What are Angel Numbers? Angel Numbers and Their Meanings

What are Angel Numbers? Should we believe them or not? What meaning do different patterns of Angel Numbers carry? We will discuss everything in detail in this write-up.

Have you ever encountered a specific pattern of numbers repeatedly during the day? Or you have checked the time on your cellphone and it was 11:11 AM? Afterward, you opened YouTube, and the very first video in the recommendation was 11 minutes and 11 seconds long. Then, bought a product and its retail price was $11.11.

Such an amazing, intriguing, repeated specific pattern of numbers is what we know as Angel Numbers. Every one of us encounters such numbers very often in life.

Are these angel numbers just a coincidence as many of us call it? If it isn’t a coincidence, then what do they intend to convey? What do angel numbers mean? How can we decipher their coded meaning?

Let’s try to understand this in some detail.

What are Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are specific repeated patterns of numbers in a sequence. For instance, the numbers 111, 1111, 2222, 1212, 333, 444, etc. are referred to as the angel numbers. These numbers appear to us in the most unexpected way.

In the metaphysical realm, angel numbers are understood as specific signals conveyed by angels, spirits, ancestors, or guides. These signals carry specific meanings that can be good or bad.

For example, you are putting effort into getting some work done. Meanwhile, you come across a specific number pattern three to four times in different places. These numbers can be a message to you that you will soon be successful. Or that you are moving in the right direction.

This concept is not new. Rather, this belief is very old and traditional. Numerologists believe that everything in the world depends upon the mystical properties of numbers. That means numbers or their specific pattern have specific properties that influence us. The concept of ‘Lucky Numbers’ also evolves from such studies.

Similarly, the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras believed that ‘our reality is a physical manifestation of the energetic vibration of numbers’.

Who Coined the Term “Angel Number”?

The concept of the Angel Number was first given by Doreen Virtue in her publications. One such book of hers is Angel Numbers 101 in which she has explained the different sequences of the angel numbers along with their specific meanings and interpretations.

These ideas, concepts, and beliefs have universal appeal. The subject merits the need to explore in more detail.

Unique Characteristics of Angel Numbers

There are a number of things that make angel numbers so special.

  • Firstly, angel numbers are not based on other unchangeable realities such as birth date, birthplace, etc. Similarly, the numbers do not give insights into your personality traits; your personal likes or dislikes, your inner qualities, your strengths, and shortcomings, etc. Rather, these numbers just provide you an idea, clue, or signal on whether you are treading a straight path. Or you are doing something wrong. It is just that a higher being is guiding you by shedding some light in your way.
  • Another important characteristic of angel numbers is that they’re extremely fluid. By being fluid, we mean that angel numbers do not just follow a fixed pattern. They can appear in different forms. They can make or break their pattern. It is not that if you are encountering 222 in life, you will encounter 333 or 2222; rather there can be a complete change the next time you see the angel number. Just pay close attention to the numbers and understand the signal.
  • One unique thing about the angel numbers is; that their meanings and interpretations are entirely subjective. The number 1111 doesn’t signal the same meaning to different persons. It is our understanding associated with personal intuition that we interpret the angel numbers.

Where can you find angel numbers?

Angel numbers appear at the most ordinary time in the most ordinary setting/things and in the most ordinary manner. They can appear just insignificant to you if you do not pay attention.

For example, the numbers can show up on mobile, alarms, clocks, calendars, banners, television, notification boards, receipts, etc.

This unexpected and ordinary appearance of the angel numbers intends to be a gentle reminder or assurance to you.

It might be a signal that what you are thinking is true. Where you are going is the right destination for you.

It is just that the sudden appearance of an angel number on uncertain paths and during uncertain times can be a warm assurance to you.

Some different Patterns of Angel Numbers

Angel numbers appear in different forms, patterns, sequences, and combinations of numbers. For example, the number can be 111, 222, 333, 444, or 555. Or it can be 1111, 2222, 3333, 4444, or 5555.

