Payoneer Account Blocked | Reason & Solution

Are you facing an Account Blocked error while trying to sign in to your Payoneer account? Well, the Payoneer account blocked or restricted issue is very common to see. Apparently, it seems that Payoneer can suspend or restrict our account anytime without notifying us via email. But believe me, there are reasons if you’re seeing the error.

When I first tried to sign up for Payoneer with my Gmail account. Without any email of approval or rejection, Payoneer blocked the account with that specific Gmail ID. I retried to create another Payoneer account with another Gmail account; Payoneer restricted that account again.

This was quite frustrating. I tried to use the ‘contact us’ option to access Payoneer, but every time they sent me a password reset email. When I tried to change the password to access my account, a message popped up: It seems like your account is restricted.

I didn’t know why this was happening to all my accounts. So, I tried to search for possible reasons. What I found was;

  1. Payoneer blocks or restricts accounts when someone attempts to sign in with the wrong login credentials. But this is temporary. So, one can retry to log in after some specific time.
  2. The second reason was, Payoneer only allows one account per ID card. So, if you will try to create another account on an already registered identity card; Payoneer will block it.

Neither of the reasons apparently sat fit in my case. Moreover, what added to my frustration was; I was unable to contact the Payoneer team.

How I solved Payoneer Account Blocked/Restricted Issue

When every try ended up to failure; I gave up the hope to ever access the Payoneer account. One day I was using my Twitter account. There I came across an official Payoneer Twitter account.

Without any hope of getting a reply, I left a message about my account blocked issue in their inbox. But, contrary to my expectations, I got their reply within 3 days. They were quite cooperative in understating and discussing my Account Restricted issue.

Why my Payoneer Account was Blocked/Restricted

They told me that I had created a Payoneer account with my ID Card number back in 2017. Further, I was told that the account was connected to Fiverr.

Gosh! I realized “yes!” I once tried to connect my bank account with Fiverr to receive payments. So, that was done through Payoneer. So that’s the reason why Payoneer is blocking my account every time I try to create a new one with the same CNIC.

The Payoneer representative on Twitter apologized for the delay in responding to me. Further, he asked me which Payoneer account I would like to get unblocked.

So, I told him. By deleting all other existing or pending accounts, he forwarded my application to the headquarter where they unblocked my Payoneer account.

Wrapping Up

So, if you are facing Payoneer Account Blocked or Account Restricted issue; you too might have made an account in the past to receive funds from Fiverr or any other platform.

In case you remember any, you can recover its password and get it alive. However, if you are unable to remember anything; ping Payoneer Team on Twitter and you will get their response within a week.

I do hope, any issue related to Payoneer will be resolved.

I am attaching some screenshots of my conversation with the Payoneer team on Twitter.

Solution for Payoneer Account block error

In case you are unable to figure out how to do it, feel free to contact us.

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