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Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has given intelligence to machines. Earlier, humans were the most intelligent creatures on Earth. Today, machines are also assuming this unique attribute. Is this good development? What will be the advantages and disadvantages of such artificial intelligence in machines for us?

Technology has reached its pinnacle. The impossible or unthinkable in the past is possible today. Today, machines are as intelligent as humans.

We can define Artificial intelligence (AI) as simply the ‘simulation of human intelligence imparted to machines’. The technology-based machines or computer-controlled robots are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. Thus, these machines exhibit traits associated with the human mind. Thus, they perform vast functions in the human domain; such as learning and problem-solving.

Is artificial intelligence in service to mankind? What are its advantages? Are there some disadvantages of artificial intelligence too? We will discuss this in some detail.


Below are the prominent benefits that Artificial Intelligence can provide to humanity.

1. AI is Capable of Reducing Human Errors

The phrase “human error” was born because humans are prone to make mistakes from time to time. Computers and robots, however, do not make these mistakes if they are programmed properly.

The first and foremost advantage of AI is that it reduces failures. Machines make decisions from the bundle of vast information by applying a certain set of algorithms. They are more accurate than humans and do not overlook data that is missed out on by the human eye.

Hence reducing errors and reaching accuracy with a greater degree of precision has become more possible with Artificial Intelligence.

For instance, the application of AI in the medical field; examinations, surgeries & operations, etc. with accuracy. Thus, it has also improved life expectancy and reduced mortality rates.

2. AI helps in Routine Chores

Artificial intelligence helps us perform basic day-to-day activities in the most convenient manner. Hence, it makes it easier to keep a track record and helps us perform our routine tasks on time.

We can highlight numerous examples of how AI helps us in daily life. With the help of AI, one can automatically maintain the room temperature, moisture, etc without much effort. Thus, it makes our environment comfortable for us.

Furthermore, we can talk to Siri or Bixby about our day-to-day routines such as setting timers and reminders bookmarking making everyday work easier.

Another daily best use of artificial intelligence is the autocorrect feature. This feature understands what you are trying to say and presents the sentence in the best way possible.

Moreover, GPS helps you reach your desired location and even travel the world. Location apps are helping us find nearby spots.

Have you observed that when you upload pictures on Facebook, artificial intelligence automatically detects the person’s identity and suggests tagging that person in the shared pic?

Similarly, while watching Netflix it automatically understands our choices. Thus, it presents us with the genre that is linked with our choices based on the previous movies we have watched.

3. Artificial Intelligence Assists in Risky Situations

Artificial intelligence takes care of human safety. These machines overcome many risky limitations that humans have. Robots offer a tremendous job where intervention can be hazardous. These robots work efficiently in risky areas that are beyond humans’ physical access.

For example, Robots can perform tasks in space and on planets for gathering information. Similarly, these machines also offer help in studies related to the depth of the ocean where human survival is almost impossible.

Risky tasks such as bomb disposal and mining coals and oil can also be carried out by Robots.

In short, all life-threatening activities have now become possible with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

4. AI-based Machines Automate the Function

Artificial Intelligence does not need supervision. It simply allows the robots to develop competitive and repetitive, routine-based process optimization tasks automatically and without human intervention.

For instance, AI generates thank mail, or automatic voice mail when a caller is busy. Similarly, it is also verifying certain documents for errors for the verification of loan documents in banks.

Artificial intelligence is performing this task with great efficiency to save human time and workload. Thus, the use of artificial intelligence can remove “boring” tasks from the list; freeing them up for other creative and productive activities.

5. Increasingly Enhanced Human Creativity

Artificial intelligence frees people from routine and repetitive tasks; saving them plenty of time they can invest in something more productive. This provides humans with a wide spectrum of productive/creative opportunities.

While robots are carrying loads in industries, dealing with clients, etc. we can utilize that time in arts or in other fields for further advancement.

6. Machines are Available 24/7 to Work

An Average human can work 6 to 7 hours a day; taking breaks and getting mentally and physically exhausted. Humans need rest to charge themselves up for a new day of work.

On the other hand, AI machines can work 24/7. Unlike humans, these machines do not require refreshment breaks and they don’t even get bored.

This feature has enabled companies to provide assistance/information to their clients online. Similarly, ATMs can provide services at all hours in comparison to bankers who are only available for a few hours of the day.

Likewise, in the security domain, such machines keep a vigilant eye 24/7 without an iota of neglect.

