Is Audible Worth it? An Honest Review – 2021

Is Audible worth it? Audible review

Audible Review

Are you interested in audiobooks? Have you not approached the audible services yet? If your answer is yes, you need to know everything about audible. This ‘Review’ discusses in detail the audible services, advantages, disadvantages, and price plans. Moreover, scrolling down will help you to learn more and explore a lot about Audible. It gives the opportunity to find and make a decision that is audible worth it or not.

What is Audible?

Audible is Amazon’s monthly subscription audiobook service. You can get access to thousands of audiobooks after becoming a member. By 2019, audible collected more than 200,000 titles of books. Till now, it is the largest audiobook service available globally. It sounds like Wow!

Exclusive features of Audible

The audible platform carries exclusively appealing features. For an audiobook, so much in-depth facilitation appears impressive. Here are the top features listed out:

  1. Switch between audiobook and e-book

It is among one of its impressive features. If you want to change your mode of book reading, it‘s quite easy now. Listening to your audiobook, you can switch to Amazon’s E-book platform as well.

Amazon’s Kindle e-book services have gathered thousands of users worldwide. E-book lovers like and use the kindle’s online books in great comfort. Kindle and Audible users can switch between two platforms as per desire.

  1. Free trial

In the online world, the offer of a free trial is much common. The distinctive feature of the Audible free trial is that you can keep 2 or 3 audiobooks permanently to you. No matter, you continue your Audible membership or not.

Telling you a secret fact, many people sign up to get free audiobooks. As the users get access to the desired free audiobooks, they quit the membership. Try the Audible membership right now, it will not cost you. You should experience the free audiobooks. It will boost you to avail membership as well.

Another interesting thing is that Audible offers again a free trial to many members, even if you have canceled out your membership.

  1. Returns and exchanges

Audible book returns and exchanges go around a complete membership. You can return and exchange audiobooks even if you have listened to the whole book. To avoid misusage, customer services have put some limitations.

The one strict condition is that you cannot exchange the audiobook after your membership tenure ends. Audible administration has put some other limitations also. If you have not passed those limitations, you can try one for exchanging purposes.

Audible customer services warn the book listener who wants to return the book. The goal is to avoid mishandling or abuse of audiobooks. In case, if your request to return the audiobook gets accepted, you might have some options. You may get your credits back or you may exchange one audiobook with another one.

  1. Continue your audiobook where you left

When you use any platform of audiobooks, you have to do an effort to reopen the track where you left. You will have to listen to the audiobook by reversing or forwarding the track. It sometimes becomes quite irritating. Amazon’s Audible books are ideal to listen to while doing any activity. If you stop your audio track, it will get started again from where you left.

How does Audible work?

The working procedure is simple. When you sign up for the Audible, you can get a 30-day free trial. You will get excited after knowing the next fact. A 30-day free trial means that you can get 1, 2, or 3 audiobooks free for the whole month. Yes, it is amazing. The number of free audiobooks depends upon the offers and promotional deals at the time of the free trial.

You may cancel your free trial anytime. To get more audiobooks, you will have to pay monthly charges. Let us explore the charges and subscription procedures in detail. It will help you decide whether Audible is worth it or it will become a heavy load on your pocket.

Price Plans

Before discussing price plans in detail, you must be aware of one thing. Unlike paper books, the audiobooks you pay for monthly or annually are not your property. As the Audible membership tenure ends, you no longer can get access to those audiobooks, podcasts, or audible originals. In simpler words, you just pay the rent of audiobooks. So think twice, before investing.

Audible offers three categories of monthly and annual subscriptions. Let us explore them:

  1. Gold Price plan

If you can complete only one audiobook in one month, go for the given plans:

    • Gold Monthly: The basic Gold monthly charges 14.95 USD every month. After availing of it, you will get one credit or one audiobook and concurrently two Audible originals.
    • Gold Annual: It helps the user to pay for membership once a year and enjoy the audiobooks without the worry of ending membership. You will have to pay USD 149.50 per year. You can save many dollars by paying at once as compared to monthly payments.
  1. Platinum Price plan

Encyclopedia lovers love to read and listen to books frequently. If you have the stamina to end up with at least two audiobooks, the platinum prices are the best ones for you.

