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Blogger vs WordPress – Which Platform Is Better?

Blogger and WordPress are the two most popular platforms for blogging. If you are about to start your blogging journey, you might be comparing Blogger vs WordPress.

This is a legit question that every newcomer asks. Which platform should one choose to start one’s blogging journey? Well, the answer is; it depends on your purpose for starting a blog.

In this write-up, we shall do an in-depth comparison between Blogger vs WordPress.

When we start our blogging journey, we usually opt for Blogger as we find it very simple to use. Often a new blogger is afraid of the technicalities of WordPress; i.e. arranging a domain and hosting; setting up a proper professional-looking blog or website. In comparison, a new blogger finds the Blogger Platform much easier to work on. Is this simplicity of the Blogger worth it? Or is the complexity of WordPress worth it?

Which platform should you choose? Why should you stay on Blogger? Or why should you move to WordPress? Let’s analyze it under different headings.

Blogger vs WordPress in terms of Earning

Most of us start a blog to establish it as a business and earn revenue from it. If this is your motive behind starting a blog, go for WordPress then. Blogger is very limited in features while WordPress is unlimited in it.

For example, you can only make money by doing better SEO of your content so that it can rank in search engines. For better SEO, WordPress provides multiple Plugins like Yoast, etc. You can easily optimize your content in a better way by following the suggestions of the plugin.

On the other hand, in Blogger, you are without any help. You cannot get an idea whether the content you are publishing is Search Engine Optimized or not.

Moreover, on WordPress, you can make your blog attractive and professional. Such blogs attract Guest Posts, advertisements, etc. which are also promising ways of earning. On the other hand, blogs on Blogger look immature and childish. Thus, such blogs fail to attract Guest Posting.

Both Blogger and WordPress blogs can get AdSense approval but other premium monetization platforms like Ezoic, etc. do not approve blogs on Blogger.

In short, if you want to start a blog to make revenue out of it, you must go for WordPress.

WordPress: A Fully Featured Platform For Any Type Of Website

WordPress is an open-source platform where one can customize the website the way one wants to. On WordPress, we can code our own theme or get free or purchase themes without effort.

Moreover, WordPress is a platform where we can create any sort of website we want whether it is an affiliate site, a shop, a government site, a newspaper site, or any specific service-based site. In short, we can easily create any website on WordPress.

While Blogger is a simple platform that does not provide us much options and functions. It is very simple in outlook. In short, it is just a personal diary where you can write and publish without many optimizations.

Pros & Cons of Blogger & WordPress

Let us analyze some prominent pros and cons of Blogger as well as WordPress.

Pros of Blogger

  • Blogger is a free platform. You require no hosting to set up a blog on blogger. You even do not require a domain either. However, you can connect your own custom domain if you want to.
  • Bloggers can support unlimited real-time traffic because of the powerful Google hosting servers.
  • On blogger, we do not face site speed issues. Sites on Blogger load pretty quickly and conveniently.
  • As Blogger is a platform provided by Google, it is more secure from hacking attacks.

Cons of Blogger

  • It offers limited features. You cannot customize your blog and add plugins to enhance your site’s functions and features.
  • Google can remove your active blog without any warning on violation of any of its policies. In such a case, you will lose your site and its data.
  • Premium Monetization Networks like Ezoic do not accept/monetize blogs on Blogger.
  • You cannot establish a proper blogging business on Blogger if you are serious about blogging and making it your source of income.

Pros of WordPress

  • WordPress is an open-source, fully-featured platform that can help you make a professional blog.
  • You can make any type of website on WordPress.
  • Websites on WordPress are more responsive, user-friendly, and attractive in appearance.
  • Your blog on WordPress is your own property. Unlike blogs on Blogger, no one can remove a blog on WP (not even WordPress) except you.
  • You can generate more optimized and user-friendly content on WordPress.

Cons of WordPress

  • Setting up a blog on WordPress requires little investment. You will buy a domain and hosting for your blog. This investment will be recurring yearly.
  • The speed and performance of the blog vary depending on the hosting service that your blog is connected with.
  • Blogs on WordPress are prone to hacking attempts. So, the blog owner is responsible for the blog’s backup and security.

Blogger is better than WordPress if…

If you are not serious about blogging; if you are not blogging to earn revenue from it in the future; and only if you are using the blog for random writing and jotting down and conveying your thoughts; then Blogger is for you.

Blogger is the best platform where you can easily and without any cost write down whatever you want; be it your daily routine, your thoughts on particular issues, etc.


To conclude the whole discussion, if you are serious about blogging; if you want to establish it as a business; and if you want to earn good revenue from your blogging journey, you must opt for WordPress for your blog.

On the other hand, if you just want to write to pass time and convey your random thoughts occasionally, then Blogger is for you.

So, this was a detailed comparison between Blogger vs WordPress.

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