7. AI Provides Improved Quality and Productivity

Artificial intelligence increases productivity at the machine level.  Meanwhile, it also makes workers more productive and increases the quality of the work they do. It makes industries time and (somehow) cost-efficient too.

On the other hand, having more information allows men to have a more focused view of their work and make better decisions.

8. Provides help in Medical Fields

If we talk about the advantages and services that artificial intelligence offers in the medical field, the scope is beyond expectation.

AI Helps doctors examine and assess the health issues of patients. It is also used in surgery machines which we can use in diagnostic tools such as detecting and monitoring neurological disorders and tumors.

Similarly, Artificial Intelligence helps in radiosurgery as well.

9. Artificial Intelligence vis-à-vis Cyber Security

There is hardly any day that passes by without a high-profile data attack or a breach in cybersecurity causing a massive amount of damage. Artificial intelligence applied to cyber defense is singling out unusual observations, preventing any cyber-attacks.

For instance, the Wordfence plugin in WordPress Websites automatically checks and blocks any hacking attempt by locking the hacker out of the system.

Having discussed some prominent advantages of artificial intelligence, it is pertinent to shed some light on a few disadvantages of artificial intelligence too.

10. AI provides swift responses and saves time

Last but not last, the most important benefit of Artificial Intelligence is its timely and swift responses.

Humans are more intelligent but they process slower than AI. For example, you need to surf the internet for research purposes to find valuable information.

You will read slowly, understand slowly, organize slowly, etc. However, today we hai ChatGPT that can do the same task for you in a swift manner.

ChatGPT and Google Bard are AI-based chat robots that can provide us with information in seconds.

Similarly, we have Tesla’s Auto Drive feature that can make decisions timely to avoid accidents.

Likewise, GPS Maps guide us to our destinations by showing us the shortest as well as the fastest way. It pinpoints the congestion in the way and provides us with alternative routes.


Leading advancements in artificial intelligence can also be a source of greater disaster. Following are some potential disadvantages of AI.

1. High Costs Associated with AI

With increased advancements in software and technologies, artificial intelligence is updated at a faster pace to meet the latest requirements. Not all countries can keep pace with it due to economic constraints.

Furthermore, machines need repair and maintenance which need plenty of costs. Thus, not everyone can afford to bring AI into their daily life.

2. Replacing Human Beings Rendering us Useless

Artificial intelligence has taken over multiple jobs that were erstwhile managed by humans.  Ultimately, humans have become lazy.

The spread of AI is drastically reducing the human capability to work. These artificial intelligence technologies are so fascinating that it has become an addiction to human in today’s world affecting future generations as well.

The apparent comfort that AI provides is in fact slow death to humanity.

3. Use of AI & Rising Unemployment

Artificial intelligence has taken over most workplaces. It is replacing the majority of repetitive tasks and other work with robots; human interference is becoming less which will cause a major problem in employment standards.

Machines are also replacing humans in manual labor in industries. Every organization is looking to replace the minimum qualified individuals with Artificial intelligence robots that can do similar work with more efficiency.

Ultimately, it is giving rise to more and more unemployment.

4. Robots are not as Smart as Humans | Prone to Poor Judgements

No matter how smart a machine becomes, it can never replace a human. Machines are rational but very inhuman. They don’t possess emotions and moral values. They don’t know what is ethical and what’s legal. Hence, they don’t have judgment-making skills.

They do what they are programmed to do only. Therefore, the judgment of right or wrong is nil for them. So, AI machines can easily break down or perform incorrectly if they encounter any situation that is unfamiliar to them.

Moreover, we cannot improve the artificial intelligence experience. The only function they can perform is to run the same command on a different program given to them. With time, it can lead to wear and tear.

As they are unable to cope with the dynamic environment,  it is almost impossible for them to alter their responses to the surrounding environments.

5. Artificial intelligence cannot be Self-creative

Self-creativity is a human domain. Machines only perform the tasks they are designed for. Though they help in the analysis and performing various tasks, they can’t match the power of a human brain and creativity.

Hence, AI cannot bring innovation or change in any specific area. So, thieves might innovate their techniques to bypass security robots. Or hackers might even hack the AI working to prevent hacking attempts.

Wrapping Up

To conclude, where AI has numerous advantages too, it also carries some disadvantages in different areas too.

Artificial intelligence is playing a vital role in today’s world; leading to great development and advancements in various fields. At the same time, it is also adversely affecting humans in multiple ways.

In the coming years, AI might take over the control of the world from us!

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