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5G to be launched in Pakistan in 2023

5G in Pakistan
Written by Aakif

Ministry of IT & Telecom to Roll Out 5G in Pakistan in 2023

The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom Pakistan is aiming to introduce 5G in Pakistan by 2023.  This decision was made after the telecom industry of Pakistan has hit a market size of $16.9bn by attracting the Foreign Direct Investment of $1.2bn in the last three years.

The decision resonates with the Prime Minister’s vision of ‘Digital Pakistan’. Moreover, according to the ministry, this decision is also largely welcomed by foreign investors.

The ministry also highlighted that in order to meet the digitization requirements and technological needs, Universal Service Fund (USF) has launched projects for “deep fiberisation”. The projects include the expansion of the internet to remote and backward areas of the country.

Under the projects, more than 10,000 km optical fiber cable will be laid till 2022 for the provision of high-speed internet to 1175 towns and union councils.

As mentioned by the Minister of IT and Telecom, Syed Amin Ul Haq,

“We will ensure affordable and high speed internet to people in small towns and I am sure even girls from KP and GB region will excel as freelancers, while working from their local areas.”

It is only with the expansion of the internet and enhancement of its speed, that we will be able to achieve the vision of digital Pakistan. Currently, Pakistan is the fourth fastest-growing freelance market. This ranking can further improve after the rollout of 5G in Pakistan with extensive coverage of far-flung areas.

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