Also, they can appear as 1212, 4455, 1010, etc. In short, there is no specific pattern. The numbers are always unique in appearance and one can easily understand their uniqueness in them.

Explaining the Meanings of Different Patterns of Angel Numbers

We have already discussed above that the numbers just serve as assurance. You are walking on an unknown track. You are not sure whether the track would take you to your destination or not. Suddenly, a bike passes by and on its number plate, you read 444. You can take it as a signal from your guardian angel to continue on the path.

On the other hand, a person who is continuously praying for the success of his novel comes across 444 numerous times a day. For him, the same number carries the same meaning of assurance but in a different setting.

You can simply take notes of whatever number you come across and match them with the settings in which you encountered them. This way you will understand how to interpret such numbers and what meanings they carry or convey to you.

One way of understanding the angel numbers is to study what Numerology has to say about digits. In numerology, different digits/numbers carry different meanings.

With the help of this knowledge, you can decode the numbers appearing to you.

As the angel numbers appear in different digits and patterns, let’s decode their hidden meanings and symbolism. Following is the list and meanings of Angel Numbers in different patterns.

000 or 0000

The number 0 relates to new opportunities. So, if you are encountering zero in some sequence; that could signify a new opportunity or a fresh start.

So, the appearance of 000 or 0000 while you are starting something new means great success ahead.

111 or 1111

1 is a powerful digit in numerology. Encountering 1 in some sequence as an angel number 111 or 1111 signifies an opportunity for a wish, or setting a new intention.

This number can be understood as a green light or Go Ahead signal from the universe.

222 or 2222

Two indicates a balance in numerology. Thus angel numbers in some sequence of 2 as 222, or 2222 suggest a balance or trust.

The appearance of this number means someone (hidden power) is helping you to get where you want to go.

333 or 3333

The number ‘three’ signifies creativity. So, angel number 333 or 3333 could signal the opportunity to use your unique talents and abilities in some situations.

Moreover, the pattern of three also indicates that by exploring your innate qualities and abilities, you can attract richness in abundance.

444 or 4444

The number 4 symbolizes stability. So, if you encounter 444 or 4444, that would indicate that you are in the process of building an infrastructure that will be long-lasting.

Working on any project and seeing the angel numbers in the pattern of 4 will signal the success of that project.

555 or 5555

The number 5 signals change. So, angel number 555 or 5555 would suggest the changes coming your way in life.

So, if you feel stuck and want a change in life or in your conditions, angel number 555 or 5555 will single the exit from those conditions; a change in your life and circumstances.

666 or 6666

The number 6 is often associated with the Devil; as Illuminati consider 666 a satanic symbol. However, angel number 666 or 6666 have a supportive and compassionate nature.

It might be that 666 and 6666 are appearing just to ask you to be very gentle and kind to yourself. This can be a gentle reminder that everything happens for a reason and that the time will change.

777 or 7777

In numerology, the number 7 is associated with luck. So, the appearance of angel numbers 777 or 7777 could mean good fortune. It can be an assurance to invest in some business and gain fortunes.

888 or 8888

The number 8 is considered divine in nature. So, the appearance of angel number 888 or 8888 could mean a sound connection to the spiritual universe.

Eight is also the symbol of infinity, an endless loop.

999 or 9999

9 is the final digit in the list of single numbers. So, the presence of angel numbers 999 or 9999 may be suggesting that a chapter may be coming to an end.

This might be a signal that your current bad life chapter is coming to an end. So, get ready to witness the change in circumstances.

Wrapping up

To cap it all, what we have discussed is the established beliefs related to the angel numbers. This might be true. Or these might not be true.

Moreover, the appearance of such a pattern might also be just a coincidence. Furthermore, the meaning that we intend to derive from some specific pattern might be exact, or might not be true.

In short, “Angel Numbers” is a nascent field of study that relates to Metaphysical Science; without a universal interpretation or established rules. The ideas and theories are open to acceptance or criticism.

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