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AdSense vs Ezoic – Which Ad Network Is Better?

AdSense and Ezoic, both ad networks, accept and monetize smaller sites. For AdSense approval, there is no minimum requirement for traffic. Even with as minimum as 30 to 40 visitors a month, AdSense can approve your blog. However, Ezoic’s requirements are at least 1000 visitors a month. So, for a steadily growing site, both options are available. However, Adsense vs Ezoic; which Ad Network is better?

Generally, Ezoic claims that it can improve and multiply your Adsense earnings by 2x, 3x, 4x, and so on within months. That means if your blog is monetized with Adsense & you are earning $2 per day; with Ezoic you can start making $4 to $6 per day.

Well, that’s true. I am sharing my personal experience. With AdSense before switching to Ezoic, I was hardly making $2 to $3 a month provided most of my traffic is Asian. After getting my blog monetized with Ezoic, I witnessed a sudden surge in ad revenue. In the initial days, I started making $1 in just two to three days.

Quite honestly, Ezoic is far better than AdSense. And there are reasons for that.

Adsense vs Ezoic; let us have a comparison.

Why Ezoic Is Better Than Adsense?

There are multiple reasons why and how Ezoic pays better than AdSense.

Firstly, Ezoic has sophisticated Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Program. With this advanced technology, Ezoic AI learns visitors’ behavior on the site. It understands how users are interacting with the site. Where most of the visitors come from. Which devices they are using? What they are interested in. Ezoic’s AI takes a few weeks from 4 to 12 in getting all this information.

With this information, Ezoic optimizes and shows ads based on what users want to see. It also adjusts ad sizes, shapes, and formats for enhanced UX. Ultimately, the ads served to them generate far better revenue. Steadily and gradually, Ezoic keeps on learning more and the blog owner keeps on earning more. Sounds great, isn’t it?

The second reason why Ezoic is better than Adsense is; Ezoic has multiple ad networks/partners that bid for the spaces on the blog. The one with more CPC wins the bid. When such an ad is shown to the visitor, ultimately it translates into more revenue. The interesting thing is; Google AdSense is among those ad networks bidding for space under Ezoic technology.

However, in AdSense, there is no such competition. A visitor can usually see ads with CPC as low as 0.01 USD.

The third reason is the minimum withdrawal threshold. With Google AdSense, we can only withdraw the amount when we reach the $100 threshold. A new site has to wait for months before it could withdraw the amount. However, Ezoic allows us to withdraw the amount after reaching the $20 threshold.

The fourth reason that gives Ezoic an upper hand over Adsense is the set of services that Ezoic provides for free. This includes features like Monetization, Speed (Enhancing site speed with Leap), Video, SEO, Privacy, Analytics, Design & Content.

Adsense vs Ezoic

All these features are unique that is altogether missing in AdSense except for monetization. With Analytics, you can check which content is making more revenue, etc.

Moreover, Ezoic also provides you with free Cloudflare, CDN, and SSL. It makes your site more secure & fast. Ezoic’s CDN makes your site more responsive and reduces its loading time which makes a good impact on SEO.

Last, but not least, Ezoic also offers free hosting to its registered publishers. Its super-fast hosting improves the site’s loading time and enhances its search engine ranking.

Wrapping Up

In short, there is no comparison between Google AdSense and Ezoic. AdSense is just an ad network and is one of the partners of Ezoic that mediates to show its ads to users but rarely wins the bid due to its low CPC.

On the other hand, Ezoic offers a complete set of services other than just monetization as discussed above in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ezoic Free like AdSense?

Yes, Ezoic is totally free to use. All its features including Leap, SEO, SSL, CDN, etc. are completely free to use.

Does Ezoic slow down the website?

Ads on websites naturally slow the websites down with their load. However, with Ezoic’s Speed (Leap) feature, we can improve the loading speed time and performance of the website. This (leap) feature is totally free to use.

Do Ezoic Ads pay more than Adsense?

Totally, Ezoic ads always pay many times more than Google AdSense based on their ads partners bidding for ad spaces. Ad networks win the bid by paying more.

What is the minimum requirement to join Ezoic?

Initially, Ezoic’s minimum traffic requirement was 10,000 visitors per month. However, Ezoic has, later on, changed this requirement to 1000 visitors a month. So, any small blog receiving 1k visitors a month can be accepted by Ezoic.

Does Ezoic work with Blogger/Blogspot?

Unfortunately no. Currently, Ezoic doesn’t accept blogger sites in its program.

→ For more information or method to join Ezoic, feel free to contact us.

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