animal species.

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