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Rewrite Article: 7 tips to write better content without losing its quality

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Rewriting is a term that is used for rewriting someone else’s content into your writing style with the same context. It simply means that you recompose an already existing text without altering its main idea.

Some people confuse this term with quoting, whereas the said term is opposite to rewriting. In quoting, you just copy/paste the whole text as it is and it is useful to state that facts cannot be changed in other terms.

In the content writing field, it is better to rephrase a text rather than putting it into quotation marks because rewriting demonstrates that you have completely understood the text and can put it into your own words in a better way.

Rewriting is a valuable skill that can help you write better content without hurting its quality. Also, for paraphrasing, it is significant to cite sources.

Your rephrased content must not be similar to the original text. For that, there are some useful techniques you should follow to rewrite better quality content.

In this article, we are discussing the 7 best tips to rewrite content without hurting its quality. So, stay on the page and read on further to get the best tips for rewriting.

The following are some rewriting tactics. It is important to keep in mind that rewriting should only be performed when a thorough understanding of the text has been attained.

1. Maximize the use of synonyms and similar words

One of the best approaches to rewrite content is to use meaningful synonyms and similar terms that are only possible when you have a vast range of vocabulary. Keep in mind that overusing the synonyms without making some additional changes is not enough to get non-plagiarized and authentic content.

Moreover, you need to make sure that the alternative terms or synonyms you are employing are perfectly matching the words in your content. If you are a beginner in the content writing field, you can utilize some online resources to find and enhance your vocabulary.

2. Use a thesaurus to look for similar terms and synonyms

For non-native English speakers, a thesaurus could be a handy tool for exploring words that are synonyms or similar to those in the actual text. An online thesaurus tool gives you more than one synonym to choose from.

It does not employ that you could select any of the options it is offering you.  You have to make sure that it is making complete sense in your sentence. If you don’t completely grasp the meaning of a phrase, don’t use it in your content as the text will lose its originality and value.

3. Try to change the sentence structure

Speaking of better-quality content and avoiding plagiarism; this step is essential. The best way to alter the sentence structure is by changing its voice, e.g, active voice to passive voice and vice versa.

Changing synonyms and related terms cannot make a huge difference in your rewritten text until you work on changing the sentence structure. Overlooking this step results in patchwriting which means your rewritten text is very close to the source text that ultimately results in plagiarism.

Thus, for proper rewriting, changing the sentence structure is a must. There are several other ways to change the sentence structure, except changing the voice of the sentence; these are,

  • Breaking long sentences into shorter ones
  • Combine the short sentences
  • Extend a sentence for a clearer understanding
  • Shorten the whole paragraph into few meaningful and concise sentences

4. Change the order of the words

Changing the order of the word is also important in content rewriting to maintain the originality and quality of content. Many times, the meaning of a sentence may be altered by restructuring words.

If there isn’t anything important in the sentence concerning the issue, you can change the order of the words by keeping the context intact. This technique is much easier and effective than finding synonyms. You just need to add some additional words to complete the sentence.

To make sentences that make sense, here are two recommendations on how to reorder the words:

  • You should reorder the clauses in the main sentence if there are more than two.
  • A relative clause can be used to replace an adjective if there is one in the main verb as well as a noun.

5. Avoid duplication

Rewriting a text is the best way to avoid duplicated content as it helps writers to reduce the chances of plagiarism in their content. To avoid duplication in rewritten text, you need to follow and employ the citation and referencing rules properly.

To avoid plagiarism in your content, you need to follow the following best tips;

  • Utilize your own words in combination with the relevant words from your source content.
  • Rephrasing in your own words is OK as long as you follow the formatting guidelines (APA, AMA, MLA, etc.).
  • Use quotation marks and/or citations if you’re citing or copying your personal earlier content.

6. Use online paraphrasing tools

The online rewriting tools may quickly and easily replace the original written text into something fresh, original, and readable. This is mostly down to the fact that these technologies are quite easy to operate. An end-user would not have to spend a lot of time on the task.

Many online resources are offering rewriting tools to rewrite your content without losing the originality and quality of the text. Prepostseo rewriting tool is as easy as a pie.

Tips to Rewriter Article

You need to follow some basic steps and you are good to have a newly rewritten text in a split second.

  • To start, you must enter the material that has to be rephrased into the new text.
  • For this, this rewriter provides the user a choice between two options. The contents can either be pasted or uploaded as a file.
  • After that, tap on the rewrite button, and it is simple as that, you will have rewritten text in no time.

7. Proofread your final content

Publishing content on time is the biggest challenge for content writers. They have to complete content in bulk on daily basis on shorter deadlines. Many content writers struggle to accomplish their daily assigned tasks.

Despite the workloads, as a writer, it is your responsibility to submit your paper before the deadline without losing its quality while maintaining the quantity as well.

Before publishing your final article, you must review it because you may submit the content without rephrasing it. Even if you check the entire article, there is a chance that you may miss a mistake.

You need to thoroughly review your content to be sure about the originality and quality of content to avoid any rejection or penalties due to plagiarism or grammatical errors.

Wrapping up

From making use of synonyms to proofreading your content for originality and quality before the submission, every step is important in rewriting an existing text. These simple tips ensure that you’ve correctly rewritten the content and credited all of your references.

When you use the Prepostseo Rewriting Tool, your text is rephrased professionally, without putting in much effort. The tool modifies the sentence structure with the best suited alternative synonyms in such a way that it is free of all types of plagiarism and does not match any other source of information.

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