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Best Headphones for PUBG Mobile in Pakistan under 3000

best headphones for Pubg Mobile in Pakistan under 3000
Written by Aakif

PUBG Mobile has become a sensation worldwide. Likewise, people living in Pakistan are also obsessed with this game. They love playing it and have turned it into a passion. With all this scenario, the demand for the best headphones for PUBG mobile has increased in Pakistan.

Whether you’re at home or playing on public transport, good quality headphones will make a world of difference to your gaming experience. A new pair of headphones is like a fresh pair of shoes. You won’t use them the same way for long.

The headphones market has been flooded with products lately, especially for gamers. But in our search for the best affordable headphones, we realized that some companies are selling their products at prices higher than what they’re worth.

So here’s where you start. Go through all these Best Headphones for Pubg Mobile in Pakistan under 3000 and pick the best one for you.

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5 Best Gaming Headphones for Pubg Mobile in Pakistan Under 3000

Check out the following top 05 best headphones for Pubg Mobile that are available in Pakistan.

1. ONIKUMA X7PRO RGB Breathing Mode Gaming Headset

PUBG lovers know that the game is highly competitive. That’s why one needs to stay ahead of the competition. You need to use the best headset to deliver the best sound quality.

ONIKUMA X7PRO RGB Breathing Mode Gaming Headset is the best choice to play PUBG Mobile for an enhanced gaming experience.

40 mm driver

The 40mm driver is one of the best in the market. The high-quality drivers deliver rich sound. The drivers are covered with comfortable memory foam. The headband is high-quality material.

RGB lighting lights

The headphones come with RGB lighting to give your headset a cool and classy look. You’ll get a 16.8 million colour display. It comes with eight different colours that a switch can control. You can choose any colour to match your mood or outfit.

Compatible with multiple devices

You can use the headphones with all your gaming consoles and PC. The headphones are compatible with PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

2. GM300 Gaming Headset

Have you been playing games for years? If yes, you must have come across the GM300 gaming headset.

The GM300 gaming headset is designed for long-term gamers. It is built with high-quality components. So, it can block out outside noise.

Sound Stereo

What does that mean? The headphones come with stereo sound that gives you a realistic experience. You can use them for long hours without getting tired of the sound.

Sweat Proof

The headphones are sweat-proof. They are made of premium leather material and are comfortable to wear. The headphones are also light in weight and won’t get heavy on your head.

In-Line Controller

You can use the in-line controller with the headphones. It will let you change the volume and skip songs. Also, you can mute the headset by simply pressing the mute button.

3. Logitech H111 Multi-Device Stereo Headset 3.5mm Single Pin

One of the best headphones for Pubg mobile in Pakistan under 3000 includes the Logitech H111 headset. It has a foldable design that makes it easy to store. You can use it with your phone, PC, and console.

There is no need to spend hours searching for headphones that cost more but are not worth it. This headset is among the best affordable headphones on the market.

Rotating Microphone Boom

The headphones come with a rotating microphone boom that will let you change the microphone’s direction. You can use it for different applications.

For example, you can use it to record a podcast, give a presentation, or make a call.

Noise-cancelling Microphone

The headset comes with a noise-cancelling microphone that will let you focus on your game without disturbing anyone around you. You speak even in noisy environments and hear the sound in your surroundings.

Bluetooth connectivity

The headphones are compatible with all your gaming consoles and PC. The headphones can be connected to any device through Bluetooth.

4. Kotion Each G9000 Gaming Headset

There is no need to tell that it is crucial to have a high-quality headset when playing games like PUBG, CSGO or Dota2. These days, there are a lot of headphones and headsets on the market. Each one has its own features and advantages.

If you are looking for a good gaming headset under 3000;  check out the Kotion Each G9000 Gaming Headset.

It is a top-notch headset that comes with great features. It has a 3.5mm plug that makes it easy to connect to your PC or Mac. Moreover, it is compatible with PC and Mac. You can connect to it using a USB cable.

The Kotion Each G9000 Gaming Headset is a wireless headset that allows you to stream your favourite games without any wires.

Retractable Cord

The Kotion Each G9000 Gaming Headset comes with a retractable cord that can be used as a neckband. It has a built-in mic that allows you to talk to your friends and teammates. It has an adjustable headband that can be moved up and down, and the flexible mic boom is a feature that you will love.

Large Speaker Driver Units

The headset has two speakers that are significant in size. It has a large woofer and a tweeter. Moreover, it is a high-quality speaker capable of producing top-quality sound.

Swivel Microphone

The Kotion Each G9000 Gaming Headset comes with a built-in swivel mic that rotates 360 degrees. The headset comes with a swivel mic that can be rotated. So, you can move it to your mouth and talk to your teammates. The mic boom is a great feature that you will love.

5. Redragon_H510 Zeus 2 Wired Gaming Headset

It is a great gaming headset suitable for both PC and Mac users. Redragon_H510 is an excellent choice for both professional and casual gamers.

On the contrary, the sound is not that great. However, it is a comfortable headset suitable for long gaming sessions.

The build quality of the headset is outstanding. It has a black colour scheme, and it is very durable. The battery life is also pretty good. It can last for up to 3 hours.

Invisible Comfortable Wearing

You will be able to rid your mind of unnecessary stress; thanks to its flexible headband and compact, solid steel body. When you wear this, your ears stay dry and cool because of the quality memory foam padding within the best leatherette. It makes you a fantastic listener following hours of usage.

Say What You Exactly Hear

You’ll be able to hear and speak in clear, undistorted audio. If you’re looking for the best way to communicate with your teams or friends, the removable interference microphone will be your best choice.

Sophisticated Audio Configuration

Using functional software allows you to tailor the sound to your own taste and preferences.

Wrapping Up

Headphones are essential accessories for gaming. There are a lot of options available in the market.

If you are looking for a good gaming headset among the above-mentioned headphones; do consider the Kotion Each G9000 Gaming Headset.

Moreover, GM300 Gaming Headset is also an affordable option for the students who save their pocket money to seek pleasure out of PUBG.

So, these were the 05 best headphones for Pubg Mobile available in Pakistan under 3000.

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