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The Law of Innocence Summary and Book Review

The Law of Innocence is an awesome novel written by Michael Connelly. The book was originally published on November 10, 2020. This write-up provides a short summary and review of the novel.

“He Never Thought in a Million Years That He Would Be a Murderer”

The Law of Innocence

Main Characters in the Novel

The following are the prominent characters in the book.

  • Maggie McFierce – Ex-Wife
  • Harry Bosch – Half brother
  • Harley – Daughter
  • Kendall – Ex-girlfriend
  • Jennifer, Cisco, and Lorna – Legal Team
  • Death Row Dana- Prosecutor
  • Bambadjan Bishop – Jail inmate & protector

“Not in a million years, he would have thought of being accused of murder!”

The Law of Innocence

The Law of Innocence – Summary

“The Law of Innocence” is a legal thriller novel written by renowned author Michael Connelly. The book follows the life of criminal defense attorney Mickey Haller as he faces the most challenging case of his career.

Mickey Haller, known as the “Lincoln Lawyer” for his preference of working out of his chauffeur-driven Lincoln Town Car, finds himself on the wrong side of the law when he is arrested for the murder of a former client, Andre La Cosse.

La Cosse, a shady character with connections to organized crime, was brutally killed and found in the trunk of Haller’s vehicle.

As the trial begins, Haller is forced to put his trust in his half-brother, Harry Bosch, a retired police detective, and a team of dedicated investigators to prove his innocence.

The evidence against Haller is strong, and the prosecution paints a damning picture of a lawyer turned killer. Despite the odds stacked against him, Haller is determined to uncover the truth and fight for his freedom.

Haller’s investigation reveals a complex web of deceit, corruption, and personal vendettas. He discovers that La Cosse had been involved in a high-stakes game of blackmail, threatening to expose powerful individuals in the city.

As Haller delves deeper into the case, he uncovers a hidden world of dark secrets, where the boundaries between law enforcement and criminality become blurred.

Throughout the trial, Connelly explores the theme of the criminal justice system’s flaws and the challenges faced by defense attorneys.

Haller must navigate through a legal landscape where the presumption of innocence is often overshadowed by media sensationalism and public opinion.

He faces an uphill battle as he fights against a system that often favors the prosecution. So, he must find a way to convince the jury of his innocence.

“The Law of Innocence” also delves into the complex dynamics of family relationships.

Haller’s interactions with his estranged daughter, Hayley, provide emotional depth to the story. As he fights to clear his name, he must also confront his past mistakes and rebuild his fractured relationship with his daughter.

In true Michael Connelly fashion, the novel is filled with twists, turns, and suspenseful courtroom drama. The pacing is relentless, with each chapter unveiling new revelations and raising the stakes for Haller.

Connelly’s meticulous attention to detail and his ability to create authentic characters make the story compelling and engaging.

As the trial reaches its climax, Haller’s courtroom skills and his determination to prove his innocence are put to the ultimate test.

The outcome of the trial not only has the power to determine Haller’s fate but also to expose the dark underbelly of the city’s power players.

In conclusion, “The Law of Innocence” is a gripping legal thriller that explores themes of justice, family, and the lengths one will go to prove their innocence.

Michael Connelly’s masterful storytelling keeps readers on the edge of their seats, eagerly turning pages until the final verdict is reached.

The Law of Innocence: Book Review

This is a crime suspense novel, just like the other works of Michael Connelly. But this time it is not someone else who is accused of being a murderer. This time it is Mickey himself.

Soon after he wins another biggest case, Mickey celebrates with the other lawyers at their usual celebration place.

Mickey heads toward home to have a peaceful sleep. But little did he know his urge to have a good night’s sleep is going to be the biggest nightmare!

On the night of the celebration, he is pulled over by a police officer, who finds the body of his former client in the car’s trunk.

First, the officer notes that Haller’s license plate is missing. Then he points out a fluid leaking from the trunk area.

Getting out of the Lincoln, Mickey confirms his vanity plate is MIA. Then comes a more concerning issue; that blood is dripping from his rear bumper, pooling on the pavement below.

Haller tries to play his lawyer trick and the rights of citizens. However, Officer Milton is sure that something is not right.

Upon opening the car trunk and seeing a dead body, Haller is immediately charged with murder. So, his whole life is upside down!

He knows he is innocent. But, all the proofs are against him. An exorbitant amount of $5 million bail has been slapped on him by the vindictive judge.

Mickey elects himself to be his own defense. With the team, he is all set to fight for himself. But wait? Is being in jail that easier? From day one he faces a constant fear of attack from his inmates; which how he deals with is spectacular and you must read the novel to know it!

With all the odds not in his favor, Mickey is all set to defend himself! He is losing weight and motivation. Only he knows he is not guilty! But how he will move forward? This is when Halley thinks of his father saying,

“Act like a winner and you will become a winner”.

The Law of Innocence

With the prosecution led by Dana also known as Death Row, the challenges for Halley are not getting any lesser.

Although there are thousands of people against Haller, there are a few who showed their loyalty to him.

You will see a lot of familiar faces popping up in the novel; if you have read previous novels by Michael Connelly.

With all these accusations, speedy trials, and as more Mickey digs into the issue the more it gets tangled up. The situation worsens when the FBI becomes part of the whole murder scene!

I will drop the further discussion right here and will let you read the whole novel on your own!

Final Verdict

To be honest, I have been a huge fan of Michael Connelly. But this time I felt that he wrote the novel sitting in lockdown due to COVID-19.

There are so many loopholes. A few characters are so weak that you think even such people do exist or not? I hate Kendall (Mickey’s ex-girlfriend). Right now, a man is charged with murder, and all the lady cares for is ‘Hey I need your time’; seriously lady?

Secondly, I knew from the start what was going to happen next. It is not my mistake as I am a Sherlock fan, but hey why the story is so obvious?

The worst part is the prosecutor (Dana) who is introduced so strongly in the novel. Her stance in the overall novel is nothing but weak!

The novel has other loopholes, which I would leave to the readers to explore.

I have been Michael’s fan and this time he has disappointed me!

However, I really liked the fact that Michael explained some legal processes and terms that could have been hard for the reader to decipher.

Overall, it is a good read. Your ideas and views can differ from mine. Do let me know in the comments what you think of it!

Favorite Quote from the Book

“The law of innocence is unwritten,” he says: “It’s not a true legal term, can’t be argued in a court of law, and doesn’t exist on the books.” “In the law of innocence, for every man not guilty of a crime, there is a man out there who is. And to prove true innocence, the guilty man must be found and exposed to the world.”

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