Teresa Fidalgo – A Ghost of a Dead Woman

Teresa Fidalgo
Written by Aakif

Teresa Fidalgo is a symbol of horror and the so-called ghost of a woman who had died in a car accident in 1983. But, are the stories associated with her real? We will unveil the mystery in this write-up.

I have searched for ‘Teresa Fidalgo’ on YouTube, and I came across some creepy videos.

In one viral video on YouTube, three people (two men and one woman) are traveling at night in a car. They were talking about ghosts and similar things.

The woman seems frightened.

On the way, they were stopped by a woman. They gave her a lift in their car.

That woman was actually the ghost of Teresa Fidalgo.

Teresa Fidalgo looked very upset. They tried to ask what happened to her; why is she so upset? They asked her for water or any way they could help. But, Teresa Fidalgo kept answering in a pretty sober tone.

After a few minutes, she pointed to a white spot on the road and asked people if they could see that place. She told them that she had an accident there, and she died there.

On hearing this, the cameraman turned the camera to her and saw her mutilated face.

The guy driving the car lost balance and the car met an accident. They all died in that accident.

Initially, I thought that movie is real. But then again, I watched another uploaded video on the same youtube channel namely, ‘Teresa strikes again’.

In the second video, the characters were the same who died in the first video.

This gave a clear idea that those short clips are part of some movie.

The creepy stories of Teresa Fidalgo intrigued me to search more.

Myths Associated with Teresa Fidalgo

A popular myth associated with Teresa is that she sends a message to people and asks them to forward the message to 20 people. If they ignored the message, something bad will happen to them. At the end of the message, she warned that a girl ignored the message and her mother died after 20 days.

Another myth is that she stops people who are driving or walking at night and kills them.

These myths in the form of rumors are all over the internet.

Hi my name is Teresa Fidalgo I died 27 years ago. If you stop reading this you will die. If you don’t send it to 20 people, I will sleep with you forever. A girl ignored this and her mother died 20 days later. You can search me on google

Teresa Fidalgo’s Message

The Reality of Teresa Fidalgo’s YouTube Videos

The two videos mentioned above are actually the footage or clips from Rebordao’s film ‘A Curva’ released on 12 April 2004.

The film’s ghostly character, the dead lady is ‘Sara Cipriano’ whose character was actually based on a true character.

In 1983, a woman named Teresa Fidalgo died in a car accident. This fact was revealed from the police records.

However, the wandering ghost in the film is mere fiction. No true story of roaming Teresa and hunting and killing people exists in reality.

Wrapping Up

The viral message in the name of Teresa Fidalgo is creating panic and fear in the minds of young people. The number of average searches on google clearly shows that people are curious about it.

Teresa Fidalgo

It testifies that people actually believe this story.

It also appears that the message kept circulating because people actually did not want to get into trouble.

From the Islamic point of view, no spirit or ghost of a dead person can stay in this world. Once we are dead, we would never return to this world.

Every such film or story depicting the return of the dead person is actually a work of fiction. Similarly, the videos of Teresa Fidalgo on Youtube are clips of the movie ‘A Curva’.

So, if you have actually received any such threatening message, just ignore it.

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