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Can ChatGPT kill Google, and replace Blogging and SEO Content Writing?

ChatGPT is a powerful AI-based tool that has amazed the world with its Artificial Intelligence. Basically, ChatGPT is a human-like interactive robot that chats with us. Its ability to provide any sort of answer raised many eyebrows. Some experts opine that this will kill Google. Some say that the end of blogging is near. Is it really so? Will ChatGPT replace or kill blogging and SEO content writing?

Well, the precise answer is, No, ChatGPT can neither replace blogging nor SEO Content Writing nor it can kill Google.

Since people can find direct answers on ChatGPT, they apparently no more need Google to find the answers. This is perceived as a serious threat to Google and blogs.

However, the reality is different. Google is here to stay, blogging will remain ever-green, while ChatGPT has just born.

Will ChatGPT kill Google, replace blogging and seo content writing?

Reasons to believe that ChatGPT cannot replace Blogging nor it can Kill Google

ChatGPT has its own limitation.

  • First of all, ChatGPT has obsolete data and information. We can ask Google for any up-to-date data and it will provide us with the latest data and information. On the other hand, ChatGPT cannot provide us with information after the year 2021.
  • Secondly, ChatGPT depends on Google and Blogs for data. Though ChatGPT has artificial intelligence, this intelligence cannot survive sans Google. We, the bloggers, provide up-to-date content to Google, from where platforms like ChatGPT absorb intelligence to answer our queries.
  • Google is free while ChatGPT is in Beta Mode. Do you really think that the developers would allow us to use ChatGPT free of cost for a lifetime? If not, then will everyone be able to pay for subscriptions? Definitely No. Google is and will be our last resort in any case.
  • Lastly, there is no comparison between Google/blogs and ChatGPT. Google is a search engine while chat GPT is simply an AI-based robot. Google has developed a complete ecosystem. While ChatGPT is currently in its testing phase. It isn’t immune to serious mistakes. After all, one always depends on Google to validate information provided by ChatGPT.

In short, currently, ChatGPT is in no position to kill Google and replace Blogging.

As it is said that AI might take over jobs and the entire world. Well, the truth is, no created thing has ever controlled the creator. The same universal truth is applicable here too.

Hence, it is ludicrous to assume that ChatGPT will rule cyberspace.

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  • That’s what I think. ChatGPT kind of needs blogs and data from search engines to crawl so they cannot kill search engines and blogs.

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