Minimum Requirements for AdSense Approval for Blog

Many people start their blogs with the aim of earning through them. But, most webmasters fail to meet the minimum requirements for AdSense approval. Hence, they fail to get AdSense approval due to small mistakes they make in their blogs.

In this write-up, we will tell you how you can meet the minimum requirements to get AdSense approval for your blog.

If you own a blog, this article will help you in getting AdSense approved for your blog. So, read till the end and make sure you do not miss any points.

Basic Requirements for AdSense Approval on Blog

As a blogger myself with years of experience, I will honestly guide you based on my personal learning and experience.

Before you apply for AdSense Program, make sure your blog meets the following basic requirements.

1. Your blog should at least be receiving Zero Traffic

Amazed? Yes! Honestly, you do not need any traffic for AdSense approval on your blog. What I am trying to say is; traffic on your blog is not a prerequisite for Adsense Approval.

When I applied for AdSense and got approved, I was getting 50 visitors per day to my blog. Even, if I had less than 10 visitors, I would have been approved. It is because I was fulfilling all the other conditions that Adsense requires before they approve your blog in their program.

So, now let’s talk about those necessary conditions.

2. Publish minimum of 18 Posts before you apply

As I am guiding you on the basis of my personal experience, I had only 18 posts on my blog when I got Adsense Approval for it. At that time, my blog was hosted on Blogger.

Let me assure you, I have seen many cases where blogs with 12 posts were approved by AdSense.

Hence, it is not the quantity or number of posts, but the quality that matters!

So, how should the posts be written for instant AdSense Approval? Let’s discuss this under the following heading.

3. The Articles on your Blog should meet the following conditions

The posts on your blog must meet the following conditions in order to obtain AdSense approval.

  • Each post on your blog must contain at least 500 words. It is better to publish lengthy posts if you seek Adsense approval instantly.
  • The posts must be original and unique. Google does not tolerate plagiarized content, nor does it tolerate rephrasing/rewriting/article spinning. Make sure you present your own original ideas in your posts.
  • Pictures, videos, charts, etc used in the posts must not be copied from other sources. Copying others’ property is illegal. In case you are using pictures or videos taken from other sources, give them credit. Stealing others’ content and property is against Google’s policies. Do not violate them or you will be penalized.
  • Your published post must provide value to the readers. In return, Google will value your posts.
  • The posts must be organized properly under their respective categories. Do not mix your posts under the same page. Make sure you add different pages for different categories.
  • Last but not least, presentation matters. For example, I made my best effort to make this post easily readable and understandable. I used simple language. Furthermore, I broke the whole article into multiple paragraphs. I organized the sentences into different bullet points.

If you are fulfilling all these points related to your post, Google AdSense will never reject your application provided you are fulfilling a few other conditions as discussed below.

4. Responsive and AdSense-Friendly Theme

Use an AdSense Ads-friendly and responsive theme on your blog/website. Such themes are easily available to use for free.

Your blog’s theme should be responsive for all devices i.e. mobile, tablet, and laptop.

5. Must add 4 Important Pages on the Blog

There are a few important pages that you must add to your blog/website. These pages are listed below:

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer

Google AdSense will never approve your blog in their program if these pages are missing.

Some Common Myths regarding AdSense Approval

The following are some common myths that people have in mind before they apply for AdSense.

1. The website should be 2 Months Old

It is a common myth that a website must be 2 months old for getting Adsense approval. This is not true. You can get AdSense Approval for your new blog/website within one month.

2. AdSense cannot be Approved without Custom Domain

No! You can get Adsense approved even on your subdomain (for example; There are multiple active sub-domain websites out there with AdSense ads running on them.

Wrapping Up

Once you have applied for Adsense, you will get a response within two weeks in most cases. In some cases, Adsense might take a month or more.

If you are fulfilling all the above-mentioned requirements on your new blog, you will definitely get Adsense ads running on your blog.

In case of any further queries or points that remained unclear or unaddressed, leave comments in the comment section.

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