What Mattress Do Doctors Recommend For Back Pain

In India, nearly 60% of people have suffered from back pain in their entire lifespan. This indicates how prevalent back pain issues are among people. And not only among adults and elders but this is also severely spread among the youth and children below 18 years of age. While people underestimate the causes of back pain, and how it can lead to severe health conditions of both mind and body?

There is a direct relationship between your spinal cord and all the other parts of your body. The spinal cord is the transmitter of information and it is directly connected to our brain. So, it is really obvious that if the medium or the source of information remains unhealthy then the body will not function at its utmost efficiency. Back pain causes physical problems but the fact is that it is more inclined for causing mental health problems, such as anxiety, instability, etc.

Though there are several reasons for chronic back pain and also various symptoms that cause back pain. In this article, we will be reviewing various reasons and factors for and of chronic back pain and how it affects the body and min functioning and leads to a deteriorating lifestyle.

Factors Responsible For Back Pain

  • Age

Age is a common factor for back pain. After attaining a certain age, the density of bones starts to decline, the cartilage fades away and at the same time, the discs start to lose water and become narrow and start to put pressure on bones. The pressure causes inflammation and leads to pain. Moreover, lack of calcium persists in the spiral bone, which is another factor that is related to age and causes back pain. Studies suggest that after the age of 30 or 40 bone density starts to decrease resulting in back pain.

  • Lack of Exercise

Doctors and experts suggest following exercise and making it a part of daily routine. When we exercise every muscle of our body stretches which keeps the muscles active. If you stop being active for a long time, the muscles in your body become weak and you become less fit. This can worsen your back pain. Not moving can make your back stiffer rather flexible, so every time you bend you will feel pain.

  • Excess weight

Pulling excess weight can lead to abdomen and back pain also. It is especially observed in people who go to the gym. Lifting a heavy weight on the shoulder can stress the bones and can cause pain. It is said not to lift heavy often, weight lifting is good and it helps until it is in control.

  • Diseases

Some diseases like arthritis and cancer can lead to back pain. If one suffers from severe back pain there can be a chance of spinal tumor, it is a very severe issue because it disables the person to sit or sleep. A person has to keep moving, it prevents stillness in the body.

  • Psychological Condition

People suffering from depression and anxiety are also prone to back pain. As body aches are common symptoms of depression. It is because people suffering from anxiety and depression feel more pain. Moreover, when a person is facing depression, he/she neglects a healthy lifestyle, and not paying enough attention to self can cause such problems.

  • Sleeping on the Wrong Mattress

One of the key factors for suffering from back pain is the type of mattress one uses for sleep. Making the choice of the correct mattress is important because a person suffering from back pain cannot rely on regular mattresses so, what to buy for back pain? Experts suggest that memory foam and latex mattresses are often considered the best option for back pain sufferers.

Recommendations from Doctors for Back Pain

  • Firmness

It is definite that you want something which is firm than soft and exactly determined by the body weight. Doctors suggest medium-firm is best for the people who weigh approximately 130 pounds and satisfactory for back and side sleepers under 230 pounds. The higher your weight the firmer you want your mattress to be, although it also depends on the preferences of different persons, the doctor suggests choosing firmness according to weight.

  • Sleeping Position

The way you sleep determines the area of your body where you put your pressure the most. This is very useful information when buying a mattress. So, if you are a back sleeper, you will need a mattress that alleviates pressure on the lower back, and often they provide better support to the spinal cord as well. The back sleepers must avoid extra-firm mattresses as those are less flexible and may fail to adjust the pressure on the lower back.

  • Kind of Material

There is not just one kind that fits best with your back pain problem. Various aspects are to be kept in mind, as the utility of a person differs according to their problem. Memory foam is said to be ideal when supported by a firm or medium-firm core. A mattress made out of memory foam tends to deform and increase pressure in sensitive areas.

  • Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are designed so that each side of the mattress offers a different level of firmness. Hybrid mattresses are super supportive, they are in trend as they promote excellent support with innerspring core and comfort with top layers of foam, cotton, and other materials.


We have all suffered back pain while turning over the mattress. But when to know that this has turned into a serious problem? And when to seek a doctor? The right to take a step is when you feel continuity in the back and no less and more change happening. Disregarding such things can have critical outcomes. Therefore, consulting a doctor is the best thing one can do. The doctor will suggest proper mattress material to you in accordance with your back pain problem. Hence, sleeping on a proper mattress will give you relief from back pain in less than a month.

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