    • Platinum Monthly: It offers two credits or two audiobooks for a month at the rate of $22.95 only.
    • Platinum Annual: It includes 24 credits for 24 audiobooks for 12 months. You have to pay $ 229. 50 USD annually.
  1. Audible Escape Subscription

Audible escape is a mouth-watering offer for Romance readers or listeners. The offer is limited to romance literature only. You can get instant access to 10 novels at a time. Later on, you can exchange the older titles with the latest ones. Isn’t it superb!

You have to pay only as low as $ 12. 95 USD per month as the free trial gets ended. If you are already a member of Audible or Kindle, you will pay only USD 6.95 per month. Wow! Incredibly discounted plan!

Why should you choose Audible?

Many reasons contribute to the selection of audible services. Audible offers many advantages to the users. It is the world’s most recommended audiobook service. Let us have a look at some of its benefits that increase the traffic at the official website:

  • A huge and wide range of audiobooks

The book lovers surely like to visit the Audible library with the addition of hundreds of new titles.  The audible library holds on books on multiple niches including arts, humanities, science, politics, and numerous others.

A book listener cannot get short of audiobooks. Audible keeps on updating the library with newspapers, podcasts, and other subscriptions. The users can get access to classic, popular, and new releases of books on the platform.

  • Special access to the Audible Originals

Audible Originals are the special Audiobooks launched by the platform. On the first Friday of every month, Audible launches six Audible Originals. The members can avail any two of them along with monthly Audible credits. Audible Originals are a great bonus for Audible members.

  • Flexible usage of Audible credits

Members are awarded Audible credits to get access to the audiobooks. If you are passing on a hectic routine and cannot listen to audiobooks, do not get worried. Never use your audible credits in pressure to purchase the audiobook. You can secure your audible credits to use in later months. Let your credits add to the next month and get relaxed.

  • Discounted audiobooks

As an audible member, your access to the audiobooks is limited to your plan. But you can get more desired audiobooks at discounted prices. Numerous audiobooks are available at a discount of 30 %. Not all audible titles are available at a discount rate. However, you can get a huge range with concession price tags.

  • Comfortably compatible with multiple devices

You can download or listen to audiobooks on your PC, tablet, laptop, iPhone, Android set, and many others. It will show ideal compatibility nearly with all types of devices.

  • Easy return and exchange policy

The easy return and exchange policy of Audible books makes it a heart favorite to the users.

The downside of Audible audiobooks

Like many other vigilant platforms, Audible also features some disadvantages. Have a look at:

  • As membership ends, you lose your credits

Yes, it is true. Your all credits will get lost or wasted as your membership tenure ends.

  • It may appear costly to a regular reader

Audible book costs are higher than other competitor platforms of E-books and audiobooks. The users have to pay highly to get access to one or two audiobooks per month. Additionally, it becomes more costly, when they are to purchase some other new releases or classic ones. Although, audible offers audiobooks at a 30 percent discount to audible members, yet it is beyond a lay person’s access.

  • Subscription-based service – A bigger disadvantage

It is a subscription-based service, and it counts the bigger demerit of the platform. Audible charges the book lovers to listen to audiobooks. High price plans make it less common among the public as not everyone can avail of it.

Is Audible worth it?

Based on this detailed review; the answer may be yes or not. If you like audiobooks, listen to them and enjoy listening to audiobooks in your leisure time, it is surely yes. Audiobook lovers go beyond payment matters to get quality literature. 

But Audible services are not suitable for you in many cases. If you are not habitual to listening to books, you might not like the service. If you prefer to read books than listening, it is not for you. In case, you listen to lesser than 4 or 5 audiobooks annually, just leave the idea.

Amazon’s audible audiobooks are perfectly worth what it claims. You will get additional promotions and subscription deals to many other prominent platforms. Your listening and reading habits may get a more energetic boost after joining the audible. However, whatever the price plan you choose, have a look at your listening capacity and leisure hours.


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